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Samsung Samsung CLP 510

Samsung CLP 510 Waste Toner Error

I have just emptyed my waste toner cartridge on my samsung CLP 510 and I am still getting the message telling me to empty the waste toner cartridge. I can't print anything until I get this problem solved any suggestions .
There is a little switch under the Waster Toner Tank that reads a light of some kind. When toner fills up to that level, it stops working. For emergency, you can take the toner waste tank out and flip the switch so it's open... But then you'll have toner dust going out.
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Thank you so much Allan.
This tip on the waste toner helped me get through my emergency!
Just flipped the black lever and now it is working again.

I have had this CLP-510 for 2 years now. I do have problems with the waste toner tank and it jaming but other than that it works well. Stephen - stephen3
pcrmike, you are the "rainman" of printers! Thanks for the recommendations on the toner waste error, that worked but now it's telling me to replace the cyan cartridge followed by the rest of the cartridges. I just replaced them so they are full. I have taken them out and reseated them to no avail...

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Aw, gee, flattery will get you everywhere! Really, if you just replaced them, and they say they need replacing, check with the config sheet. press "menu, enter, enter" and a sheet will print out with counts, etc. on it. Read off the toner counts. If all else fails, try going thru the menu selections to "maintenance" and see if yours has the option of selecting "ignore toner" and turn it on. Give it a shot, and you may email me a copy of the config sheet if you need a little more help. :-) PCRMike
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would like to try the suggesting regarding turning off the toner warning (your post 2/6/06), however I am not even able to access the menu. The little screen just keeps on showing the Replace/Install Waste Toner Tank. Any suggestions? - Anonymous
If the machine is less than 3 years old, Samsung will replace the waste toner sensor no charge. :-) PCRMike
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I called Samsung about this (my printer is CLP-550N, less then two years old) and they refused to fix the problem, stating it is out of warranty, and that I must haul this piece of junk into a service center. Any suggestions?? - unknown
Thank you for your insight. To get this sensor replaced under waaranty whats the best way to contact Samsung.

I have one that is only less then two year old.

Please advice.

Thank you

Mike - Anonymous
Dear PCRMike,

I just got off the phone with Samsung "2nd level support" after numerous calls to their customer service dept since June 2006 regarding this "Waste toner cartridge full" message.

AFter "Cade" had me break off the black lever (the safety), and another tech had me replace the toner cartridge itself (I am on my 3rd, thank you very much), NOw "Vince" conceded that that is the one flaw with this printer and that otherwise it's a good machine.

WEELLLLL, I wouldn't know cause I only got 1038 copies out of it!!!

Vince told me the "fix" is to CUT THE LITTLE 2" PLASTIC PROTRUSION off the waster toner cartridge (with an Exacto knife), and tape up the hole with scotch tape; then I must check the levels in the cartridge manually every couple weeks.

I am curious, however, when you said that: "Samsung would replace the weak sensor if it is less than 3 years old"???

How did you get that info and with whom can I follow up with at Samsung to get that resolution rather than the old Exacto option??? My printer is nearly 2 years old.

Please advise.

Thank you.

Douglassville PA - Anonymous

I had the same problem more than 1 year ago, and I got over it
about the same way as dave. I have cut away the little "bump" in order to have the light emitter Diode get through it's receiver.

But now, I got the problem back. Even with a new bin, it does not work.

Has anyone an idea where I can "shorten" the electronic for it to stop checking?

All replies welcom


PS: I have a CLP-500 (almost the same)
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I just had the same problem with my piece of crap 510N. My wife and I were 30 seconds away from playing Office Space on the dam thing. I was able to fix it though. I did like the guy above. I chopped off the black diode sensor on the right side and tied the red and blue wire together. ISSUE RESOLVED. The printer doesnt know the difference and thinks the waste toner cartridge is empty.

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WONDERFUL - it works! I just cut both red and blue wires on both sides of the eye. Stripped some of the insulation off and twisted the two together - it worked! I did red and blue together on both sides. (After reading your post - guess I only had to twist the right side together) I have spent SO much time with every other "fix" on this page. Just do yourself a favor and cut the wire... All the other fixes eventually fail. (My favorite is the guy who opens the front and turns the flashlight on every time he wants to print.) This took less time anyway. Take the top and front off - like ten screws, and your good.

Here is the service manual - VERY helpful. ries.html - unknown
Alright I bought this printer used and the guy "failed" to mention this issue. So the printer was good for a few months then started acting up. I pulled the sensor cover off (the black tab) that fixed it for about 3 days now it’s been bitching about the waste tone thing for months now. So I finally said screw it and jumped in balls deep. I took the front panel off and just bridged the input. Basically I told the printer it was getting the signal. There are two led’s one clear (the IR emitter) and a purplish one (the IR receiver). The purple one is the one we are after it should also be the one closest to the side.

Ok so just solder a bridge between the two pints connecting to the cable. On the back are 4 points, 2 sets of 2. 2 come from the back of the purple led and 2 go to the wires (red and blue). You can touch a screwdriver to them and watch the printer think its ok.

So that has fixed the issue for about 4 days now. I’ll let you know if it catches fire and burns down my house.

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i had the same problem.
behind the waste toner cartridge is a small black lever which somehow allows light to a sensor or something.
i just pulled this off and things work fine.
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how did you disable the IR led light and "pulled" off the thing? Where is it located? Thanks. - Anonymous
How did you manage to close the lid
- Anonymous
I have the same problem with my printer. Two people at Samsung were not able to tell me about how to fix it. Where is this light sensor switch that can be removed? When I remove the waste toner tank, I don't see it. - Anonymous
I got Samsung tech support on the phone, and they were very prompt and helpful. He had me try various things, including a diagnostics mode that showed the sensor status. Finally, he had me snap off that switch (effectively disabling it) and when that didn't work (once the tank was installed, the sensor still didn't work) he knew my unit had a "weak sensor" and they are sending out a tech to repair it.

