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Hp HP Color LaserJet 5550

HP CLJ 5550 N - stuck cartridges

Hi there,

I currently purchased a used HP CLJ 5550 N. The printer itself is in extraordinary good condition. Color alignment and everything else is perfect. The printer is as clean as new. So I would really like to keep this printer.

The only problem I'm currently having is, that the toner cartridges are stuck on the left side, where the drum gears clutch into them. I already opened the printer according to HP service manual, and when I release the drum drive gears I could get the cartridges out of the printer.

However, this is not really an option, to everytime you need to replace a cartridge open the printer.

On my way through opening the printer I could see that obviously one of the former owners had tried to probably do the same, because some of the screws I had to remove were kind of damaged.

What I found out so far is, that the drum drive release plate does not release the drum drives when I open the ETB, which it should. The metal link arm was not mounted, but rather somehow "laying around", the white interlock lever (p/n rb2-9358) is sitting correct and seems not to be damaged.

What I am missing now is, how the gear (RB2-9150) that is opening the drum lids when closing the ETB is moving the drum drive release plate, and how the metal link arm needs to be mounted into the drum drive release plate. I played around for some hours and tried several scenarios, but finally I had to give up on this.

If somebody does have valuable input for me or maybe even could supply one or two photos it would really be great.

If more info is needed, just ask.
We had a similar problem with our 5550, Someone went to change the transfer belt & removed it to get ready to install the new one but the support block (not sure official name) on the left side was still sticking up so the belts foot wouldn't latch back into it.

I was able to manually push it down (had alot of tension on it), once it was down it unlocked the cartridges. Then I was able to install the new belt just fine.

Not sure if it'll help you out but its something to check
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I guess the support block you are talking about is the grey thing on the left side where the ETB fits in, right?

In my printer the left side ETB support block is not fixed to the axis it is sitting on, I can move it without the axis turning, but it still has a lot of tension.

My first thought was that it could be this as well, and that I had just to fix the ETB support back to the axis with a shaft (there's a hole for one, actually), but then I noticed that on the very left side of the axis there's a one-way hinge which allows the axis only to be turned "inside" direction, so it wouldn't allow the ETB to go back out at all after closing it once.

Could you maybe have a look at your 5550 to see, if the axis is turning when you move the ETB?

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Ours looks like it doesn't move but didn't want to take apart to find out. There is a metal rod/axis that sticks into the block though. Best thing I can say is use the below link to download the service manual (PDF form) & view page 243 (that's the PDF page 243, actual manual page is 221), called "To remove the drum drive assemblies, it has a picture of the block & with covers off too.

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