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Samsung Samsung SCX 4725FN

Warm up cycle won't stop:Samsung scx-4725fn

When printer is turned "ON" the warm up cycle begins. It appears to finish, but instead of going "READY TO PRINT" the warm up cycle begins again and again. It almost never goes "READY". Once in a while it will go "READY" after about 30 minutes of repeating the warm up cycle over and over again, but by that time I have usually shut it "OFF". Is it actualy warming up, but a sensor is not telling the CPU it is "READY" or is it just not fininshing the warm up cycle. What has to happen for the warm up cycle to be finished so the printer can go "READY"? When the printer is turned "ON" you can hear a motor running for a few seconds. I believe it is the scanner shuttle moving back and forth. I guess this is part of the warm up procedure. One wierd thing it does now that it didn't do before this problem is that there is a stero speaker next to the printer that makes a ticking sound when the printer if first turned on. The ticking gradually slows down and fades away. It didn't do this before the warm up problem began.
I am having the same problem. I am just sick with this printer. Looking forward as well for someone who could give some clue. Also when I look at the LCD display on the top, it sometimes fades with the speakers making the same noise. I was wondering if this could be associated with a problem on the circuit board...

I have the exactly same symptoms with my SCX-4725FN ...just to throw some more on this issue I am using a refurbished cartridge....

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i am also facing exactly same problem right now.

What's the solution??

Kindly help me out of this problem

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