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Samsung CLP-300 - Imaging unit problem

Samsung CLP-300: Just replaced the original ink cartridges with a full set of reconditioned cartridges. The print quality is good for 3/4 of the page, but the remaining (vertical) 1/4 is very faint / not readable. For all black printing, left hand side is very faint, if font colour is changed to all blue, right hand side is very faint.
Samsung technical service have advised me that the issue is with the imaging unit software, and that I should throw this printer away, and buy a new one, as the imaging unit is more expensive than a new printer.
Imaging unit counter (and all other counters) are all OK.

I can't help but think that Samsung are not pleased that I have used reconditioned cartridges.

Key questions:
1: Is there anything I can do to improve print quality?
2: Should I try buying Samsung original cartridges?

If you the image is faded and your toner supply is good, the problem is the developer blades in the imaging unit. During the normal use of the printer, there is a buildup of toner that sticks on the developer blade. The developer blade meters the amount of toner that gets to the drum that ultimately makes it to the paper. As the toner buildup increases on the blade, less and less toner that gets to the drum cause the image to fade.

To fix this problem you will need to disassemble the imaging unit and clean the blades or buy a new imaging unit. I have clean my blades and I have a document to show you if you are handy.
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Where are the developer blades located? - Anonymous
Hi, I am having problems with my samsung CLP 300, the imaging unit is in need of replacing, can I clean it and how would I go about it? Thanks for any help you may have for me. - Anonymous
I would love a copy of your document detailing the cleaning procedure! - unknown

I have the same issue , how do I clean the blades

- unknown
Thanks. Please send me the info to [email protected] I would appreciate this.
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no and no ... problems with ure dev in the process unit. if i was u, take to the clp300 with a sledge hamer and by a decent color laser like a brother hl4040.. samsungs clp range is poor. warranty and customer service is poor. u mayaswell put the money for a set of cartridges towards a decent machine.
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Run away from these printers,toners and imaging units are the worst taste from what is coming soon in this category!
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These units have huge problems with the developer unit. I have replaced 3 dev units on 3 different clp-300. I have also had issues with overheating on these units. After replacement, of the dev unit. The printers seem to be functioning normally. But, I know its a matter of time before the dev unit fails again. If your printer has faded lines in on the left hand side of paper about 2-4 inches from the edge, than you need to replace the dev unit. It is not a problem with the toner.

I know this topic is old, but I found it on google and felt I should add my expierence.

The only good thing about these printers, is the fact that they are so cheap. Doesn't cost much to fix/replace. But not made for high volume like a laser should be.
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i have exactly the same problem with faded lines on the left hand side of the paper.

i have spare toner cartridges and am loathed to throw the printer away along with new cartridges.

is it costly to change the developer unit and does it solve the problem, and how long does the printer work for having replaced this?

Thanks - Anonymous
Hello, Yes same problem here! I think I have them all, overheating (smoke coming out of the back), paper jamming (constantly), dodgy paper tray where by I have to hold the paper in place otherwise it comes out all sqew wiff, and the age old ink problem, faded down the left side and wont accept any yellow! so basically a total waste of money and energy and stress! I agree with one of the posts....a sledge hammer is the only solution, even if it only makes you feel better for 10 mins. Unfortunately the warrenty ran out just before the ink problem started! so hey! PLEASE ADVISE ANYONE not to go there with this printer!
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If you want information about cleaning the imaging unit if the print becomes faded. Look at this link,
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Sledge hammer is an option I had consider! However I couldn't find it quick enough and because I had been using cheap toner from ebay I blamed that instead (does this void warranty). The blade fix worked good for me (This would void the warranty for sure).

I still have a real bad noise coming from printer but I will just run it right into the ground before replacing it.

Cheap! printer $120AU, toner $50AU set of ebay
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I've used the instructions on cleaning each of the metering blades as explained in this article

However, when I was removing the "big green roll" (I think it's the imaging unit) a spring popped out and I have no idea where it goes. I looked behind each of the metering blade sections and there are two springs per (I'm assuming to keep them positioned in the correct spot.

In any case, any one that can show me or explain where each of the springs goes within the imaging unit I would appreciate it. I won't expect anyone to tell me exactly where mine goes, but if I know where each spring should generally be located perhaps I can figure out where this goes.

