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Hp HP Color LaserJet 2500L

HP Color LJ 2500L Bad Beam Detect Error?

My primary light pattern is the Attention light, Ready light, and Go light are on. My secondary light pattern is the Attention light, Ready light, and Go light are on (same as the primary). According to HP, this indicates first a Service Error and then a Bad Beam Detect Error.

What is a Bad Beam Detect Error and how can I fix it (or can it be fixed)? This pattern reoccurs every other day when printing and I must restart the printer to continue printing.
Beam Detect would refer to the Laser Beam. There is an optical sensor which looks at the beam each time the mirrors make one revolution. Could be some dust in the optics causing intermittent detection. First thing to try would be to open the laser scanner up and clean everything inside.
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Hello Moe,

I've got a similar problem with my 2500n, from time to time he give's a bad beam detect error. When this happens during printing, he prints partial with only yellow. Somertimes i can print 5-10 pages perfectly, sometimes he gives the error during startup. I've cleaned the laser unit, mirrors etc. I think the beam detector is the small print besides the laser unit. I first thought that the reason for my problem the laser shutter was, so i took it out, but the problem stays. There is also a small black plastic cap in front of the beam detector. What is its function, and can this be the reason for the error?
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