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Hp HP DesignJet 4000

HP LaserJet 4000 13.1 Paper jam error

Hello all,

On Thursday a customer called me about having issues with their HP LaserJet 4000 printer that was connected to their network. The office lady began to describe that several things began happening in succession with the failures of this printer.

The first issue is that when using the paper to print from Tray #1, the printer gives a 13.1 error. The exact error is:

13.1 Paper Jam
Open Input Trays
Then Open and
Close Top Covers

This error began happening after a black plastic piece 'fell' out of the back of the printer and landed in the paper tray. Afterwards their office was no longer able to print to Tray #1. I brought the printer back and have fully been able to replicate this. There IS NO PAPERJAM or any paper that is inside the printer. In fact no paper gets removed from Tray #1 before this error happens.

The second error was when printing from Tray #2 on the bottom. Initially it worked after Tray #1 would give the paperjam, but over a few days it began to stop taking paper out of the tray to print. Finally the office tried using the manual feed and would stick in 10 pieces of paper at a time in the manual feed tray. The printer would suck all of the pieces in, print page #1, and eject the other 9 sheets behind it.

The main error is the 13.1 paper jam errors that occured after the black plastic piece fell out from behind the printer or somewhere inside the printer. Part of this plastic is broke.

To view the broken plastic piece, here are links to the pictures on my website:
I just wanted to add that printing from the bottom Tray #2 is working now just fine. But printing stalls from Tray #1 with no paper even being sucked into the printer from the tray to be printed on.
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First off I assume you replaced that coupling unit that broke. If not then does this unit have another cassette tray? That coupling piece connects the 4 half moon roller asssembly to the main drive unit. Now for tray 1 we need more information. Does the pickup roller turn and does the paper feed bar lift when you run a paper path test from tray 1?
by dmzcompute on Jan 3, 2007 at 5:23am Add comment
Here's a fix for tray 1 sucking in all the sheets
We can also supply you with the coupler. It's easy to install, just pops up into place between the drive and the half-moon pickup rollers above tray 2. When you order the kit, ask for the coupler in the notes field of the order form.

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No, I have not replaced the coupler as I had no idea what it was or where it went. When the customer gave me the printer, they had the plastic coupler taped to the top of the printer and said "Hey, this fell out of the printer one day when it stopped working."

Just to give an update. The manual feed tray is still sucking in all sheets of paper at once. The first paper tray underneath the printer (is this tray 1 or 2?) simply will not pick up any paper. It doesn't even act like it tries too. When I print to that tray, it instantly gives the 13.1 paperjam error. However printing to the bottom tray (Is this tray 2 or 3?) has been working fine. In fact to test, I ran my own company billings on that printer from the bottom tray and all has worked great.
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From the top, tray 1 is the MF tray, tray 2 is the top cassette tray, tray 3 is the bottom cassette tray. If you follow the instructions in my other post, it will fix all your problems.
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Just for reference... whats the exact numbering of the trays? Is manual feed considered Tray 1, with the first paper drawer being considered Tray 2, 3, etc?
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Thanks, you answered my question about the trays.

I disassembled the printer moments ago by removing the cassette drays, opening up the manual feed tray and raising the top cover to remove the toner cartridge. I removed the white plastic 'flap cover' in the back behind the cassette trays. Then I unscrewed the two philips screws holding a device in above Tray 2. After removing and sliding out the back folddown paper tray, I removed this device (this is the half moon roller assembly, correct?) seeing where it electronically plugs into the printer. I was looking for the place where the plastic coupler connects to it and to the main unit, but will search for reference pictures online.
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Let me stick a short 2 cents worth here. Moe I am glad you understood what he was saying as this is an example of someone who has no idea how to describe an issue and then digs into the printer without the proper documentation. I told him the item was a coupler which connects the 4 half moon rollers to the main gear assembly. From his last description I think he is talking about tray 1 (manual tray) since he has no idea what trays are which. I now assume he has two paper cassette trays and one of them tray 2 is the one the coupler has broken. He will need to replace the coupler and I will post instructions below and I hope he has not teared into the printer more as I feel other items may be damaged. Anyway bawalter click on the link below and download the reference material you need. Moes kit will work for tray 1 (manual tray). You will have to order a replacment coupler for tray 2 as the broken one you have will not work. Good Luck.
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I don't know what to say. You mentioned that the coupler was broken. I said that it fit between the drive and the half-moon rollers. I don't know how you would describe it any other way. I mean it is called a coupler, that would define it as something that couples 2 things together. In this case the drive and the half-moon pickup roller shaft. I tried to make it easy by giving the link to the repair kit and offering a replacement coupler. I honestly don't understand why we are still discussing it.
- moe
Hey, I'm doing the best I can with the knowledge I've started out with. Being that I'm of a mechanical mind and have worked with various sorts of mechanics and IT related things for most of my life, I can figure things out amazingly quick. However I have to have a starting point somewhere... Plus I've never worked with business grade laser printers before so this is something new to me.