If this helps I've the whole assembly back into the printer and it works (actually prints better than it did before), but now it's a little loader than normal.

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spring hammer it!

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I just cleaned my Black developer blade and all prints fine. The others still work, so, if it ain't broke.....

That spring fits between the short arm, attached by the screw you removed on the left (having the green drum facing you), and the top of the yellow developer. It sits about a third of the way back from the developer drum. There is a small stud and ridge, on the developer, which keeps it in place.
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When you fixed your black dveloper blade, did you follow any instructions? If so could you provide me with them or the website?

Thanks! - Anonymous
Well, I've read all the advice and tried out the 'crib sheets' for cleaning the developer unit & imaging drum.
After all that, I am not going to sledge it (tempting though that might be!) but offer to anyone in the UK my printer plus a new set of cartridges (two black) All you have to do is come and collect it from Reading.
If you can do an e-mail, OK use this one.
[email protected]
and if you want it, I'll give you directions as to how to find me.
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I want to thank you guys for saving me the $85 diagnostic fee and $125 for a developer unit today. I took the CLP-300 apart based on this page and some links and after a few tries it works like new.

The only bugaboos were the spring for the yellow toner and the pads on the sides of the black (and other) toner distribution (developer?) units. Once those were seated correctly, the printer worked great, Still runs hot as hell and the fuser (?) was replaced under warranty becuase of that, but it doesn't get all that much use so I can live with that.

But I can also live with the extra $200 I saved by doing it myself. Compared to dismantling an iBook, the printer was child's play. OK, maybe a bit more than I'd trust a child or my mom with, but not all that bad to do.

The only thing I'd add is the blade(s) are deceptive. They look clean but are not really. They need scraping (carefully of course) but I ended up slightly forcing the cotton (paper) stick part of a q-tip into the blade gently and I could feel the bumps. Just swabbing with alcohol and the cotton end doesn't cut it. No pun intended.

Thanks again folks. Taking the wife out to dinner with the money I saved. :)

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Horrors. I was going to have another shot at cleaning the developer stack after reading more of the posts here. I had downloaded a step-by-step 'crib sheet' from here but it got thrown out (toner spills etc and she thought it was scrap)
Anyone point me to the download link please. It used to be at the top of this serial. Thanks in anticipation
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Hi! If you have black and white fading print,you shouldn't open 3 trays(developers) with color toners for cleaning.Don't do this if color printing is good! You must open only a black toner tray.You may wash the cover with running hot water from the facet -be careful and don't bend the metering sharp surface of the cover! Carefully wipe the cover with a toilet paper.Try to rotate by your fingers very slowly revolving axes inside the tray in the opposite direction from you during a few seconds - in order to distribute black toner manually.Do it 3 times minimum.The problem - the toner sticking inside the tray,disrupting a normal proportionate toner feed to metering blade.The other important thing is to rotate slowly green image drum and wipe it from toner sticking(on the both magins especially!) to the drum surface with a soft cloth.Don't use water or solvents!Repeat it 3 times minimum.Assemble.Try again.If unsuccesful,disassemble printer.If you see traces of black toner spilled inside repeat the described procedure again.Don't do anything to foam- just put gently the cover and Z-plates and tighten screws gently.Don't give up. - Anonymous
I followed the brililant instructions at

to fix my CLP 300. I'm not a techy fixer at all but the instructions were so clear and the pictures so good that I had no trouble at all. My printer also had fading with black print on the one half of the page. I worked slow and carefull and the whole operation took about 90min. After the fix I didnt even need multiple pages to get a clear print, first page was a charm! My printer only had printed 1000 pages when the problem developed. I will use the printer as long as I can but will never ever ever buy a Samsung printer or product again - next time I will buy a little more expensive and a good well established brand. In fact, even the little Samsung Digital camera I bought is a piece of junk draining the batteries faster than you can imagine...
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Had the same problem with imaging unit failing with fading just after waranty! Wrote lengthy letters to samsung as I did not even come close to the life of the imaging unit.

