asked Mar 17, 2009 at 4:58pm
Hp HP LaserJet 4250

HP Laser Jet 4250 13.01.00 Jam in Tray 2

HP Laser Jet 4250 has only one tray (Tray 2). The paper jams going from the tray up into the machine, no noise, just stops. The message on the Display reads “13.01.00 Jam in Tray 2.” All paper paths are clear and all guides seem to be in proper position. Paper feeds from Manual Feed door fine. Please advise how to fix.
The manual feed is Tray 1, so your machine has two trays.

Does paper feed out of tray 2 and stop?

Do the Tray 2 rollers turn? (watch from the back of the machine with a flashlight)
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You might want to use water and an old rag or towel and clean the three feed tires. Two on top and one in tray. I just ran into one the other day that was doing this and it had very little usage and the pickup and seperation/feed tires had gotten a glaised coating over them. By cleaning them you might restore them enough to get a few pages out. If thats the case then you probably just need to replace them. You might also want to remove and reseat your paper. Sometimes when loading paper it can get folded over in the front causing pick up issues like this. And the paper stop has a arrow on it pointing to the right position sometimes people make it to tight or it slips back slightly. So pull the paper out and check that.
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I turned the printer around and watched the rollers from the back with a flashlight as Stephen suggested and they do turn. The problem seems to have fixed itself. The paper went through the machine from Tray 2 this time just fine. I ran several more pages through the printer from Tray 2 and it seems to work well now. I don't understand why but thank you for the suggestion.
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we use a hp laserjet 4250/4350 at work and it prints tons of pages. the problem is almost every print it "claims" it jams. we get a 13.01.00 jam in tray 2 message. but the only real problem is there is no jam at all!!! no paper nothing, just open and shut the tray real quick and it works. any ideas?
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Worn feed rollers-read above post to this thread-like watch from the rear or pull the rollers out and look at them and make sure they still have tread and dont have a shiney glaze to them.
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If all of the above does not fix the 13.01.00 jam in tray 2, replace the paper pick up arm, this is that black plastic piece that holds the pick up roller, and hides the compression spring, CR1 3352-000CN, replacing the arm has work for me; I hope it helps you also.
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did you check if there's multiple feeding while pulling papers

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