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asked May 24, 2007 at 1:47am
Hp HP Business Inkjet 2600

Resetting of chip for hp toner Q6000A

I have used about half of the toner hp Q6000A(yellow) of hp 2600 and now it asks to replace the cartridge.
So I want to know if anyone helps me by showing any procedure to reset these chips.So i can use the full quantity of toner.
Oh so what the hell are those chips they sell on ebay with the refills? Now Im really confused???
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There are two ways to do what you are tying to do. First is you go through to the CP1518ni printer's menu.It is done by selecting print quality, low #( set it to 1) and then print quality, replace suppies (set it to Overide out). Second, there is a way to reset the memory chip itself. However, I'm not going to discuss that here nor anywhere else. Hope this helps.
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It's unreal how much money and grief you have saved me with this comment.Thank you. - PeelNStick
It is my understanding that these chips are not resetable in any conventional manner. there are some companies that can re-flash those chips. My guess is that you have used all of the toner in the supply hopper and have toner in the waiste hopper which makes the cartridge feel like it still is half full. If you run color toners past their effective life you take a chance at blowing a bushing and getting a major toner dump in the machine. It would be best if you just replaced the cartridge.
by partsguy on Sep 24, 2007 at 9:47am Add comment
This is completely wrong.

These cartridges countdown even if you don't print with the particular color. If you print lots of pages that are only black, the color cartridges "count-down" too. HP is really screwing us all.
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Maybe they are but you really need to know how they produce color and black and white pages before making judgments. When you print in black and white hp uses the color cartridges along with the black to produce the pages so even if not printing with colors you are still using the color cartridges. Some of their models, but not the 2600 allow you to turn off using the color toners.
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The 2605dn counts individually on the chips. It does not count "pages printed", it counts a fraction of color pixels. The issue is that each full toner cartridge would print around 2500 pages covered with 1/20 (5\%) of its toner, or ONLY 200 pages of 100\% covered with its color. If you print a whole page with magenta for example, it will only print 200 pages. So, counting pages printed does not work. A whole page may contain around 8 million pixels, the machine counts 1/1000 of it, so a 5\% covered page represents a count of 396, times 2500 pages, it reaches the count of 1,000,000 when the chip will overflow and say the cartridge has no more toner.

IF all the colors would count no matter what color you used, then ALL colors indicator would ALWAYS show the same level, right? and it is not the truth, you can see different levels for each color.

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Chips can be blocked allowing for maximum yield of all 4 cartridges.Blocking chips will render useless all toner management functions and User realizes exhaustion when quality of print decays.

To block chips press green button for main Menu Menu
•Right arrow to System Configuration, confirm with green button
•Right arrow to Print Quality, confirm with green button
•Right arrow to Substitute Suplies, confirm with green button
•Right arrow to Ignore empty and confirm with green button

Printer gets back to ready.

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I turned off the toner sensor, and got about an extra six month's of printing out of my color toner cartridges. I replaced them when they were almost empty (showing 0\% remaining) and the print quality started to degrade beyond what I find acceptable. A little gray background started after about three months, and red streaks began after about six months. - Anonymous
When I go tpo "System Configuration"; then to "Print Quality"; I then get a choice of "Replace Supplies" and then "Overide Out", not Substitute Supplies and Ignore empty.

I have model 2605DN and all my color cartridges get a page counted even if the page is all black. I have opened case 3601338360 with HP. Sandra responded and told me via e-mail: with model 2605DN there is no way to disable color counts". Is she correct? - Anonymous
You may have saved my day. I even have saved toner on hand but it seemed no need to load it since the chip(s) said zero. Now, if I can just find those bags of toner... I'll give it a try. Thanks - Anonymous
Many thanks, Hank. Works on my HP CP2025 perfectly. My stress count has also reset to normal! - Anonymous
How did you turn off the toner sensor?

I am really upset when the page count and the \% used goes up on each color cartridge equally for each page printed, even if page is all black.

I opened case 3601338360 and was told by "sandra_spilde" that "there is no way to disable the color counts on model 2605DN".
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Thanks a million Hank, you are a great guy and saved my day.
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HP will tell you there is no way to reset the counter, but they won't tell you about turning off the toner sensor.
I have run experiments with the sensor on:

My findings are: Every page printed is counted on all four cartridges. I print a lot of only black and all 4 toner cartridges show the same count.