Notes on runnin the diagnostics screen would be useful here.
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and how do you get into a diagnostic screen? - marsu211
Had the same problem as this. Seems like a poor design feature to me as any waste toner falling into the tank tends to cover the area that the sensor passes light through and registers as full even when its not.

After trying various modifications to the tank in the end I just removed the IR Led and sensor and stuck them facing each over in a small space behind the front cover. This now means the sensor always shows as being clear but you do have to check the waste tank every so often so it doesn't over fill.
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Thx, Chris. This really works and saves a lot of money. - Anonymous
thanks guys you were greaat!!!!!!!!!!

My boss is a very bad man, if i say somethnig doesn t work , he will be so nervous and angry of me. he deosn t believe materials got "sick" like a human being :)

I was sooo worried because my samsung deosn t work, but thanks to your advices , i could repair the error.

Thank you soooooo much !!!!!!!!

[email protected]

- Anonymous
Some of these do have a weak sensor. I have three in my shop now that do, out of the about 50 that I sold. I have ordered in a number of these sensors so I don't get caught without one. The new ones are upgraded. When these come in I will let you all know, and Moe, if you want to stock a few, or whatever, they will be made available. :-) PCRMike
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Where does one acquire the replacement sensor without waiting for the MORONS at Samsung. - Anonymous
Any Idea where I can order one, Samsung says this is not a user replacement and will NOT let me order one.
Guardian164 - Anonymous
I am experiencing the same issue. I cannot get the printer to reset. Do you have more of these sensors in stock? Where are you located? Terry Trumbull 626.442.7180 South El Monte (LA), CA - unknown
I just thought I'd thank everyone for their postings on the CLP-550 waste toner tank. You guys saved me from calling the Samsung tech support or ordering a $20 tank I didn't need! I did have a little trouble with everyone's suggestions and thought I'd mention my solution. Since the other ideas didn't work and I didn't want to wire the sensors permanently "on", I simply washed the tank, dried it completely, and that worked great.
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I did the same thing. I washed the tank out with hot water and also wiped the sensors with a cloth and mild cleaning solution. I also wiped out the sensor area inside and outside of the tank, drying it overnight and everything is working perfectly again.

The only thing I worry about is having a weak sensor later on just when I need it immediately. If anyone could notify me where I could pick up a replacment I would greatly appretiate it. - Anonymous

with the exception of a possible bad sensor... (rare)

its toner build up on the clear tank...

either use air or water to clean it out, but beware toner is nasty stuff! - Anonymous
I've just gone through the whole deal with Samsung canada
trying to get the issue resolved, however in the end I have
given up and implemented my own solution.

I found that the "new" old toner entering the tank passes
through the sensor "bump" and makes it dirty even when the tank
is not full .... My solution involves a simple foil baffle
which prevents this - has worked perfectly ever since, when
before I was plagued with "replace waste toner bin" messages
no matter how often I cleaned out the tank.

I've put up a little web page with some photos describing this
fix, as well as a means by which you can reset the toner
cartridge page counts without having to disassemble the cartridge
or replace the chips at:

Hope it helps.

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How do you deal with "install toner cartridge" error messages? I've just installed toner cartridges, and I'm still getting them.

Thanks. - ieubanks
Dave, you're amazing. You put so much work into that -- and it was 100\% helpful. I didn't even know what the waste toner bin WAS. Generally I'm not too horrible at figuring things out either. I appreciate the page and the pictures and your initiative.
Thanks again,
Jenni - Anonymous
I would like to thanlk you for posting the waste toner error. I tried your method and put the tin foil over the sensor bump and it is working great and not only that it made my wife happy making my life happy. Have only been using it for about 2 wks

Again thank you for your help
Have a good day
Jim - Anonymous
There's another cheap and moderately easy way to fix this problem. The sensors peer through that bump everyone is talking about -- think of it as a windoe. It's a section of the tank that is about an inch long, half an inch wide and which protrudes about 3/4 an inch from the body of the tank. The essential problem is that the window gets dirty well before the tank gets full. If your fingers are small enough, you can wet a paper towel and stick it in through the hole in the tank and poke it down into the inside of the window to clean it out. Press as well as you can to get it as clean as possible. It's awkward, and it helps to have long, skinny fingers. You could, I suppose, use a bent piece of wire but it would have to be folded over on the end so you don't have a sharp end gouging the plastic. Of course, you would want to empty any accumulated waste toner before attempting this procedure. Be careful when you empty it as well, it's a very fine powder and will put up a nasty cloud if you try just dumping it into a waste basket.

We have cleaned our waste toner tank like this a couple of times and gotten another 4-6 months out of it each time.
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Thank you much for the info on this. I looking at a significant delay on printing. Cleaning the window thing worked fine. Happy I found this site! :) - unknown
Modifying the toner waste tank did not work for me, nor did removing the sensor cover, or cleaning the sensor.

