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Samsung CLP300 – Waste Toner Container problem?

Ever since I bought some replacement cartridges for my CLP-300, the same thing seemed to happen.

The printer works fine for a couple of dozen pages. Then all of a sudden the button turns red and there is nothing obviously wrong – no paper jam, plenty of paper, paper tray aligned just the way it was when it was printing, etc.

I figure it must have to do with one of the new cartridges, which were not Samsung but some off-brand (with no name) that comes in a blue box that I bought online. (It says it is made in Korea with Japanese toner powder.)

Today, I figure it out – I think – after weeks of pulling out the cartridges and putting them back in, turning the unit off to cool it down and even taking out the entire toner mechanism. This afternoon, I remove the L-shaped waste toner container and accidentally spill a whole mess of blue powder on the ground. Great. But then I immediately put it back and suddenly – NO MORE RED LIGHT! Hallelujah!

So my question is this: Is my replacement toner crappy and is it gumming up the imaging unit unnecessarily? Or have I been neglecting some part of the maintenance which says this unit needs to be cleaned in some way regularly?

This is a fairly new machine – I bought it at Office Depot as a floor model this summer (you don't want to know the price) and the original black toner is still working. The cyan used one off-brand of replacement toner that seemed to work fine; the magenta and yellow were the replacement toner I described above – and their arrival seemed to precipitate the problem.
I work on office copiers and of the models that use a 'waste toner bottle' they employ a sensor to detect a full bottle and that may be the cause for the red light you described. I have a special vacuum to clean such bottles out but if you don't mind the colored cloud of toner you can shake, tap it empty into a trash can.
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I'm glad that you posted this message. I received an error message from my printer saying "Replace Waste Toner Container". I never knew it existed either. The online printer guide says to purchase a new one; however after reading your message I now know that I can empty and reuse it. You saved me both time and money!

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I purchased my Samsung CLP-300 from Staples a couple of years ago. It was a steal (back then) because Best Buy was advertising it for $199. They were sold out, but Staples honored their price match guarantee and I got it for $194. At most places it was at least $249.

I don't use the printer all that much, but I have gone through a couple sets of toner cartridges. Anyway, I also have emptied out -- shaken, tapped, wiped, etc. -- the waste toner cartridge at least three times now. I'm unsure if there is any advantage to buying a new one. From what I've seen, they cost around $10-$15, excluding tax and shipping. I have noticed no deterioration in print quality, either black or color, from emptying and reusing the waste container. But I have been advised nonetheless that I should "eventually" get a new waste toner cartridge.

Does anyone know if there actually is a certain "limit" regarding how many times the waste toner cartridge can be emptied and cleaned... before you really do need to buy a new one? Or can you just keep emptying out and reusing the same one indefinitely?
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Just to back up what other people have said. I was printing out my dissertation tonight, and nearly died when everything ground to a hault. I got the "full waste toner container" message and panicked a bit. Found this thread and went and tipped out the contents of the container into my sink and popped it back in and everything is now fine.
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Just a follow up to my above post. After about 5 emptyings of the waste container, there was a very discernible difference in printer function. It still printed just fine -- color and black -- but whereas before I went months between emptyings, the printer started to quit after just a week or so.

It seems that after about 5 or 6 emptyings, enough residual waste remains in the waste container such that it will read as full very quickly. I have purchased a new waste container, and it allows the printer to function just like when the first waste container was new.
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Like one recent user commented below about the black strip, I think that the printer 'detects' how full the cartridge is by shining some sort of light through the side of the container (which you can see, there's kind of a circular lens, and some other stuff), and if you just dump stuff out and do not clean it, then it'll just read full again soon. So I usually use a dry q-tip, stick it inside, and clean the inside (both the inner front and the inner back, just to make sure). - eli2k
Good advice. I've been noticing the intervals getting shorter and shorter, so I just bought one for $14.95 (including shipping) from OnSale.com. Seems to be the cheapest price out there.
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Thank you to everybody who posted on this thread. It has been extremely helpful to me. I finally got the waste toner message Saturday and I almost panicked when I saw the red light, but my computer gave me the replace waste toner message. Since I also have the Samsung CLP550N, I basically knew what to do. I am waiting for the waste toner container for that printer. I ordered it 22 April 2009 from SuperWarehouse and it still has not arrived. Since then I have placed and received three orders for toner (one for the CLP300 and two for the CLP550) and I am waiting for my new copy of WordPerfect X4 which should arrive Wednesday. That order was placed Saturday.