Turning off the sensors saves me a lot of money and I only plan to replace toner when the printing shows I need to. I have three other laser printers, with two others being HP monochrome and they don't count pages, so I replace them only after I have removed the cartridge and shook it side to side and the problem doesn't go away after only a few more printed pages.

I know of no damage to the printer that can be caused by an empty toner cartridge, and I know if I printed full pages of black, the toner would run out before the page count hit 2,000.

If this would cause the printer to fail, HP would have a fix out very quickly, because that would be a flaw in the design of the printer.

However, if the sensors weren't there at all and the printer is being used on a network with many users, there would be a lot of wasted paper when the cartridges run out one by one. So the fix is to count all pages on all cartridges equally.

But I don't use my color laser on a network, so I can easily see when a color is missing and replace the toner to shake it first, because there will be areas missing and not on the whole page.
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This was great - thanks to all!
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The only thing with the toner override is that you need to watch the print quality towards the end. Ive refilled the hp 1600 twice now and its working fine. You also shouldnt mix any toner i.e. old and new toner.

To block chips press green button for main Menu Menu
�Right arrow to System Configuration, confirm with green button
�Right arrow to Print Quality, confirm with green button
�Right arrow to Substitute Suplies, confirm with green button
�Right arrow to Ignore empty and confirm with green button

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It is not a matter of there being a flaw in the printer itself. The cartridges are DESIGNED to fail. If you run them past the designed life the bushings can fail, the wiper blade can fail, or the waste hopper can overflow. Any of these can cause toner to be dumped in the machine which will eventually cause the printer to fail; however, you may override the sensors as you wish. The original question was how do you reset the chip.
The chip can not be reset in any conventional way. There are manufacturers that can re-write the chip or sell you a replacement to accurately track the usage if you want.
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Disabled my HP Color Laserjet 2605DN's chip's sensor [Main Menu -> System Setup -> Print Quality -> Replace Supplies -> Override out (from Stop at out)]. I mostly print mono (with all but the neutral greys setting to use black only), so it counting colour pages like that (equally) was seriously annoying and stupid (from a non-business/user's point of view). Been working great for a while now, not sure what on Earth HP/Sandra was saying to you, I suggest you (Anonymous) just give it a try. Thanks all :-).
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I just did this with an HP LaserJet 4700. It's called supply OVERRIDE with this model. Here is what the printer informs me when I enable it:

Supply Used After Out with OVERRIDE
*(See Warranty Note)

*Warranty Note
Using OVERRIDE may result in unsatisfactory print quality and unavailability of certain features.
All printed defects or supply failures incurred when an HP supply is used in OVERRIDE will not be considered defects in materials or workmanship in the supply under HP’s Premium Protection Warranty.
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..."The cartridges are DESIGNED to fail. If you run them past the designed life the bushings can fail, the wiper blade can fail,..."

OK, if you tell the printer to ignore the toner sensor and take the cartridges to the point of actually being empty, and only then do you replace the cartridges with *new* ones, I can assure you that the bushings, wiper blade and other parts will not fail. That is just plain silly and something that HP and its partners who resale new cartridges want the public in general to think.

Now, if you use re-charged or re-manufactured cartridges and that company that handles the removal and adding of new toner do not also replace those parts that will wear out, then yes, you may end up on the receiving end of having a bad thing happen to one or more of your cartridges. That's why you want to use reputable re-manufacturers with some sort of warranty if you go the re-manufacturer route and you don't just want to remove any remaining toner and simply refill with replacement toner for more than one or two times-then things like bushings and other components may in fact fail-or just disable the sensor and simply use the cartridge until empty then buy a new one-I have no problems when this is done.
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thanks a lot work with my HP Color Laser Jet CP1515n
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Hi can anyone tell me how to do the cartridge out override on a CP1215 or CP1515. Thanks - unknown
I dunno but i am refilling my cartridge for the 10th time right now. It still werks fine.I vacuum the hell out of it... and truthfully I have absolutely no problems....I actually figured out how to take the entire thing apart... my next cartridges will need no holes at all to refill
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The 'Cartridge out override' process is explained in the printers User Guide.

