asked May 8, 2006 at 2:09am
Hp HP DesignJet 4000

HP4000 13.20 Paper Jam - Check Rear Door Nightmare

ok, heres the situation.

I purchased a second hand duplexer unit off eBay and installed on Friday, however, the power cable didn't have an angled head so I removed the Duplexer until I can get a better power cable.

Since removing the duplexer I keep getting the error

13.20 Paper Jam
Check Rear Door

I have been through the printer from top to bottom, I did find a tiny piece of paper near tray 1 which I removed, and I have also sprayed all the dust out using a sprayduster can.

Ive got the following from the event log ...

30 13.32.48

29 13.16.24

28 13.16.24

27 13.01.80

I have searched the web and find a lot of talk about checking sensors, however im uncertain what sensors I need to check and what they even look like.

Any one who can help me clear this error would be greatly appreciated!
You need to remove fuser assy and check out the sensor back there as well as sensor arm on fuser. After removing fuser blow out that sensor back there. I have also had a faulty fuser cause this error.
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