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help! which printer has the cheapest printing cost


I do alot of reading on the internet, and i am sick of reading from my computer screen, i find it hard to concentrate and it constantly makes me drowsy and feeling tired througout the day, which leads me to always having to resort to coffee to keep me going.

Could anyone please suggest the most economical laser printer for printing alot of black & white pages everyday (say 300 pages a day), in terms of the cheapest printing costs overall.

I also dont have a scanner or a fax, which i currently need to purchase also, so a multifunction printer would be good, but if this increases the cost of printing, then i would rather purchase these as seperate items.

hi there try and find your self a hp laserjet 5 or 4 plus (not4p)
cheap toners, built on steel chassis,
very cheap secound hand, prints out fast, DONT bother with a low modle ei; hp4L hp5L hp5P hp6P hp1100 L FOR LOW USER and P FOR PERSONAL...
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also as you can see from this web sight every one can help to fix hp, look at the other printers and there is no responce to there fix, there is a good supply of hp parts, shotgun. - shotgun
Economode on a LaserJet 4plus or 5.
7000 pages per cartridge.

Acquisition cost is low, repairs are
easy, parts are cheap, toner is reasonable,

Life doesn't get any better unless you can
do all your printing at work.
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hi, me again

I though the newer printers would be cheaper on toners and be more economic? Is there any chance that hp will stop making toners for these printers in the future as they printers are quite old? Also what "printed page count" should i buy one at?

I have another question

is the laserjet 4000n the same as the 4 plus?

or what about 5N http://cgi.ebay.com.au

or 5M http://cgi.ebay.com.au

I have found two 4 plus laserjet printers, i cant find any laserjet 5 in australia



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The evolution of the laser was 4 - 4plus - 5. The M is for macintosh, the N is for network. The 4000 is an entirely different printer. It came out after the 5 and replaced it. Beware of buying any printer off of pirateBay. People are just getting rid of their non-working equipt. rather than spending money to repair it. Of course there might be 1 or 2 honest ones in the bunch, how do you tell them apart? I wouldn't trust the ratings.
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Generally good advice here on this thread, avoid the newer HP's, and they are not built stoutly at all. I would go with the 4 0r 5 Plus also, but for new stuff, the Samsung brand has some really good, well built models that don;t break the bank either. The 1750 series was one that comes to mind. I have an accountant who uses four of these, and helped me with my toner R&D on building these, and she gets about 5-6K average on my toners, that I charge 49 dollars for. It is not the large, steel framed machine that the 4 is, and not designed but for about 5000 pages per month, though she runs about that, and has not had any breakdowns in the three years she has had them, so you can find good machines, you just have to know where to look. I agree on the low end HP's, but that is where I sell Samsungs to my customers. If you can fina good 4 or 5, get it, but if not, look into the Sammy 2250 series. No chip or fuse, and I build a 8K toner for it. :-) PCRMike
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I am looking to buy a laser printer, I have heard alot of good news about the hp laserjet 4, 4 plus & 5.

I have found a couple of them on ebay in australia, but i want to know if the 5N, 5si, 5L are still the same thing as the "laserjet 5" range.

So far this is what i know;
5P = personal (i dont want that one)
5M = macintosh (dont want that)
5N = network (i want it, as long at it is the same as the laserjet 5 which everyone recommends, but if it is some lower grade model i dont want it)
5si - ???
5L - ???

If anybody could please clarify which is the most suitable one, i would be very grateful.

I basically want the printer with the cheapest print cost on economode, that doesnt break down everytime i use it.

These are the ones i was looking at on ebay:

Item Numbers: 6848466186, 6846138277, 6849389017, 6845766803

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5L is a low end entry model. The 5si is a very large 100 lb. behemoth for big offices. The only difference in the 5, 5M, 5N models is the M has a removeable postscript module and extra memory. It will work with either PC or Mac. The N has a removable JetDirect card in the back. The printers themselves are identical otherwise.
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And will make a very nice printer for you as long as parts are available. :-) PCRMike
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I would get a Canon. They have cheap toner if you buy compatible and the drum is in the toner cartrige so you only have one thing to replace.
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