If you don't have a copy then download the User Guide as a pdf from the hp website: http://welcome.hp.com/country/us/en/support.html

Go to page 134 'Cartridge out override' in the maintenance section.

You will find a step-by-step how-to as mentioned by other folks earlier. It also talks about warnings and why the printer is not set to 'Cartridge out override' when you buy it.
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The HP Color LaserJet 2600n printer displays an Order supplies message when a cartridge is running low and a Replace supplies message when a cartridge has been depleted. To ensure optimal print quality, HP recommends replacing a cartridge when the Replace supplies message is displayed. Replacing the cartridge at this point can help prevent waste of media or other cartridges when one cartridge produces poor print quality.

The Cartridge Out Override feature allows the printer to continue using a cartridge that has reached the recommended replacement point.
WARNING! Using Override may result in unsatisfactory print quality and unavailability of certain features (such as toner remaining information).
WARNING! All print defects or supply failures incurred when an HP supply is used in Override will not be considered defects in materials or workmanship in the supply under HP's Print Cartridge Limited Warranty Statement.

Cartridge Out Override can only be enabled from the printer's control panel menu.
1. From the main menu, press (RIGHT ARROW) to System setup and press Check Mark button (SELECT).
2. Press (RIGHT ARROW) to Print quality and press the Check Mark button (SELECT).
3. Press (RIGHT ARROW) to Replace supplies and press Check Mark button (SELECT).
4. Press (RIGHT ARROW) to Override out and press Check Mark button (SELECT).
5. Press (Check Mark button SELECT).
If Stop at out is selected, the printer will stop printing when a cartridge reaches the recommended replacement point. If Override out is selected, the printer will continue printing when a cartridge reaches the recommended replacement point. The factory default setting is Stop at out.

On-going operation
Override can be enabled or disabled at any time, and does not have to be re-enabled for each cartridge. The printer will automatically continue printing when a cartridge reaches recommended replacement. The printer will display a message Replace supply Override in use while a cartridge is used in Override mode. When the cartridge is replaced with a new supply, Override will de-activate until another cartridge reaches recommended replacement.
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Thank you very much for this information. It worked perfectly on my HP-2025dn.

I will be interested to see how many pages I can print on my "empty" black cartridge. This is the partially-filled "starter" cartridge that came with the printer, and it gave me fewer than 500 pages before HP said it was done. In fairness, even though at least 99.9\% of all the printing I have done on that cartridge was text, it was "dense" text, that is, narrow margins, small (8-point) font, certainly more than 5\% coverage.

I find it unsettling that all three of my color cartridges are shown as being 20\% depleted (80\% remaining) when the only color I have used has been to print about 8\% of the cells of a typical 1152-cell spreadsheet page in red rather than black. So, by that logic my red toner should be at 92\% remaining (not 80\%) and my cyan and yellow ought to be at or near 100\%. Go figure.

Having had unsatisfactory results with non-OEM toner with other color laser printers, I have decided to stick with genuine, brand-new HP toner cartridges, regardless of the expense. This "Cartridge Out Override" setting will probably reduce that expense by (just guessing here) about 40\%.

Thank you.

tanstaafl. - tanstaafl.
I have run out of toner, and i understand these cartridges can be refilled. How do I go about it?
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I dont have "Cartridge out override" setting in my HP Color LaserJet 1600 printer? Is this possible? My firmware is 20060227

Not want to buy 100$/pcs cartridges (yes, they cost that much in here)
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So glad i found this. I was shopping around for a new printer because I didnt want to spent $260 to replace the colored toners.
I still have a lot of black toner and it wont print till I replace the toners. Did the cartridge out override and back to work... I have a 1600.
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bless you, Hank (aka Anonymous on 1/30/08 at 7:50 AM)!!
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Hi guys,

I just applied Cartridge Outoverride to my colleagues printer yesterday. It wanted her to change all 4 toners even though she almost exclusively prints in black & white. She had already replaced the black toner, but not any colour ones. It's now printing happily in black & white, but refusing to print in colour. Any ideas? The toners are definately not empty!