Samsung has failed the consumer big time here and they will pay the price dearly after webpages like this are made easily available. Their idea is to sell the printers cheap and make their money when people replace their imaging units. When they thought they could be clever in assuring that these imaging units will fail (just after warranty)either by software patch or on board timing device, they didnt count on us being too clever to stop them pulling the wool over our eyes.

This is definitely a stunt they won't pull again. This has seriously damaged Samsungs reputation and I personally will never buy one of their products again. I have now got a Dell which is excellent.

In their letter, they stated that my case was an isolated one! Well after reading this page and hundreds of others regarding this problem not to mention the hundreds being sold off on ebay due to this problem, my case is definitely not an isolated one!

They didn't want to know about my problem because it was (slightly) out of warranty. So I say STUF SAMSUNG!!
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It seems as if everyone has the same problems. It is only the black ink that is hazy. All the other colors are fine. Not only is the black ink is hazy, the printer always says it's jammed even though it's not. Samsung should really give us our money back or something.
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Do they make a reset tool to reset the counter for the imaging unit. The unit was working properly before I recived an error message to repalce unit. I have done some surfing in the net but I am not that electronic savy to make my own. I have good luck with this unit with no other problems until now . cost of new unit is apox. $120.00 (net)
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The worth printer on the market
Samsung should be ashamed of such a poor product, lousy maintenance
and totally inefficient company help.

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The website Is down :(...

Does someone else have a mirror or how to?
by unknown on Jan 5, 2010 at 3:12am Add comment
The worst printer I have ever owned bar none.
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How can the fading on the left side be fixed without replacing the imaging unit? Can't access the losingambition site. This printer is a piece of junk. First imaging unit replaced by Samsung, because it died just a week before warranty ran out. However, this replacement only lasted about 3 months. Same problem, faded left side. Certainly have not reached their numbers of pages printed, not even close. Supposedly should be able to print about 20,000 in black according to Samsung. Haven't printed even a 1/4 of that!
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Dear all the link is down, I have the same black faint problem, does someone has a mirror of this guide

Thanks in advance
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I have a copy saved on my comuputer how can I sent this to you - Anonymous
Hi! I had right-sided black and white(B&W)fading printing and made a mistake to have opened all 4 toners trays for cleaning! I got vertical (colored)streaks on both sides of pages.I tried to fix foam rectangular washers with a tooth-pic according to instructions,but all was in vain.I did the disassembling as many as 10 or more times! I tried to understand the problem.By simple logic,a toner comes outside in excess and makes streaks on both edges of a page.But why- all is closed by Z-plates.When I looked carefully at the foams I found tiny hollows(dips) on the surface of the foams.They looked like tiny channels thru which the toner was coming out. I cut tiny pieces from a scrubbing sponge and filled with them these hollows and then fastened Z-plates.Only after that the streaks disappeared and were no more fading printing ! It means that my imaging drum was OK. Regarding the black toner(bottom)developer - I tried to rotate "little gears" inside the tray by fingers in both directions to resume smooth proportionate toner feed to the metering blade.
by stanislav on Jan 18, 2010 at 6:21pm Add comment
I hope I can get as well the instructions for solving problem of faded printouts on Samsung CLP-300.
Best regards
Srdjan Vranek - Anonymous
I would also like a copy of this guide. Is there any way you can send it to me?
by Misanthropicgit on Jan 19, 2010 at 3:51am Add comment
My printer continually Over-heats after only 4/5 colour copies.
Its not V Good at all.
Anybody else with the same problem?
by unknown on Jan 19, 2010 at 9:22am Add comment
Did you fix your overheating problem? i'm having same terrible problem after 1 copy, and blistering hot. - tapoan13
Hi there, i'm having the same problem with my printer. can anyone send me a copy of the guide to [email protected] Thank you..
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I successfully used the guide this afternoon and would just like to post a few observations. In my case the problem was patchy black print, so I focussed on the black developer.
Without doubt in my case step 23 was the crucial one: while scraping the lower side of the 'blade' edge I could feel rather than see 'burrs' which I am sure were hardened deposits of toner powder which were preventing the proper transit of toner to the roller. The burrs were cleared within seconds and the printer now prints perfectly.
The entire process took maybe an hour and wasn't especially messy. An accidental spillage of black toner from the developer was easily vacuumed up.
It seems that this printer develops a number of problems around the metering of the toner. In some cases small gaps in the foam allow excess toner to pass, causing streaking, in others toner sticking in the tray prevents even feed causing patchy print, and in my case hardened deposits cause the same effect. The printer clearly has faults in the design, but can be repaired or restored with a little care, logic and ingenuity.
Many thanks to the author of the guide and to Ken, who sent it to me today.
by Misanthropicgit on Jan 20, 2010 at 3:01pm Add comment
I have the same black faint problem, Can you please e mail me how to clean the blade guide?