To fix this problem, you need to access the sensor receiver(small board with black led device on it, the clear led is the transmitter) and short the two wires, going to the receiver, together. A small piece of wire pushed into the connecter did it for me.
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drking you're the man! Saved me a lot of trouble with your fix - unknown
Had the same problem after I empty the Toner Waste tank. Had to use a coat hanger and and paper towel to clean the tank where the sensor reads this worked for me.
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I just found this thread when my printer exhibited the waste toner full message and I couldn't clear it. I ordered new waste toner bins (2) from Provantage at a very good price. I, also, found that cleaning the inside of the bin in the area of the sensor was a good solution until my other waste bins arrive.

Re: dealing with "Install toner cartridge" messages, I have found that opening the compartment and just sliding out the offending cartridge a little bit and reseating it works for a long time (weeke). I guess I'll eventually have to get a new cartridge.

BTW, my printer model is a clp 550, not 510. Bet they're almost identical.

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There's another way if you don't want to short the wires as drking did.

You can simply move the transmitter and receiver's boards a few centimetres on the left (one in front of the other) with a some glue.
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Hello @all,

i solve the problem for ever!

I cut/truncated the Plasticnose on the Waste Toner and have the hole
taped over.

Now, it´s works fine, and be must look manually at your Waste Toner for Filling ;-).


rolf from Germany

Ger_Sailor at BF-II

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Had the same problem on my machine.

Because the waste toner unit gets dusty with toner, the sensor will not function. The transparent waste toner unit is now semi transparent with toner dust.

Simply clean the area where the waste toner unit engages with the sensor. This can be done using a cotton bud and putting your finger inside the waste toner unit. You could even clean the unit in a bowl of water, let it dry and then reinstall the unit.

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Kent, you are right! I just talked to them and they are not covering this except thru the ASC, and that stinks. I have several of these in stock, but I would try the solder fix first. If that does not work, let me know, I will get you a sensor and inst. on doing the job. :-) PCRMike
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I just paid $45.00 for a replacement sensor and leads for my 500, but have no idea how to do the actual replacement. I would appreciate a copy of those instructions as I'm sure the setup is the same between the 500 and 510. Thanks. - Anonymous

I just paid $45.00 for a replacement sensor and leads for my 500, but have no idea how to do the actual replacement. I would appreciate a copy of those instructions as I'm sure the setup is the same between the 500 and 510. Thanks.

- clifflines
We have just replaced our samsung clp500 with a clp510 and it seems to give more frequent messages than the previous model, replace drive belt soon, replace imaging unit soon, replace transfer belt soon. How do you overide these messages. All help appreciated. Oh by the way, washing out the waste toner tank with a little detergent and hot water after carefully emtying in to the trash bin and dry it with a hair dryer and it works llike new. Noel
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Thanks for the tip. I am new to all this but when my waste toner tank became full in the middle of some urgent printing, I took your advice and carefully washed and dried it and hey presto, it works perfectly. Sandra - Anonymous
I tried most of the above. I didnt want to take apart the sensor to short it out as suggested, but I did remove the black trigger and rinsed and dried the waste cartridge. I even tried cleaning the inside with cotton and alcohol, but it eventually only worked with the waste cartridge out, so I drilled a hole in it where the sensor would read. I only get a little mess and have to check the cartridge regularly. I got this error after only 25 prints on a brand new machine - so this is a really bad design and will make me seriously rethink any future Samsung purchases!
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1. Empty the waste toner cartridge using a vacuum cleaner.

2. Toward the top right of the bay into which the waste toner cartridge fits, there is a recess. On the left side of the recess, there is a black rocker switch that is activated when the waste toner cartridge is inserted.

3. LEAVE THIS SWITCH ALONE. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO NEED TO DISABLE OR REMOVE THE SWITCH. It is there for a purpose -- to advise you when it is time to replace or empty the waste toner cartridge. If it's not working, you either have to remember to check the cartidge all the freaking time, or run the risk of the thing filling to bursting point and beyond and filling your printer, and a wide area around it, with toner dust.

4. Find the protrusion on the cartridge that fits into the recess. If you are incapable of doing this, go back to kindgergarten and practice on lego.

5. Even if you have vacuumed almost all the dust from your waste toner cartridge, it may well be that this protrusion, which on its inside is small and narrow and a refuge from the air currents that sucked most of the cartridge clean when you vacuumed, is still full of toner dust.

6. THEREFORE, take a Q-Tip or contrive something similar, and bend it into a hook or U-shape. You will find that you can easily insert it into the cartridge through the hole adjacent to the protrusion, and wipe the inside of the protrusion clear of toner dust.

7. Now, replace the waste toner cartridge that you have vacuumed out and Q-tipped. The light sensor in the printer will now be able to shine through the protrusion in the waste toner cartridge.

8. Thank you and good night.
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steakboy, i love you! after having a HORRIBLE experience tonight at fry's, i was not in a hurry to return to any store to buy a toner waste recepticle. now, it's fixed and i'm one happy girl!!!!! - Anonymous
I´ve fixed my clp 550 now. Took me about 20 minutes. The soultion was mentioned earlier in this thread:
Unscrew all the screws around the waste tank, then unfix the two "clips" on the bottom of the printer to get the two grey plastic covers on the left and rigt side. Now open the three hatches and unscrew the two bigger screws on the top and after that the two small screws. You see it when you are there :-)
Now remove the connector to the display so that you can remove the whole plastic cover. No on the right side you see the two sensors with blue and red cables. Locate the black sensor, it was on the right side in my printer. Tak of some of the isolation on the both cables and twin them together so they get connected. Now the sensor believes that the waste tank is empty :-)
One thin is that there will not be any warning when it gets full. But if it is 3000 copies it will take some time here :-)
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Thanks guys,

I first cut a hole in the wastetoner bin of my 510, and took the plastic black flip out, it worked like a charm for six months or so. but... it just stopped working again, so now i shortcircuited the sensor as suggested by Mattias, and it works fantastic!!!