Cheers for any advice.
by apn8keh1 on May 7, 2010 at 6:08am Add comment
My problem is that the cartridges leak and cause dirty looking copies. When the printer is open there is residue along the sides of every color and it finally gets all over the screen.

How can I fix the printer or the cartridge so it will not leak?
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Even two years after your post it is still valuable. I already bought a new magenta cartridge and then read something in a magazine about counters on inktcartridges. Surfing the internet got me on this page. It couldn't be a coincidence that after replacing the magenta cartridge the cyan cartridge happened to be replaced also, I felt. My printer still was refusing to printer, but after following the steps to ignore empty it is printing again. Thanks.
By the way, I've got a HP Color LaserJet 1600, so it working on this printer, too.

by unknown on Jul 22, 2010 at 1:03am Add comment
Does any one know how to do this on a HP Model CP2025?

Thanks, Cathy
by CathyJ on Jul 22, 2010 at 11:58am Add comment
i refill the yellow one , but its not work
by gihan on Dec 23, 2010 at 11:16pm Add comment
Cartridge life is not only calculated by the amount of toner in the cartridge. Rotation of the moving parts in the cartridge causes wear. This is factored into the calculation of remaining life for which print quality can be guaranteed from a cartridge.
by s_fsk on Jan 27, 2011 at 8:03am Add comment
"I will be interested to see how many pages I can print on my "empty" black cartridge."

Well, the results are in. My printer said the black starter cartridge was empty, and shut down the printer at 504 pages. I set the over-ride, and the printer went to 863 pages before I saw a slight degradation of quality, visible only in bold, 72-point type as a slight mottling. Still acceptable, but no longer perfect, so I replaced the cartridge. probably I could have gotten another hundred pages by shaking the old cartridge and re-inserting it, but enough is enough. The fact that I got better than 70\% more pages out of the cartridge than I was "supposed" to was sufficient.

It will be hard to convince me that HP does not have an unethical profit motive in burying that over-ride command so deep in the menus that no-one would ever stumble across it by accident, and then being so ultra-conservative (I mean, 70\% more, come on!) with the toner management.


by tanstaafl. on Mar 3, 2011 at 1:19pm Add comment
Can anybody HELP

TO RESET CHIP IN HP cp1515n Lazer printer as my Toners are half full donE little Amount of printing yet printer says empty ???????????
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Man oh man...I stumbled upon this link searching for something slightly related. You'd think you people were trying to split the atom here. This is one of the most over-analyzed and repetitive forums I've ever seen. There should be a warning that anyone with an IQ over 50 is not permitted!
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Hi, thanks. Glad that I found this page. It works for my CP1515n too.

Is there anyway for the printer to print if I take one of the cartridge out, like missing Yellow?

I need to take the cartridge out for refill, and I need to be able to use the printer while one of the cartridge is out for refill.

Any idea?

Thanks ahead.
by unknown on Sep 12, 2011 at 12:20am Add comment
the override thing is good, my magenta colour got finished and I had no money for a new cartridge and I had urgent work to print. the page has saved my day. Thanks
by unknown on Dec 5, 2011 at 12:55pm Add comment
So I recently replaced just the black cartridge on my HP Color LaserJet 2605dn with a third party "OEM" cartridge. After minimal use, I am now getting Supply Error 10,000. I tried setting it to override, but the error persists.

When I put the old (nearly empty) cartridge back in, the error goes away, and the printer works fine. I checked, I'm still set to override, but it's acting as if it's still reading the memory chip.

Any ideas?