Thanks in advance
by Anonymous on Jan 21, 2010 at 7:43am Add comment
Dear all the link is down, I have the same black faint problem, does someone has a copy of this guide and send to me

Thanks in advance
by edobin on Jan 21, 2010 at 8:37am Add comment
Can someone send me the guide too? link is down

Having the same problem. Just the black is faded.
by da55 on Jan 25, 2010 at 7:59am Add comment
In need your e-mail address & I willsent them direc to you Thanks Ken - mcauley8
Please send the How-To to: [email protected] I'll publish it online.

by unknown on Jan 26, 2010 at 9:17am Add comment
would also need the cleaning information. The losingambition link is down.
by schaanne on Jan 27, 2010 at 9:49am Add comment
Can you e-mail me the intsructions for the imaging fix on the CLP-300. [email protected] Thanks
by Anonymous on Jan 27, 2010 at 12:11pm Add comment
Would it be possible for me to get the instructions emailed to me as well? [email protected] Thanks
by Anonymous on Jan 27, 2010 at 4:16pm Add comment
Can I get instructions for solving problems of fading printout on Samsung CLP-300.
Best regards
Srdjan - Anonymous
I too need to get a copy of this guide. I tried cleaning the blades and it seemed to work, but after a couple weeks we are still getting some fading on the far left side. My email address is razemania @

Also, two of my color toner cartridges ran out. My Mom has the same printer and it doesn't work. Since i can't wait for new toner to come in the mail I want to use hers. The printer status hasn't changed though - it still thinks I am out of toner. Is there a way around this?


by razemania on Jan 29, 2010 at 12:11pm Add comment

I'd like a copy as well please.

Could someone upload to rapidshare or similar and share the link?
by matg on Jan 30, 2010 at 1:33am Add comment
I am forwarding guide to all requesters. I don't have account to upload files to rapidshare or similar - can any of the others I have sent the guide to take care of this?

Milanb (above) has offered to post online. I have asked for the url to be posted here if that happens.

I would also like to confirm what Brian said; perfect printing initially, but now starting to lose definition on printed characters so it looks like this fix might need repeating often. Probably indicates another problem underlying.
by Misanthropicgit on Jan 30, 2010 at 2:21am Add comment
Thanks for sending it misan. I published the How To here:
by unknown on Jan 30, 2010 at 3:01am Add comment
the problem is appear when i changed the red colour for our printers the buttom status is red always and u cant printers
by unknown on Feb 1, 2010 at 1:30am Add comment
I have gone through 10 of these printers. The toner is cheap, and I have a lot. The most recent problem is when mI turn it on, it cycles for about 1 second and the trouble light goes red. It says there is a bad connection-not so. Out of warrenty.
by unknown on Feb 13, 2010 at 10:26am Add comment
I would also like a copy of this as I am having many of the same issues I see on this posting.
Thank you in advance
by Anonymous on Apr 18, 2010 at 7:58pm Add comment
Would you please email me ([email protected]) the file from ? I'm very frustrated about the fainted black print...

Thanks a lot in advance!
by Anonymous on Apr 26, 2010 at 7:13am Add comment
Downloaded the docs from above. Life saver! Almost messed up at the end when the left (drum facing at you) arm didn't fit - but managed to get it click it back and all is well. Saved me buying another printer! :)
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I have a problem with reset Image Unit in CLP-300. I bought a reseter in Blueera
and I don't know how I can reset the chip in Image Unit. Perhaps somebody has .bin file which I may write to the chip ?
Please help me, It's very urgent
by Anonymous on May 25, 2010 at 6:33am Add comment
I just tried the fix posted at this site:

I can vouch for this procedure. I just did the procedure today. It took a couple of hours. I went slow. I re did the cleaning on a few of the blades after performing it on the blade for the black roller (I was learning a little more as I went to each blade). I used the Z shaped metal strips as suggested in the procedure to clean off the burrs on the blades. I just thought I would point out that I could not even see anything on the blades, but I could feel the burrs when I first started gently scraping the blades.