Also to the guys at samsung who chose to fit a low quality sensor while a high quality sensor costs about 20euroct (retail)- they must make a hell of a saving there....

- unknown
Fixed: 510. Tape and drill

Drilled a hole through the waste toner slot to permit the sensor light to shine through. Sealed slot with a piece of cellophane tape. "Ready"
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The black lever being referred to in other replys opens a light that reads through your toner cartridge. If you empty the cartridge, then clean the 3/8" x 1.5" chamber by reaching in with tissue paper or paper towel, the light will shine through and show the waste container to again be empty. This is found just under the left toner hole as waste container is facing you with the clear side up.
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I had the same problem with my CLP-550. I cleaned my tank out including giving it a good washing but that didn't seem to help. After coming here and learning about the senser I was able to stuff a half sheet of paper towel (dry) into the bin and fold it into the area of the bin that protrudes. Once I had it stuffed in there pretty good I was able to move it back and forth to give it a good cleaning. I pulled the paper towel out and everything works now.
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Ok. So I've owned this printer for 1 year. Figured out on my own how to clean it out, etc. That worked for a year. Now nothing seems to work, including cutting off the plastic tab. Is it true that Samsung will replace the sensor for free? They claim to know nothing about it. Also what proof would they need since I don't have the receipt anymore?

Ideally I'd like to just replace the sensor myself if I can since my wife, who won't think of checking toner waste levels, uses the printer and I do have a spare waste tank that doesn't work either :-)

by lalith on Aug 18, 2006 at 7:45pm Add comment
I've tried a lot as well (cleaning etc). Finally I've made a hole (didn't work), removed the bump (led light can't see any dirt anymore) and sealed the slot with a piece of cellophane tape. What was the problem?

I called the service desk in The Netherlands and they told me that indeed there is a design problem. My printer (and many others) has a "weak sensor" (see pcrmike 2/6/06). A little dirt (toner) stops printing and the error message pops up. The sensor is replaced (for free, under guarantee because my CLP510N is 6 months old) and my printer is running again.

Of course I need to check regularly when my waste toner tank has to be cleaned.
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Hi Cliff,
Where did you get the sensor from and what do you ask for? I'll gladly pay for it and waste time figuring out how to solder or whatever it takes to get it working. Seems a darned shame to dump the printer because of this.

by lalith on Aug 29, 2006 at 6:29pm Add comment
I just fixed my CLP-510N by short-circuiting the black IR reciever inside that switch.

To get to it:
0 - Pull out the power plug!
1 - Open the front and remove the waste toner cartrige.
2 - Remove the paper tray.
3 - Open the hatches. It is a four-step procedure depicted on at least two places. Flip out one, shove it down, push the button and open the other.
4 - Remove the two screws holding the upper cover. Flip it off.
5 - Unscrew the two top screws that holds the front bezel. Then there are four upper screws and three lower down.
6 - You need to bend and pry a bit to get the front bezel off the lower corners. It also needs some mild violence to get on again later.
7 - Unscrew the sensor housing to the right. You need to bend and pry a bit to get it off the hooks.

8 - There are two diods in the housing: one is clear and marked Diod TX (transmitter) and the other is black and marked Diod RX (reciever). Just short-circuit the two cables to the black one in any fashion you like. I put a small blob of solder on the pins on the back side.

9 - Reassemble the printer in reverse order.
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I have a CLP 510n. It has worked fine for over a year now. It recently started to leave spots towards the left hand side of the page. The text immediately around the spots or clump of spots is noticeable lighter in color. These spots are only black in color. They even appear when printing a blank page. Has anyone seen this before?
by jeffsu28 on Oct 1, 2006 at 3:36pm Add comment
Sorry, I posted this in the wrong forum. Please disregard.
by jeffsu28 on Oct 1, 2006 at 3:43pm Add comment
The red and blue wires together is a good fix, just be sure to check it every time you replace the toners. I have been test-running this on about 20 f the machines, and all OK so far. I have seen a lot of things occur on different models, but still all in all, a machine with one annoying glitch is better than one with a hundred minor glitches. :-)PCRMike
by pcrmike on Oct 2, 2006 at 12:14pm Add comment
Does someone have a visual site depicting how to "Short" out this sensor? I can do it if I can see what it looks like. I would feel more confident if I could follow along with something. I am pretty pissed at samsung. This is my 3rd printer from them (The other 2 from the ML series) those both worked, and continue to work, wonderfully. I mostly bought this printer due to it being color and duplex, but with it non functional I feel like throwing it off a cliff :(

Thanks a lot!
by Anonymous on Nov 16, 2006 at 11:15pm Add comment
email me or call me at 501-368-8324 and I will walk you thru it. :-)PCRMike
by pcrmike on Nov 21, 2006 at 7:49am Add comment
Hi all, Have the same problem as all of you but based in the UK. Have had the printer for two years without a problem before this message about waste toner. I got a new tank which ran for two weeks before the message popped up again to say it needed replacing and the message will not go away at all now. I have thoroughly cleaned the tank and no joy, tried to fix something over the back of the small section which the sensor reads to prevent any dust getting in but still no luck even though it is clear and clean. Phoned Samsung. They quoted just over £100 sterling for call out and fix. I told them I would rather put that amount towards a new printer! Have just ordered a new sensor at £12.
Notice that if the little black lever is held up that the printer will say ready. I am really hesitant about removing this lever. Would welcome any advice on doing something to the lever or putting in a new sensor.(which of course will come without instructions!) Thanks! - Anonymous
It is unfortuate so many people are having the same problem, that includes me. I have the CLP-510 model and I am getting that stupid "waste toner error".