I have been using a third party toner (LDProducts) in my Samsung CLP550 for years and as far as I know, I have not had any problem. My church purchased Samsung toner last October and I have already replaced most of that order.

Deacon Michael
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I just had the same issue with my CLP300 and even after carefully emptying the waste container the red light persisted to stay on. I then decided to take out the drum assembly to see exactly how the printer knows that the waste container is actually full. It turns out that when the waste container is properly seated a small lever is lifted on the drum assembly revealing a small LED light. This light shines through the clear plastic window located on the the side of the waste container nearest the drum assembly. After observing the inside of the waste container with a flashlight I noticed a piece of black film that hangs down from top and is located directly across from this clear window. With a cotton swab I thoroughly cleaned this film. Then I put everything back together, plugged-in and turned-on the printer and to my astonishment the green light was finally on!! I hope this helps anyone else's headache!
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Thx a lot, this tip helped a lot,
You saved me Money ;-) - unknown
Thank you, eli2k for your tip. I will remember that when I get the replace waste toner tray message for my CLP300. I wish that I could do the same for my CLP550N, which is my main printer. I have plenty of Q-tips in the house for jobs like this.

Now I need a source for a new waste toner tray. I still have not received my order from SuperWarehouse which I placed on 22 April 2009. I won't be doing business with them again.

Deacon Michael

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No problem, Deacon. Worst case, if they don't respond to any of your inquiries (eg I want a refund b/c it's taking too long to ship), try filing a report with the BBB. I looked up superwarehouse for you, hopefully it's the right one: http://www.bbb.org

They have a C+ report, not too good, I guess. Usually if I order from these obscure online sites, I look up reviews (though most of the time they've been biased in favor of the company somehow), but the BBB is also a good place. - eli2k
Michael!!! You saved my bacon with this post - unknown
After having the same solid red light for a while, I just emptied the waste toner... everything works fine now. Used a dry Q-tip to swab the inside of the sensor lens and backplate.
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I call this the phantom paper jam. on my xp system the Red light came on but the previous owner gave it to me via FREECYCLE as they could not work it out! Full toner cartriges and very thing. It took me an all nighter on the internet to find the right advice mixed in with all the wrong advice. Empty and clean as above and she is perfect! I hate to think how many home users never work this one out before sending a perfect printer to landfill. Thanks for the posting. M
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Just tried this and works a treat. I had red light and no warning as to what it was. Occured soon after had fitted 1st replacement set of cartridges.
Word of Warning: do nto tip down the sink as someone else said as it creates very fine dust which i have breathed in a bit and it is not nice and gets all over your sink and surrounding area and is difficult to clean. My advise tip into dustbin/trashcan(usa)outside where well ventilated as there is alot more in there than you think.
Thanks for everyones advise ;¬)
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I've done ALL of the above - plus I've checked for toner and stray bits of paper for paper jam, even tiny fragments.
Still no joy.
My kids need it to print their homework. Any advice would be really gratefully received.
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I've emptied the waste toner cartridge and the red light is still on. I cleaned the lens, too, but it's hard to get a q=tip in there. Don't dare wash it, do we? I'm trying to print taxes for the October 15 deadline. Help!
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It is too late for this, but have you checked for paperjams? There could be a piece of paper stuck underneath the printer (I had one stuck there, took a while to figure it out after checking out all the other locations where paper may get stuck). - eli2k
My CLP-300 has a huge problem with the black print quality.. colour works fine.. but the black has white lines running vertically across the page. Anyone know how to fix that? I'm on my third toner, original waste toner container.. emptied once but no change.
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I have tried emptying the waste toner container and still nothing. I removed the drum and tried to clean inside. Nothing. When I turn it back on, it wants to work and then, red light. Is there anything else I can try??
Thanks for any suggestions.
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I finally put water in mine and sloshed it around and then dried it out. It's been working fine since. The laser light has to be able
to shine through the top of the waste toner container, otherwise it
shuts off the printer. Q-tips were not sufficient to solve my problem, but washing it out did seem to. It's been working for five weeks since I did that. - Anonymous
Thanks to all who posted on here, had an absolute panic but just took the waste container out, shook the dust in the bin and i've got my green light back!

Just don't breathe the dust in, it's bad!
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I have tried every one of your suggestions including washing the waste toner canister. I still get the error message "replace/install waste toner bin". One of the things I detest about Samsung besides their poor warranty service is that there is no easy reset to the error messages. Also, if is a color toner is empty, the printer won't continue to only print black. The toner cartridges are expense and it seems if you change one, the machine thinks up another error message.

