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Xerox Xerox Phaser 8400

Xerox Phaser 8400 Fault 37,002.47:55397

Have had this printer for four years with only two trips to the the Repair Shop. Had been using the printer earlier in the day. Turned off printer to replace some other peripheral hardware (not printer related but for safety reasons turned off the printer) using On/Off switch. Turned it back on and received the Fault message listed in Subject line. If I'm not mistaken the 55397 is the counter. Please verify if not the case.

Called my third-party service repair and they indicated a PEST Fault JSL Heater Disconnect. Said nothing else but that it needed to be brought in for service.

Contacted Xerox Technical Dept. According to very gracious and very nice Tech Support Rep,the Service Manual indicates a "PEST Heater Fault - Left Jetstack is drawing less power than expected."

Since having no prior problems I find that simply turning the power Off/On should not create a "sigficant or costly" problem.

1) Is anyone familier with this Fault #? If so, what is the route of the problem?

2) Does this issue require a trip to the repair shop and if so what might the associated cost be?

3) Can the "potential" faulty hardware be purchased and the unit be personally repaired without reaking havoc or causing any additional problems?

4) If known or available, what is the Part # and approximate cost of hardware necessary to repair?

Any and all assistance and information is greatly appreciated concerning this matter.

Thanks and God Bless.

Probably not the answer you want but...

55397 is the page count

The error relates to Left Jetstack is drawing less power than expected.

Best guess is your print head went bad. There is really no way to tell why it happens.

They are around $400-500 and not easy to change unless your a tech and even then it's a little tricky.

650430300 print head part number

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U R correct. Not the answer I was hoping for but all things considered it could be worse.

Thanks for the feedback and God Bless. - Anonymous
Always check your power source. Never plug into same outlet as copier or laserprinter, laserfax. Make sure no heaters on same outlet and plug straight into wall outlet to verify. Xerox does have service notes out for this issue and when the machine turns on it draws around 1000 watts so juice is a main concern.
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