I am trying to digust all the possible solutions being discussed here, but I am so lost in implementing any of the suggested options.

Which one is more recommendated? Personally, I don't want to "break" any part.

I need help ... PLEASE!
by unknown on Nov 29, 2006 at 11:34pm Add comment
I just came across this thread through a google search. I have a CLP-510N now for about 2 years. It has been working very reliably so far. I have cleaned out the waste toner cartridge every now and then which kept the printer going. However, lately it has become much more difficult to keep the printer running. The last few times the waste toner cartridge was not even 1/5 full when the warning came on. AT this point I had very little waste toner in the bin and it is impossible to keep the printer going even after thorough cleaning. I fear that my printer has all the symptoms of a "weak sensor". In reviewing this thread many people have asked about where you can get a replacement sensor. I would very much like to see an answer for here in the US since I'd prefer to replace it rather than to just shorten it out which has also been suggested.

Thanks in advance for any pointers, Alex.
by alex-a on Nov 30, 2006 at 3:47pm Add comment
I used a bit of blue tak to hold the lever up.
by Anonymous on Dec 2, 2006 at 7:23am Add comment
I dumped the toner into the trash, washed the cartridge a few times with hot water and Dawn dish detergent in my back yard, and rinsed well. It came out looking like new. I used a can of compressed air in the printer to blow out any toner dust in the area, especially in the region around the sensor that everyone mentions. I then replaced the cartridge after it dried which took a few hours sitting in the sun in my backyard.

Reinstalling the cartridge can be a problem. Despite my recycled cartridge being like new, I still had the Replace Waste Cartridge error. To make a long story short, I believe that I was not seating the cartridge properly even though everything seemed to go back in place. The tab on the cartridge pushes the black switch out of the way of the sensor. These two components form an interlock to prevent printer operation without the cartridge installed. If they are not aligned properly, the printer does not know the cartridge is in place.

I can't address the weak sensor problems but this dump, rise, dry, and replace method worked for me.
by Anonymous on Dec 2, 2006 at 9:36am Add comment
You can usually call 1-800-SAMSUNG for the part, and they will even look it up for you. If you prefer, you can order # JC96-03234A and that is a complete sensor assy. Probably not over $20 if you have to buy it. :-)PCRMike
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quick fix- drill 3/8" hole in waste cartridge sensor detecton area. put Clear shipping tape over holes (may have to replace occasionally) - i used 3m
by matrixdev on Dec 13, 2006 at 9:31am Add comment
That works sometimes too. THe prob is the sensor gets progressively weaker. :-(PCRMike
by pcrmike on Dec 13, 2006 at 12:14pm Add comment
This is just a quick feedback to the forum about my progress in replacing the LED sensor assembly.

Thanks to PCRMike's posting of the part number I was able to buy the whole assembly from samsungparts for $16.65. I spent yesterday afternoon fixing the printer. If I had known what I got myself into I probably would have stuck with the easy fix of shorting out the two LED wires. But anyhow, after a couple of hours of finding my way through the printer I was able to print again without having to stand by in person lifting the little tab. This is what I had to do:
- Remove the front cover,
- remove the roller assembly just below the top cover (I removed the top cover, too in order to get better access, but that was probably not necessary),
- remove the cover of the wiring channel,
- remove the back cover of the printer,
- pull out the wiring assembly which includes removing both diodes and the position sensor in the front and the plug in the back,
- thread the connector of the new assembly through the wiring channel and plug it into the appropriate place on the main board, fix the LED assemblies and the position sensor in place, and
- reassemble the whole printer making sure that we don't forget any screws.

My situation was complicated by the fact that the printer had complained about needing a new transfer belt and imaging unit before even though it was still printing. After everything was back in place it now insisted on a new transfer belt and imaging unit in order to print. I had bought a new transfer belt earlier last year in anticipation of this and replaced it, too. However, I didn't quite see the need to replace the imaging unit right away, and used the internal maintenance mode to reinitialize it (thanks to another poster on this forum for pointing that out).

Best regards, Alex.
by alex-a on Jan 1, 2007 at 6:34am Add comment
Congrats! Good post on the procedure. :-)PCRMike
by pcrmike on Jan 3, 2007 at 1:22pm Add comment
I share the frustration and the criticisms expressed, as well as the experience that Samsung is unwilling to acknowledge the serious defect of the printer.
by unknown on Jan 12, 2007 at 1:03am Add comment
I've just fixed my CLP-510n using the instructions from Michail. Excellent work Michail, thanks!

I tried all of the shortcuts first - cleaning the window, washing the toner bin, foil, etc. None of them work for more than a day or two. There are no shortcuts - use the instructions from Michail to short the black diode, get a new sensor from Mike and follow the instructions from Alex-a, or try to get Samsung to replace it for you.
by unknown on Jan 24, 2007 at 9:15am Add comment
I just cut a piece of drinking straw and made a tube from the diode to the sensor. The waste toner tank went in the trash months ago. The straw has made it possibble to print without keeping the printer / sensor in direct sunlight. A 110 watt spotlight will also trigger the thing.

Once a month drag printer outside and blow the toxic dust away with a leaf blower.

Also helps to mount the printer over a plastic tarp to catch the toner.