I have a toner cartridge box wedged against the back of the printer so the printer will operate. The back door will not stay closed and after it was poorly repaired by their service tech, this is my solutiion operate the printer. The printer doesn't work if the doors are open either.
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Samsung CLP-300 begins to reel paper with no printer driver signal. Is this an electrical problem; one with the imaging process? It should not begin to cycle paper when it is turned on until a paper jam occurs.
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First, thank you all for your posts. After following the posted suggestions the printers green light came on for half a second and then returned to red. I cleaned the cartridge as suggested with Q-tips but the red light stayed on, I turned the printer off and on, I unplugged the printer and took out the toner cartridge assembly and still that darned light stayed on. I couldn't figure it out and neither could Samsung. When my husband got home he opened and shut the back panel door and the printer went thru it's process and BAM green light. He's a genius.
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I now have two toner cartridges that I switch in and out. Much more economical than continuosly buying new ones. After one toner cartridge gets filled up, I empty it and wash it thoroughly. While it is drying I use the other toner cartridge which I previously emptied, dried, and washed. This way I always have a clean and dry toner cartridge in the wings, while the one I am using gets filled up.

Before I just emptied out a toner cartridge and put it back in the printer, but then it would become less and less effective. After about 5-6 emptyings I had to continuously empty it. With this method, the toner cartridges maintain full functionality... essentially indefinitely.
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Just washed and blow dried the waste bin and it worked like a charm!!!! Thanks so much for posting. And btw i haven't used my printer in over a year.
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One more potential solution: I got my waste toner container nearly squeaky clean by washing it out several times and drying it out to the point where I couldn't get any dust out at all. Yet I almost immediately got a red light. Then I took the container out and dabbed gently the area inside the printer where the sensor might be with a paper towel. Bingo! It started printing again.

I'd also like to add that OEM toners seem to have an impact on how much dust accumulates in the container. That said, I think I've found quite a good OEM supplier on eBay. A US-based supplier called Future Supplies sells the complete four toner kit for about $26 including shipping and handling. The last order I placed arrived the next day.

Here's the link to the item:

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Mi è comparso il messaggio (waste toner tank) come altre volte ho svuotato il contenitore,lo ho pulito esternamente e lo ho rimesso,al riavvio mi compare sempre lo stesso messaggio e quindi la stampante non stampa e non copia.Ho provato a toglierla e rimetterla niente...sono a piedi, se mi potete aiutare grazie.
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Had my Samsung CLP-300 color laser printer in the garage for the past two years after unsuccessfully trying to resolve the annoying "Waste Toner Bin Full" problem, even after washing out the bin with soap and water. Dug the printer out today and it still didn't work -- kept getting the solid red light after an initial few second "tease" of a temporary green light and all 4 toner lights on start up. Ugh!

So I searched the Web to see if someone had found a new solution. Many solutions suggested (this problem also occurring with other Samsung models, such as the 510) but I noticed that the concept of "weak" sensor system kept showing up in discussions about this faulty design problem.

Well my daughter is legally blind, but has some functional vision - and she uses proximity to improve the function of her "weak" eyes (Like literally holding print 1 inch from her eye). So I tried a NEW BUT REMARKABLY SIMPLE SOLUTION, and it WORKED! I simply moved the waste toner bin CLOSER to the Sensor system.

Specifically, I noticed that there was a small amount of "wiggle room" on both sides of the inserted waste toner bin. So I wedged 2 plastic “bread bag sealer” clips* between the main imaging unit and the waste toner bin at the upper anterior junction between the two. This seemed to place the left side of the waste toner bin more snugly against the sensor array inside the left upper anterior inner wall of the main printer cavity. (Note, "Left" refers to my left as I face the printer).

Works great! (But I still think Samsung should be ashamed for causing this problem...)

* Simple plastic clips like those shown here:

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Noi abbiamo un'altra macchina,ma il problema mi sembra lo stesso:devi sostituire la vaschetta toner con una nuova.Ciao.
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I recently had the "waste toner cartridge full" error problem. I removed the cartridge, emptied it into a trash can, took some rubbing alcohol and filled it about 1/3 full, swished it around real good cleaning the inside of the cartridge, blew it dry with my air compressor until all the alcohol had evaporated, flipped the little lever inside the printer down and cleaned inside with a dry q-tip, reinstalled everything and has worked perfectly ever since. Why spend $15 bucks when you don't have to?
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I recently had the "waste toner cartridge full" error problem. I removed the cartridge, emptied it into a trash can, took some rubbing alcohol and filled it about 1/3 full, swished it around real good cleaning the inside of the cartridge, blew it dry with my air compressor until all the alcohol had evaporated, flipped the little lever inside the printer down and cleaned inside with a dry q-tip, reinstalled everything and has worked perfectly ever since. Why spend $15 bucks when you don't have to?
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I too get the red light but don't here the insides powering up before the fault. I can hear a faint click when I power on, then a couple more before the red solid light. For those where cleaning the waste toner worked, did you also experience the clicks?
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Finally Fixed it!!!! I have struggled through all the previous quick fixes mentioned in this 4 plus year strand since 2007. I just pulled out toner holder, the dust bin....AND the upper black component that runs across the entire top of the unit behind the toner holder. Cleaned and shook all clean. Put back together and working again. I never knew this unit part pulls out. Its about inches wide, 6 inches deep and comes out straight and goes back in on an angle as it has a 60 turn. Good luck
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I got the same problem with samsung printer. Now, with reading this message, I fix the problem. Thank you so much for sharing this message!!!
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Have tried ALL the fixes talked about, but it still has blinking green light for about 30 sec, paper starts to move and then it stops with the solid red status light. Any othe ideas out there?
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Have tried ALL the fixes talked about, but it still has blinking green light for about 30 sec, paper starts to move and then it stops with the solid red status light. Any othe ideas out there?
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Cleaning out the waste bin, especially on the top,inside, did the trick - thank you
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1> Empty the filled toner waste cartridge, make sure you put some mask on your face and nose filter avoid the colour dust.

2> Now wash it toner waste cartridge with luke water, give it rinse few times and finally use little fairy liquid and wash it thoroughly.

3> Shake is hard and leave it for completely to dry it out

4> Finally when it completely dried out inside and out you ready to re-use it as NEW :D

5> Worked for me like charm and I'm sure this is save your money too :D
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I've faced the same issue as you, and indeed I didn't even knew that my printer Samsung JC 68 had a waste container.
After having read your posts, I've found the waste container, and emptied it.
Issue is that this operation has changed strictly nothing, message did continue to appear, even after 3 trials.
Then came the question : how can the printer know that the waste container is full, there is not even a metallic wire for message transmission ?
On my model, the container have 2 transparent plastic glasses, and on the printer, you see 2 corresponding holes.
Issue is that there was ink powder on the glass, so the printer detect that the waste container is full, even if it is empty.
So I went down to my garage and used the big means for this office printer :
I've shuffled the inside of the waste container with a compressor (if you have none, shuffle with a straw, less good because of humidity of the breath, but better than nothing, or with a pump for bicycle, ...)

Then the printer did work perfectly again.

I hope this will help.

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I just washed the container with pure tap water. After that Just let it dry good and all works.
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Totally different solution. The waste toner container is not sitting properly and is not pushing the tiny lever in the printer. Everything above failed. So I taped the container to the tray where it sits and prints perfectly :)

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i took a can of canned air to mine and blew it out as well as dumping out the toner waste. After that the light went off right away
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Please don't dump toner in the sink. And it's not good to breathe, not by you nor by the guy who collects your trash/rubbish.

In our city (in Italy), we are asked to bring old toner to the "ecological collection center".

After discovering that emptying the wasted toner and reusing the container is a good idea, I've been using the damp-cloth-on-a-stick method to clean off the little window. Maybe I will try washing with soap next time.

Here's how I empty the waste toner container: close the container in a large Ziplock bag. Seal the bag. Dump carefully, trying not to get toner all over the outside of the container. Carefully open the ziplock bag remove the container, then seal it again, carefully eliminating excess air. Label with a permanent pen and take to your eco/toxic waste center (whatever they choose to call it!).
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thanks for helpful hints.
I used semolina to clean the waste toner container: 3 spoonfuls of semolina in - shake - aspirate - works a treat.
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samsung clp 365w has the red led lite on took apart and found 2 lights on a small board that is conected to the frame part for the waist bin , does any one know if they should be on all the time or do they cycle , i understand how the waist bin full detector operates except for this ,it has a new waist bin and it didnt make a difference
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Thank you to all of the above tips, it gave me ideas, but still failed even after I rinsed the container with rubbing alcohol. Realized that the sensor were trying to close a continuity loop of laser light, I cleaned the tip of those 2 LED. Bingo, it fixed my problem.
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I found with mine that after I emptied it the printer still wouldn't work. I didn't want to rinse it in the sink, so I took some rubbing alcohol and cleaned the little "lens" on the right side of the waste toner cartridge. I think that it looks at the lens to see if it is clear, and if it isn't then it will show an error message. I hope that helps.

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