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Oki C5150 Color Registration

I'm having color registration problems with my OKI C5150. When I run a color test, the cyan shows about 3/8" higher on the page than the other colors (the other colors all align).

Here are the steps I've gone though:

I took the Cyan drum out and cleaned the contacts on the left and right side of the drum (and on the printer sides). When I put the drum back in the printer, and run the test page a first time, the colors aligned better, but cyan was still off by 1/8".

So I pulled out the drum and cleaned again. This time colors aligned when I ran a test. But when I ran the test again, immediately after (I just pushed the test button a 2nd time), it didn't align and was off by an 1/8" or more.

I'm not sure whether my cleaning the contacts is really having any effect, or whether my taking out the drum is doing something else.

Does anyone have advice as to what may be causing this misalignment, and how to fix it?

Thanks in advance for any comments.
Oki uses an auto registration process to keep the colors aligned properly. Cleaning the drum contacts most likely won't do anything. My first suggestion, if not been done already would be to take a lint free cloth and wipe down the 4 LED heads attached to the underside of the top cover. They are the 4 black strips, just be careful as they are basically a glass lens cover.

If that does not help, then I would remove all 4 drum assy's and the transfer belt. What you will see is a large beige cover near the rear of the printer (in front of the fuser). The front of this cover is pushed away from the fuser by a large spring in the center. If you push that cover forward (towards the spring) it will reveal two sensors one on the left side, and one on the right. Again, take a lint free cloth and wipe these sensors down. These are the registration sensors used to align the colors.

After doing these steps, if it is still not any better my recommendation would be to contact their support line. They are open 24/7 and it is toll free.
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Thanks for the reply. I did as you instructed. Still no luck. I'll call a repair person.
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