Funny, none of this stuff was in the CompUSA brochure...
by unknown on Jan 30, 2007 at 3:29pm Add comment
I just cut a piece of drinking straw and made a tube from the diode to the sensor. The waste toner tank went in the trash months ago. The straw keeps the dust off the sensor and diode. It has made it possibble to print without keeping the printer / sensor in direct sunlight. A 110 watt spotlight will also trigger the thing if you clean the sensor with a q-tip.

Once a month drag printer outside and blow the toxic dust away with a leaf blower.

Also helps to mount the printer over a plastic tarp to catch the toner.

Funny, none of this stuff was in the CompUSA brochure...
by unknown on Jan 30, 2007 at 3:31pm Add comment
Um, blow the waste out with a leaf blower? :-( PCRMike
by pcrmike on Feb 4, 2007 at 4:09pm Add comment
Clearly this is a poor design that Samsung is not acknowledging in good faith and correcting. Anyone know a good lawyer that will take on a class action lawsuit against Samsung. Add me to the list of people with this problem, if you do.
by jlpember on Feb 12, 2007 at 7:59pm Add comment
Great posts everyone. On my 2nd 500 series printer, 1st one was a 500, and when that sensor failed (exactly 2 days after replacing all $450 worth of toner) I took it back (yeah for extended warrenties) only to find out the only one I can replace it with is the 510N (which uses different toner cartriges) now on my 510, same replace toner cartridge message. (I have just bought new toner again, is that irony??)

tried a couple of the easy fixes on the 500, until I broke the little lever thing off trying to get tape and whatnot around it. This time I went straight to the crossing of the wires. Was nervious about it at first, until it was all apart, everything that was explained, was there in front of me plain as day and easy to do. Thanks much everyone, and good luck~!
by jjk on Feb 13, 2007 at 1:45pm Add comment
jjk, if you still have your old 500 toners, and want to use them in the 510, I can get you a set of chips for that. It runs $20 for the set, and you can put them on pretty easy. Let me know. :-)PCRMike
by pcrmike on Feb 14, 2007 at 12:01pm Add comment
drat, I left the new ink with the old printer when I sent it back. - Anonymous
Just a quick one to say thank you to people for the help I got from this page. I'm a bit scared to try anything technical (a - it's a work printer, and b - technology's not my strong point!), so I've wiped the inside of the toner tank with a tissue where the sensor is, and it seems to be working fine. Fingers crossed... :).
by unknown on Feb 19, 2007 at 7:06am Add comment
Good for you, Ilona. Need anything else, you know where we are. :-)PCRMike
by pcrmike on Feb 19, 2007 at 10:23am Add comment
just to let you all know, the advice was great, but ive spent 3 hours on my clp 500. ive cut my hand and ran out of patience and smashed the printer to bits in a rage. A very poor show samsung, a crock of crap, you should be ashamed to put your name to it.
by Anonymous on Feb 21, 2007 at 6:05am Add comment
I was so happy to see there was some type of help other than Samsung 's so called help. After spending the amount of money I had to on this piece of garbage and not being able to afford a new one, I am cautious about tearing apart the electronics in the printer. A couple months back I ran into the waste toner error message and followed the cleaning of the "bump" and sensors until I got the green light go ahead. After not a lot of printing and a little layer of dust came into the printer the error message came back again. I was going to try the aluminum foil trick but after fumbling around with the tin foil, I thought of something that I would like to share. You can buy a roll of tape (somewhat expensive at about $7 US) at any Home Depot etc type store. The tape is used for fiberglass heating ducts and is "metallish" in appearance. It is heat resistant and will not degrade under heat. So instead of the aluminum foil I put a piece of this tape from the bottom of the bump to the top after cleaning the waste toner/sensors and getting the green light. I am hoping that this will better seal off the bump from dust not only falling into but rising up from underneath. Aside from the sensor getting weak, I'm hoping this will last longer after more prints. Thanks to all who post to these forums which help people like myself get a little extra life out of such a poorly designed product. I will NEVER by another Samsung again.
by Bellyhorse on Feb 21, 2007 at 9:57am Add comment
And all this from a $10 sensor. guess you couls get an HP with a fail-o-matic fuser that runs $200 to replace every time. It is a snafu that can be fixed. The sensor is cheap, the replacement reliable, and not too hard to fix. Sorry to rant, but I service over 50 of these on teh field and own several. I also service HP and others as well. The Sammy is still the best one of the lot. :-( PCRMike
by pcrmike on Feb 23, 2007 at 7:29am Add comment
And all this from a $10 sensor. guess you couls get an HP with a fail-o-matic fuser that runs $200 to replace every time. It is a snafu that can be fixed. The sensor is cheap, the replacement reliable, and not too hard to fix. Sorry to rant, but I service over 50 of these on teh field and own several. I also service HP and others as well. The Sammy is still the best one of the lot. :-( PCRMike
by pcrmike on Feb 23, 2007 at 7:29am Add comment
EASIEST FIX: Do NOT touch sensor or electronics... simply take out the waste toner container, put in in a trash bag and shake the toner out.

Take a flat screwdriver or xacto knife and score around the edges of the "bump" then take needle nose pliers and bend and twist and the "bump" will snap off relatively cleanly on your score line (albeit in pieces). Then just tape over the hole with clear packing tape, duct tape, whatever!

Simple... it works fine, just remember to check and empty the container every so often!

