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Brother Brother MFC 9440CN

Brother MFC-9440CN: color blurred


I'm new here; looks like a well-used site.

I've got a rather new Brother MFC-9440CN. I like it so far; much better than the HP's I've had for scanning/printing/faxing in the same price range.

PROBLEM: Blurry Color prints.
Black or color basic prints are fine, but as soon as I have color-on-color (in my situation, a simple line graph in excel with basic shading) I get a terrible looking blur to it all.

Is my drum dirty?
How do I clean it?

I'm new to Brother printers.

If internal pages are good, then the file is the problem.
Print the internal test pages for reference.
If still an issue, Check if using P/S or PCL driver for that file.
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Thanks for the ideas.

Came out looking great. it doesn't test for color-on-color or color-gradient printing though.

P/S vs PCL
How can I tell what type I have: post script of PCL?
I see I have Printer Driver Version 1.07, 14Jul 2007. I'll look for an update after this. I used what came with the Printer.

The blurriness comes from what looks like extra ink coming off of the rollers (going along the 8.5 axis of the paper). The same Cyan or Magenta appears in a 1mm-4mm wide bands all across my gradient (grey to white/transparent) graph. They are equidistant, which tells me that there is a part of the roller leaving extra ink.

Thanks for the fast reply! Any other ideas?

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