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Hp HP Color LaserJet 3600

hp 3600 colour laser

My printer runs though the initialise sequence constantly and I can not break the cycle. Can anyone help?
HP Color LaserJet 3000, 3600, 3800 Series - Understanding the Calibration Process
Overview of the calibration process.

Environmental differences, aging print cartridges and toner may cause fluctuations in image density. The HP Color LaserJet 3000, 3600, 3800 series printers use intelligent color calibration to provide color printing that is consistent from page to page, regardless of the time between print jobs or the printing environment. Calibration is designed to occur automatically at intervals that maximize printer availability.

Calibration cycles will be placed as jobs in the normal FIFO (First In First Out) job queue, either because a new cartridge has been inserted, a calibration cycle has been requested or because the printers system is set up to automatically calibrate. The following list will show when and why calibrations occur. As during any other print job, the printer will be ready and able to accept data during calibrations. In the following items, Calibrate means place a calibration job in the FIFO job queue.

For most calibrations the printer will not interrupt a print job, but will wait for the job to complete before cleaning or calibrating. While the printer is calibrating it will pause printing for the time it takes to complete the calibration. The product calibrates at the following events:
When the fuser temperature registers 122 °F (50 ºC) or less at power on. If the printer is powered off overnight, it performs a calibration when powered on. If the printer has been in use (in Ready state), a calibration will not occur when the printer is turned off and on.
When print cartridge is replaced.
At every 1,000-page interval after replacing a print cartridge.
With environmental condition changes. In some cases, a printer is subjected to widely variable temperature and humidity conditions. When changes in either temperature or humidity reach a certain point, a calibration sequence occurs.
When ETB is replaced.
Additional information about calibration

The product will execute two types of calibration, Image density calibration control (D-max) and Image halftone calibration control (D-half). These occur automatically or can be requested via the Control panel on the printer.

Calibration options in control panel are located at:
QUICK CALIBRATE NOW is used for color tone calibration (DHALF) and takes about 50 seconds.
FULL CALIBRATE NOW is used to calibrate the printer whenever you replace the DC controller, the ETB, the drum drive motors, the drum drive gears, or a laser scanner. Full Calibrate Now includes the Quick Calibrate routines and adds Drum Phase Calibration and Color Plane Registration. Full Calibrate lasts for about 2:30 minutes.
Calibration type and Description:
D-max - The purpose of D-max is to set the maximum density (at 100\% exposure) of each of the primary print colors (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black). The printer generates patches that develop onto the electrostatic transport belt, where the density sensor reads them. The engine then calculates and sets the appropriate developer voltage for each color to achieve the correct values for maximum density. D-max must occur before D-half (halftone ramp calibration) as developer bias affects halftone levels unequally.

D-half - During D-half calibration, the formatter prints eight (8) patches each of YMCK (Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, and Black). The patches range from 1/32 to 3/4 halftone level. The engine reads the density of the eight (8) patches and sends the data back to the formatter. The formatter rescales the smooth halftone to match the target halftone ramp density curve. The detail halftone is adjusted based on a known correlation to smooth halftone and not directly calibrated.

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so calibration, as far as color laser machine is concerned, is only for color density? what about alignment, like the inkjet machines?

how do color laser machines align the 4 colors?

the reason i asked this is because i have a color laserjet 2600 that has misaligned color prints after the etb was replaced, no matter how many calibrations i did :(

have no idea what was upset during the replacement process......

any help would be appreciated.
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No idea but after replacing one and with the time it took (bad design) and the cost of the replacement belt it is easier and more cost effective to buy a new one on ebay without toners. Cost in the US is just 80.00 and that includes shipping. Seems a lot of them were bought at special price just for the toners and people are now selling the actual printer for next to nothing.
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environmental changes will cause calibration also.

basically what happens is that toner is applied to the etb and it is then checked for correct denisty.

the colors are alinged by the laser scanner, but the etb can cause misalignment if it is not installed correctly.
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Have a 3600n that will not print in the reds and blues. All toners are fine, filled and read as having life left on consumable page. Printer is only a year old.

Is there a cleaning that needs to be done? I'd hate to sink 4-500 bucks into new toner to find out the machine itself is a goner.


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I've had several of these printers with either partially faded, or completely faded colors and each time I've been able to remove the scanner and clean all of the lenses and it's corrected the problem. I'd give this a try. The scanner is one unit for all colors, which actually has 2 scanner units divided into the 4 colors, and Magenta is on the bottom.
Good luck. - Anonymous
i have the same problem what can i do... - Anonymous
HP COLOR LASERJET 3600 printer Problem, when i power on printer its contunie calibrating only please give me salution
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I have a color laserjet 3600dn that is having a light yellow strip along the side of paper, which I have a feeling is draining my ink. I just replaces the yellow toner not more than 2 weeks ago, have hardly printed anything in color and we're already out of ink. Any suggestions?
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