When it's on override, does it totally ignore the memory chip, or does it perhaps still need to read it, even though that doesn't stop it from printing? (In which case I've got a more than defective memory chip, and I'm wondering if I can physically swap the chip from my old cartridge to the new one, and then use it with it set to override so that it ignores that the chip will soon be reporting the cartridge is empty when it's nearly full.)
by JoeTheJuggler on Dec 21, 2011 at 11:08am Add comment
Override just allows the printer to print even when the chip says there is no more toner. Easy solution is for you to swap the chips from the empty toner to new non oem with the memory error. At least the printer will still print even though it will show the toner as empty.
by dmzcompute on Dec 21, 2011 at 4:32pm Add comment
Even if HOLYMOLY (5/19/11 4:08 AM) said:
Man oh man...I stumbled upon this link searching for something slightly related. You'd think you people were trying to split the atom here. This is one of the most over-analyzed and repetitive forums I've ever seen. There should be a warning that anyone with an IQ over 50 is not permitted!
I may have an IQ of only 50 on this overworked thread, but I still have questions.
It may be, as partsguy said in 2007, "It is my understanding that these chips are not resetable in any conventional manner. there are some companies that can re-flash those chips that resetting the chip cannot be done by 'normal' procedures and some Companys can 'flash' them."
As kimosabe asked on (6/24/08) and I ask today:
Where do the vendors on ebay get the chips they sell when you buy toner from them? Do they have companies that flash for them?
Just what does the chip do? Is it preloaded with so many "counts". The printer cannot reprogram or "burn" the chip. Just what in the hell is going on?
Can I just buy toner, burn holes, fill the cartridge, tape the holes, use the same old chips and set the printer to ignore when empty?

Partsguys and hp reps need not respond.
by JLewis98856 on Feb 20, 2012 at 10:26pm Add comment
For those of you using the CP2025 printers, HP has added an option to the menu.

Print black when color cartridges are empty:
Front Panel / System Setup / Print Quality / Color Supply Out / Continue Black
Front Panel / System Setup / Print Quality / Replace Supplies / Override out

by pcunite on Mar 1, 2012 at 8:33am Add comment
Greeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaat !!!!!!
Tx a million, I never suspected the printer setup allows to not check the toner.
Having compared the weight of a new cartridge and a "dead" one, I discovered a 40grams (1,5 once) difference and could not believe that the cartridge was really dead...
Have a good weekend
by unknown on Aug 3, 2012 at 4:03am Add comment
Hi, I just used the hole tool and refilled my hp c3600n printer.
found it was a good idea to have a vacuume cleaner handy.
Anyway put it back together and colors print fine but now the whole page has a light grey hue printed on it no matter what I print. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

by gewiz on Jan 18, 2013 at 8:49am Add comment
I refilled non hp yellow toner in 3800n hp printer. Now yellow colour is not printed. can anyone help me?
by unknown on Feb 7, 2014 at 6:41pm Add comment
Get another yellow cartridge.
by moe on Feb 7, 2014 at 6:51pm Add comment
I bought a xerox 8860.... End of mess, chips and problems
by kimosabe on Feb 8, 2014 at 12:02am Add comment
Does anyone know how to do this on a HP Color Laserjet 2840?
by tjkemball on Dec 12, 2014 at 6:20pm Add comment
Here are the basic steps for resetting your HP Printer chip:

1. Power your HP Printer
2. Press and hold the "Go" button on the main control panel, if there is no such button then there must be a green button with a check mark on it.
3. Power on it via the power switch while still holding down the "Go" button. After a few seconds, the display screen on the printer will read "Cold Reset." Continue pressing the "Go" button. You will hear the printer's motors rotating inside the machine. On some models, "Cold Reset" may not be displayed on the screen, but according to HP, hearing the motors rotating is indicative that the reset was successful
4. Now Release the "Go" button. The display screen will then read "Initializing," then "Restoring Factory Settings." Lastly, the display will read "Offline."
5. Press the "Go" button once again to bring the printer back online. If the Smart Chip was malfunctioning, it should now be reset and printing functionality will be restored to your HP laser printer.
If the screen still indicates that the toner cartridge needs to be replaced, it is likely that it is out of toner.

Hope it works, still facing issues, then contact here
by AmandaJSmith on Dec 22, 2014 at 5:43am Add comment
Thank you, Amanda. I knew there must have been a way. - JLewis98856

HP Color Laser Jet 1600 - Thanks for all the above information. Even though the 1600 is a different printer, I followed the above: "...go to "System Configuration"; then to "Print Quality"; I then get a choice of "Replace Supplies" and then "Overide Out"..." Selecting "Overide Out" got my 1600 back to printing, although I did have do perform the steps TWICE before it seemed to take affect. Not sure what was going on, but I'm happy that people put the information out there for the rest of us to have.

by megghegg on Sep 17, 2015 at 3:16pm Add comment