Anyway, after really cussing out my printer because it was printing such lousy quality pages, I now have a printer that is printing as good as new. I'm now a happy camper. Hopefully, this will last for a while.

Thanx for all your help Misan for providing the procedure, and Milanb for posting it at the above URL.
by massasauga on May 25, 2010 at 4:57pm Add comment
Here is the link previously posted where the instructions are:

I reported earlier that I tried this and it worked. Unfortunately, the fix was short lived. My color printouts are still working great, but the black is starting to show the same uneven printing again. I think the problem might be with the toner packing and not distributing properly.

My black toner cartridge is brand new. I think the toner in these cartridges must be packing and clogging while the cartridges are on the store shelves. Maybe a third party toner is actually a little better. Does anybody know.

Well, at least I know the procedure well enough to pull everything apart again. I might try just opening the black roller assembly this time and clean it completely out (which will waste a lot of toner).

Then again, maybe I will just drive the printer to my local electronics junk recycling site.
by Anonymous on May 31, 2010 at 12:00pm Add comment
Thank you for a very detailed explanation- although I have a couple of questions:

The spring that you are talking about where on the yellow roller does it fit?

I have strip the unit myself before I had images of what to do- now I have excess black toner that keep on splling on to the edges of the black application roller- It is as if the printer does not realize there is enough in the augers assebly and keeps on filling it up. why?

by Philus on Jun 2, 2010 at 8:20am Add comment
The problem of "fading black&white printing" may be connected with defective black toner developers inside the printer( not in all cases)namely- the rollers don't work properly giving inproportionate toner feeding to the surface of the drum. You can't resolve it by a simple cleaning.
My printer is printing OK excepting the right side of a page which is slightly fading vertically. I cleaned the printer dozen times, but it didn't help.
It also may be a mechanical problem when a paper comes through rollers,but what kind of a problem I don't know.
I have a doubt about damaging the imaging drum because the printer is printing relatively well.
by stanislav on Jun 7, 2010 at 2:31pm Add comment
I have a constant red light and cannot diagnose because I cannot get a print-out or anything. Assume it is the imaging unit. Has anyone else had this problem?
by unknown on Jun 22, 2010 at 12:07pm Add comment
This is pending on how old the unit is the imaging unit has a counter (120,000 prints)embeded in to the unit this can be reset with a special tool or replace the unit found new units on between $100.00 to $150.00 -- I by a new unit I would make shure that all toner units are securly in place all doors are closed securly and there is no paper jam--check to see if the toner catcher bottel to the left of image unit is full (empty & retry)
by unknown on Jun 22, 2010 at 2:36pm Add comment
why is my printer overheating after one print and therefore stops printing- blistering hot when you raise the top cover?
Samsung said i needed to send in for repair, last repair on new imaging unit was too costly. Help!
by tapoan13 on Mar 2, 2011 at 6:43pm Add comment
We still get these printers in for servicing. Many businesses in our town seem to have purchased this model and are still using it, which says something for its longevity. I believe this fault is usually caused by a poor quality toner, perhaps a bad batch here and there. I find that if I remove most of the toner from around the developer roller it doesn't go bad a second time.

I don't have a website for our company, so I posted pictures and procedures in an album on our Facebook page. Just search for nesa winnipeg, and look for Samsung CLP-300 Imaging Unit Repair.
by Mergatroid on Apr 10, 2012 at 6:30pm Add comment
I encountered overheat and the printing was bad, I was advised to have the imaging unit change and its more costly than buying a new printer. Guess its time to throw it away.

by unknown on Nov 18, 2013 at 1:58am Add comment
I encountered overheat and the printing was bad, I was advised to have the imaging unit change and its more costly than buying a new printer. Guess its time to throw it away.

by unknown on Nov 18, 2013 at 1:58am Add comment