But anyway. What I did was (using proper terms) was first removed the toner cartridge of the 4000. From there I proceeded to remove each cassette tray and set those aside. On the back I removed the plastic shield/guard/cover that covers the back side of each of the cassette trays. Then above that, I unscrewed the two screws to the fuser assembly and cautiously slid it out. Mainly those where the only things I did to look for the 4 half moon rollers.

Being that I've never dealt with a LaserJet 4000 before, I wasn't sure where the 4 half moon rollers are located. Are they on the toner assembly? Are they on the main frame of the printer in the cassette tray 2 area? Is the main gear assembly on the right or left side of the printer to where the coupler attaches? I can only go so far with documentation, but practical advice from someone else who has done this before, is invaluable.
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OK, so I said the following earlier "It's easy to install, just pops up into place between the drive and the half-moon pickup rollers above tray 2." Now, there might be some confusion about the "above tray 2" part. One might think that above tray 2 was above tray 2 inside the printer under the toner cartridge. Above tray 2 covers a lot of area. But then, if you think about it, they're paper pickup rollers. This would mean the half-moon paper pickup rollers would sit above the paper tray where they could turn and push the paper out to the pickup/separation rollers. So here we are 11 posts into this discussion, when everything necessary to do the job has already been addressed and you are trying to unnecessarily complicate things much more than they already are. Why you are removing the toner cartridge and the "toner assembly" are beyond me. Never did hear the fuser assembly referred to as the toner assembly, but hey, call it what you want, it has absolutely nothing to do with anything and most certainly doesn't contain the half-moon pickup rollers since it's nowhere near the paper tray.
So, getting back to the coupler installation. Since it is quite obvious when you look at the half-moon rollers where it would go, I neglected to mention that the drive is on the right side. There's nothing on the left side, so I didn't think it was necessary. Please don't disassemble any more of the printer as you are bound to screw something else up. If you had just listened to my advice 6 posts ago and ordered what is necessary, life would be a lot less complicated and my fingers wouldn't be tired from all this typing.
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I gave you a link to all the documentation you need. Download it and READ and look at the pictures. Hint: 6-42, 6-50 and 6-51. Moe my apologies on this one, but I really think he has to separate the darn thing for him to get the coupler installed. The opening on the N model is really difficult to work on with the limited space available and by his posts he needs to get to whole assembly. At least my opinion.
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Problem has been solved through the repair kit and the coupler replacement.
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what is the part# for the coupler? I have a broken coupler but can't find the right part#. I order one earlier but they sent the wrong type.
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I've got them in stock and you won't get the wrong part from us. Click on my name to email me for pricing and ordering info.

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I have hp laserjet 4050 ... i am willing to go with your solution by replacing the coupler if is easy to changed and kind of reasonable price price ..can you please send me info about this part ? ASAP see if we can repair this before to buy a new one ...I am using this printer for my home bussiness so I am stuck
I do apreciated, by the way I read your emails and the interactions trying to solve the problem and i really enjoyed and thank you for guys like you !!!
Also please advice you know the printer is not NEW but is in good condition ...ok ..thanks again!


[email protected] - Anonymous
ok so i am having almost exactly the same problem this guy describes in the beggining. i DO know the right vocab and have significant experience. my issues are this.(machine has 2 casettes)trays 2 and 3 are not feeding well(replaced feed and sep just because i had em from mk). were barely working at all, could get maybe 1 or 2 sheets out before jam. AND tray1(bypass) is pulling in whole stacks.(i realize these are most likely 2 seperate issues but found it interesting that he described exact probs i had). no broken couplers(thank god! yhose are an sob to repl) am getting 13.1 50 paper feed 1 paper late jam on elog.
for no aparent reason tray 2 is working much better now?????
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I do not want to re-read this complete thread so what you want to do is in the tray behind the new roller is a torque limiter/clutch would could be to tight. Most times both trays for your model will have them. Just remove the clutch and put the roller back on even though it moves side to side. Try a paper path test and see if it takes the paper now without jams. If it does then just hit the small shaft of the clutch on a hard surface to separate the clutch and then remove about 1/2 of the magnetic filings and reassemble and put back on the tray shaft and you should be good to go.
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it was paper feed ass'y. never seen that. go fig
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Working on a HP LJ 4000, I had to replace the P/U Assembly (RG5-2672) but now paper is not even moving from Tray 2. Printer starts process to print and after a little while gives me "13.1 Input paper jam". Clean the limiter (next to feed roller)on Tray 2 but it didn't work.
Does anybody have a clue to help me out? I'll appreciate it
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Look from the rear of the printer when you send a print job. The paper should pull forward about 1/4 the way and then move back about 1/8 of the way and then after a second the sheet should then move forward again. Is there any movement at all. If no movement, then I would think the unit you put in is defective, not connected properly (cable to activate solenoid not seated or loose) or the solenoid of the new unit is bad. Why did you need to replace the pickup assembly?
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