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Hp HP Color LaserJet 3800

HP Colorlaserjet 3800 10.92.03 error

Hello. I need a little help with a problem that I am having with a Colorlaserjet 3800.
Printer was brought in with the toner locks broken and error 10.92.03. Replaced the toner locks with no problems. The error still persists. HP is telling me that it is a timing problem with the MDA that had to be removed to replace the toner locks. I have retimed this printer 4 times now with no luck. I am believing there is a deeper problem than this timing issue, but HP is telling absolutely that it is a timing problem.
The last time I timed it I watched it going thru its post and this is where the gears go out of time.
Has anyone removed/replaced the MDA in one of these and maybe shed a little light?
Also, the document that was sent with the toner locks apparently is incorrect according to a tech with HP. It shows the shafts being pushed all the way to the left, but according to HP these need to be in the middle of the travel and not all the way to the left.

Thanks for any help you might have.

Not sure if I can help much but I've only seen the cartridge locks broken a few times, and if I remember it is tricky getting everything back together correctly.

You should verify you have all the spring reattached correctly & check the white cams in back, each color has a cam attached to a silver bar that goes through the right side frame, top & bottom shafts have a sensor attached but each time if its in the home position should be at a different degree of rotation from the others.

Your error message means the yellow cartridge isn't engaged so check the springs for the yellow. Hopefully you replaced all 4 locks that came with the kit because I didn't bother at the first time & had to take apart because another one was cracked but not broken off.

Make sure you didn't miss any connectors when reattaching cables too. Sounds like theres something there being overlooked, could be a small item too thats easily be missed.
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Ok I figured it out. There are 2 gears on the top of the MDA one runs the black and the other gear runs the colors. These gears must be rotated to disengage the cartidge drive gears. You must rotate the top gear that drives the colors 3 clicks to disengage the 3 colors. I was only rotating it enough to disengage the yellow. So that was my problem.
Thanks Sharpie for your help.

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I'm having the same trouble?

Did you notice if the two gears joining the 3 bigger (color) gears actually float and are not on a spindle? what a pain to align.

I'm now thinking someoene has already played with this and maybe something is missing.

Maybe it's the 3 clicks that I didn't do. Ahh.. I rebuilt it 3 times already so I hope my 4th is as good as yours.

Thanks. Jeff
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Still having trouble?
I got my printer running yesterday,
see - skyout
This also applies to the laserjet 3000 and 3600.
10.92.03 applies to yellow.
Re-timing the printer is fairly straight forward. The 4 cams in the printer are attached to metal "U" shaped shafts. These shafts have cutouts. These cutouts must all point downwards. You will then notice that the 4 large gears attached to these shafts all have a small oval hole pointing straight up towards the arrows stamped in the chassis.
Replace the 2 floating gears, without disturbing the 4 large gears.
On the MDA is 4 more gears in a line, towards the top is 2 more, one for the black and one for the colours. Rotate both these until the 4 gears are aligned with the holes visible through the housing (2 for each).
Re-assemble carefully and you should have no problems.
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Great help thank you very much. no more headaches. - Anonymous
I work on a lot of 3800's, and what I've seen most with the 10.92 errors is the frame bent slightly on the left side down low. This causes the toners ( usually the magenta and the cyan ) to not make contact over on the right side, because the toner is allowed to slip to the left because of the bent frame. I.E. the frame is bent outward, allowing more side to side play. You can check this by removing the belt and operating the right connecting handle. Have the magenta toner installed when you do this. There's a contact blade on the toner that the latches come down and make contact with. If your frame is bent, the latch will miss the contact to the right, because of the side play.

I've been able to fix most all of these by taking a hammer and punch (or screwdriver), and hitting the frame strategically on the left side. This drives it back in some, and and makes the toner fit more tightly in the frame.

Good luck to all who need this..!!
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I have this exact problem. Can you give me more information regarding WHERE I need to hit the frame. I have tried numerous things and I even had a Printer Technician look at it, but he couldn't fix it. This is a $700 printer so I hope I can get it fixed. - unknown
Hello try this link it may help.

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It looks like all the latches are good, I have tried putting Black Cart in yellow slot still comes up with 10.92.03 error. Any help would be great.
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Craig, are your locks white or black plastic? If black that is the old version & you might want to get them replaced. I've seen them crack & be really hard to see. The metal spring can keep the broken piece in place in just the right way that it may appear good until you take apart the machine.
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I'm attempting this fix, could someone please send me this video, or picture? I'm lost :(
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The 3800 I am working on had a broken left lock assembly, the long black piece. REplaced it and then I noticed the door would not close on the right side still given the 10.92.03 error. The transfer belt will not lock on teh right side with the cartridges installed and not sure why. It is definately hitting something. Customer decided not to put anymore money into it, so I am returning it today.
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Your issue is relating to the yellow toner cartridge. Something was not put back correctly so the yellow toner cartridge can not fully seat in its slot.
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I am having the same issue, 10.92.03. I believe the solution HHedgecock mentioned will fix it because the yellow and magenta cartridges have more side-to-side play than the black or cyan. I put a spacer on the left side of the yellow cartridge so it would be held in place to the right, and the code changed to 10.92.02. This tells me that the frame is most likely bent, and needs to be straightened.

If you could please post either a description, picture, of video of where to strike the frame to re-align it, that would be very helpful.

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