Why didn't Samsung act more environmentally responsibly and just have a message to empty the waste toner container instead of making us buy a 7 dollar new one?
by unknown on Feb 23, 2007 at 1:37pm Add comment
GREAT, SIMPLE SOLUTION, CincyGuy. This one ABSOLUTELY WORKS, took VERY LITTLE TIME, and didn't require any re-wiring, soldering, etc. GOOD SHOW!!! - Anonymous
Do you know what is in the toner? You empty it into an unsealed bag, which goes to the trash, same as a waste bottle would. Besides, they learned a long time ago that different rates of coverage mean different rates of filling the bottles. Also the lesson learned by thousands of copier and printer techs around the world. Customers do not always do what they need to do when maintaining their printers. I have customers who recieve a toner and a waste bottle and NEVER change the waste bottle because it is not equipped with a sensor. THe instructions are clearly marked, but they ignore them. The concept was good in what they did with the sensor, it was the execution that stinks. Not all users are as cognitive of their machine as you are. Good find. :-)PCRMike
by pcrmike on Feb 27, 2007 at 7:10am Add comment
Q-Tips, bent coat hangers and all sorts of queer answers...
How about this. empty the waste toner cartridge, a dash of liquid soap, half fill with hot water, then shake and empty it, rinse with clear water, get your hairdryer into one of the openings till completely dry..voilla ..fertig ist die Laube...
Why always so complicated.
all the best from Germany
by play-j on Feb 27, 2007 at 9:39am Add comment
Danka. That is exactly what I told them to do. :-)PCRMike Auf Viedersehen.
by pcrmike on Mar 1, 2007 at 2:11pm Add comment
Found this on the web...

Allows you to refill the toner and replace the chip as well...

by Anonymous on Mar 3, 2007 at 5:28am Add comment
Hi..Having read all the fixes mentioned..I simply took out the tonerwaste bottle and poke a power washer through it let it dry and using some tissue paper clean the "Bump" inside and out ..wiped the sensors with lint free cloth and ..YO..fixed
by unknown on Mar 16, 2007 at 1:54am Add comment

just to let you know.

I've finally decided to get it fixed the "correct" way.

I ordered the replacement part, and changed it.

Well, now that I know, what had to be done (which I did), I won't start it over again. A least it works now.

Just for the comprehension, to change the parts as it should be, you almost take the whole printer apart. Sorry, but I did not think about taking pictures when I did it. Next time (hmmmm) maybe.

Best regards

by marsu211 on Mar 21, 2007 at 3:45am Add comment
A warning to all of you who think you have it licked with the quick and easy approaches. I have the CLP-500 which pre-dates the 510 but as far as i can tell is almost identical. it has run well except guessed it, this #$\%&*@ problem which has come up repeatedly. I replaced the toner bin first, about a year ago, even though it didn't seem full... Then I worked on cleaning out the projection because clearly the bin was not full enough. Then I finally cut out the projection with a hacksaw, taping over the hole with some duct tape. Those all worked for a while.

Now I am down to having the front cover open, the little toggle switch taped up and a sandwich baggie taped around the toner waste hole to catch the dust. Because NOW EVEN TOO LITTLE LIGHT will bring up the errror message. Literally a shadow passing in front of it will bring it down. Or not having both lamps in the room on... soon i will be shining a spotlight on it...anyway, expect it to get progressivley worse over time when the powerwash and leafblower approaches won't work....

I recently emailed pcmike about doing the wire shorting route although I might try to replace the sensor. I hope to solicit his advice on it. i am not too technically minded so I hope it's simple enough to fix--I get the feeling from some posts it is not simple.... if I hadn't just bought replacement toner, i'd junk this damned thing. Arghh!
by hikingguy on Mar 26, 2007 at 2:48pm Add comment
Hikingguy, I reached the same conclusion as you after trying many of the suggestions on this forum (I never got out the leaf blower though). I shorted the diode per the instructions from Michail and never had another issue. It really wasnt very hard - it probably took about a half hour using a screwdriver and a soldering iron. The instructions from Alex-A are nearly identical and targeted at replacing the diode - this eliminates the need to solder anything. I think that you will be happy if you did either. Good luck. - Anonymous
Glad to hear the success. Try it out, see if it works for you. I am just back from vacation, and am sorting thru all the emails, so I will reply to yours very soon. :-)PCRMike
by pcrmike on Mar 26, 2007 at 4:22pm Add comment
Success! I followed the instructions for shorting the two wires as described by Michail and it worked. Had a bit of trouble getting the front cover back on as it did take a bit of "mild violence"--and some swearing--to get to it to cooperate. Instead of soldering the wires, I asked PCMike what the options were and he suggested just stripping some of the insultation off of the two wires running to the black diode and twistng them together and taping with electrical tape. Put it all back together and the printer is up and running again. No sweat (some swearing, but no sweating). I think I found the permanent fix! Now I just have to check the toner bin every so often to make sure it isn't really full.

Hopefully this is the end of two years of hassle with this problem. Michail's instructions are fairly straightforward but if you are a non-techie like me, operating on your printer can be intimidating.
by hikingguy on Mar 28, 2007 at 12:41pm Add comment
Congrats! Good job! Need anything else, let me know! :-)PCRMike
by pcrmike on Mar 28, 2007 at 3:32pm Add comment
At first I did like hikingguy did and it works great. Then another thing made me fix some on the warranty and then they changed the diodes (the whole package). Now everything works and if you don´t have any warranty left I would recommend hikingguy solution!
by unknown on Apr 17, 2007 at 4:29am Add comment
if you've got warranty left, by all means do that. If you want to order and replace the diode, pcmike lists the part number somewhere above. But shorting the wires out as described does fix the problem--other than having to manually check the bin occasioanlly for fullness. but if you startt with an empty bin, no worries for along time (unless you print hundreds of pages a day). It's not that hard and not too many parts to remove. Less than a dozen screws to remove the covers etc. The only hassle is getting the one cover back on which takes some perseverence and a little "mild violence". - Anonymous

