asked Apr 28, 2009 at 2:39am
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Screeching Brother HL-2140 laser printer

My printer prints beautifully, makes the usual tolerable humming fan noise when printing, no error messages or error lights. BUT, when not printing, it goes through a 5 second cycling phase every 20 minutes or so. I don't know what this cycling phase is called. I assume it's normal. What's not normal (I hope!!!!) is this horrible screeching, grinding noise it makes during this phase. It's not a squeak - it's a full blown shriek. Please tell me what to do. I am technically challenged, so please answer as though you are addressing a 5 year old. I have to take a sedative just to change the ink cartridge. If I just need to buy a new printer, that's fine too. Thank you.
The cycling is designed to keep the fuser assembly rollers from developing flat spots from sitting in the same spot with constant heat. Doesn't make sense that it would only make noise when it is cycling and not make the noise when printing. All the same stuff turns during both operations. Given the fact that you are not technically inclined at all, it would be difficult to help you. I suggest you throw yourself at the mercy of a repair shop. DO NOT go anywhere near the Best Buys GEEK squad. It's generally a good idea to avoid the Big Box repair facilities like the Swine Flu.
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You're right about the sound - I checked again and it actually DOES make the screech when printing only much quieter.

If I can ask another question: I've had this printer for two years. Is this the lifespan of a laser printer?! Can you recommend another printer that is less apt to develope this problem? Thank you.

Ann - sbgal
I get the same screech, but it's coming from my uninterruptible power supply (UPS), not the printer. The UPS is plugged into the same wall outlet as the printer.

When starting to print (or cycle), a laser printer draws a lot of current and can cause a momentary dip in power line voltage. My UPS detects that and sets off its alarm for a couple seconds.
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The noise you here is the rollers near the fuse or in it they are just dirty no need to worry
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