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Brother Brother HL 3040CN

Bought HL-3040CN. Any Tricks to refilling it?

EDIT: I chose a printer, now one last question..

I bought a Brother HL-3040CN. It was on sale so I couldnt pass up the deal.

Anyone know how to refill this one? is there any special tricks I need to know??


Hey there everyone,

Right now I have an Canon ip5000 inkjet printer but I want to upgrade to laser printer. I'm sick of wasting ink because I dont use my printer enough. I dont know much about laser printers though and Im hoping someone could help suggest a printer for me.

- MUST be a colour laser printer.
- Multi-use copier/scanner etc is ok but not necessary.
- MUST to be able to buy cheap refill toner/cartridges.
- Dont want anything too big or ugly. (It has to sit in my livingroom on my desk).. or I can get one thats wireless and hide it upstairs in a room.

I realize some printers need a chip installed to be able to refill them. Do all printers need this chip? and how hard is it to install?

The ones Ive been looking at so far on ebay is Samsung CLP-315W and the CLX-3175N. However I've heard from alot of people they arent the greatest printer. Is that true?
Im not sure where to start looking.

Any help would be greatly appreiciated!
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I've got the Samsung CLP-310 which is similar to the 315 I believe, but it doesn't have the wireless networking. It's just okay I would say. Colour photos printed on plain paper are passable, but they certainly aren't great or as nice as other ones I've seen done by some other lasers. Maybe it's the paper I'm using (yeah I'm cheap - I just use plain paper). Refill toner isn't that cheap for this model. I think it's about $40 for 50 gms and 70 gms of toner which isn't a lot.

I got the 310 on sale for about $150 last year so I can't complain I guess. I think it's even cheaper now. The starter cartridges don't last very long so it's best to pick up a reset/toner kit or refill the carts before the printer notices they are low. The reset chip is a little tricky to install, but it's not too bad. Overall, I think I probably should have paid a little more and gone for a nicer colour laser that can produce better pictures.
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I bought a Brother HL-3040CN. It was on sale so I couldnt pass up the deal.

Anyone know how to refill this one? is there any special tricks I need to know??
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I have the Hl-3070. They are esentailly the same machine except the 3070 has wireless and a USB port on the front.

This should reset the toners so you can get mor printing from them. They are not empty when the sensors say they are.

Toner Reset Menu for Brother HL3070:

1. Open Cover where you access toner cartridges

2. Press CANCEL & SECURE PRINT buttons at one time and you'll see the toner menus on screen

3. Press + or - to navigate through to the toners you need to reset. Note that each toner has 2 entries here, and I'm not sure why. Would love to hear what each one does, if anyone knows.

4. I'm guessing that the OK button will be the actual reset of the toners, if not then the go button would be I guess, but I couldn't confirm this, since my toners didn't currently need reset.

I also found the reset menu for the durable parts counters:

1. Open cover where you access toners

2. Press GO and + button at once, you'll see menu come up displaying reset counters for drum, fuser, etc.

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Yes, you can refill the toner in a HL-3040CN or HL-3070CW. You can find the toner refill bottles on Ebay. I am not aware of any company or website besides Ebay that specifically references HL-3040CN or HL-3070CW toner refills. Each kit comes with its own instructions on how to refill the toner. Here are the directions for a toner reset:

Toner Reset:
1. Open the cover of the printer to access the toner cartridges.
2. Press CANCEL + SECURE PRINT at the same time. This will show the toner menu.
3. Press + and - to navigate to the toner you are reseting.
4. Use the OK button to reset the toner. Each toner has two listings. Make sure to reset both.
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I tried to use non Brother cartridges in my Brother 3070 to no avail. The printer would not recognize these cartridges. Brother basically told me that only theirs would work. Have they devised a way to keep from using other compatible cartridges? Is there a fix? There cartridges are too expensive!
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1. Have you tried refilling your Brother's cartridiges? use the link below to buy refill kit.
2. I am assuming you used the toner reset as well. Is this correct?

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