This is what you will need to fix this error, you will need a new Tank or wash out all the toner residue with liquid soap and water until it is clean. This sensor will pick up the lightest dust in this tank and will not allow you to print thinking the tank is full. This is certin fix you will have to use liquid soap because water alone will not clean the toner out of the thank, if this work please let me know thanks.

by Anonymous on Apr 29, 2007 at 4:51pm Add comment
Hey, "Anonymous", there is also a situation with the sensor itself. Usually the weakness is a sign of the failure coming on soon. You are right, though, the liquid soap is needed. You can bend around a Q-tip to clean inside the window too. :-)PCRMike
by pcrmike on Apr 30, 2007 at 7:36am Add comment
Same problems for me as in the title. How did I fixed it:

First I have washed very well the tank. Even used some alcohol. The problem still persisted. The sensor is covered by a movable black plastic piece (see on others photos) - and when you insert the tank this piece gets out of the way. I have just added a piece of paper on the pushing part of the waste toner tank so it will be longer - and now is pushing the plastic part away better and the sensor has a better clearance. Everything is working perfectly.
by slyvip on May 15, 2007 at 12:30am Add comment
Wellllllll, the info was faulty to me, as the wholesaler I bought the first ones from had this info, but failed to tell me it was through THEM, and then two years later went belly-up about 3 months ago. I just found out the hard way. If you want to, you can fix it in about 10 minutes. Get a phillips screwdriver, a pair of sidecutters (snips) and a piece of electrical tape. When you are ready, call me at 501-368-8324, and I will walk you through it step by step. It is really NOT hard, just intimidating the first time, so a lot of folks have been calling for a bit of "handholding". :-) PCRMike
by pcrmike on May 15, 2007 at 12:42pm Add comment
Well is this a fine mess were all in!

Alex-A wrote:
"...I didn't quite see the need to replace the imaging unit right away, and used the internal maintenance mode to reinitialize it..."

How do I do reinitialize this?

Bellyhorse wrote:
"I will NEVER by another Samsung again"

before you say that outloud...believe me, there are worse!

if anyone knows how to 'reinitialize', please post!
by unknown on Jul 9, 2007 at 2:02pm Add comment
First clean out the toner waste bin, especially the nub part that the sensor reads through. I used hot water and soap, (probably should have done the vacuum idea), then q-tips bent in a u-shape. Then take a Kleenex and wipe the two sensor eyes (they get dusty too). One is under the black lever and the other is directly across. Air can spray will work too. Pop the waste bin back in, close the bin door, then open the toner door ALL the way, then close it. Should read 'Ready' This should do the trick, worked for me. If not the drill and straw idea sounds like it will work.
by Anonymous on Jul 11, 2007 at 4:08pm Add comment
GUYS, the following was posted by "Anonymous" on a CLP 500 thread and it is the best way to short out the stupid sensor.

"This avoids having to remove the front cover.
(1) Unclip and remove the small plastic access panel on the side to the left of the mains and data connectors.
(2) Remove the metal cover (two cross-head screws) now revealed - this gives you access to the motherboard.
(3) At the TOP of the motherboard is a row of white connectors. The second connector from the left terminates the wires coming from the waste toner detector assembly. It has two red and two blue wires coming out of it, and is marked (above, so hard to see) 'waste toner'. The left hand pair of wires goes to the infra-red transmitter, and the right hand pair goes to the sensor.
(4) To disable the sensor, simply short together pins 3 and 4 of this connector - i.e. the right hand pair of wires. I did this by pushing a short jumper (e.g. cut from a paperclip) into the back of the plug alongside the wires. You could equally well cut the right hand pair of wires and twist them together where they come out of the plug. I'd recommend leaving the left hand pair of wires alone though you could disconnect them if you like since the IR transmitter is no longer needed.
(5) Replace metal and plastic covers, et voilá!"

One "lesson learned" for idiots like me -- Anonymous says an alternate method is that you can twist the wires coming OUT of the plug. I messed up and cut them going IN, then twisted them together. Once I realized my mistake I used the paper clip method he mentions first, and it worked immediately!
Much thanks to all who've struggled with this and prcmike who is my new source of supply for everything he stocks!
by ScottAln on Jul 12, 2007 at 1:18pm Add comment
Glad it helped. :-)PCRMike
by pcrmike on Jul 12, 2007 at 2:11pm Add comment
Hold down ENTER key while turning on the printer!

EDC Mode - press access key

1x ENTER (I think)


Motor test - press RIGHT key and choose MAINTERANCE

by unknown on Jul 15, 2007 at 7:21am Add comment
awesome! thx Rato, it worked last and final problem is the transfer belt. How do i reinitialize this? Do i really have to replace it?
by Anonymous on Jul 17, 2007 at 10:24am Add comment
I just attacked my CLP-550n for the second (erm, sorry, third) time over this.

First time I ripped the little door off, cleaned the cartridge and all was good for about 10 months.

2nd time I replaced the waste toner cartridge and it was good for about 1 month

3rd time. I opened it up, found the sensor, but hadn't read this thread again about shorting the sensor. What I did was just move both the entire sensor housing, about 2 inches up and slightly left. There is a nice little hole in the plastic casing that it will force into, after you cut the hinge off. That way, the sensor is still there, still doing it's job, just not actually reading anything and there is nothing in the way.

Also, if you look at the sensor casing, you can see that the LED and the sensor can easily move and may not be aligned well. I crammed them to the bottom of their casing and slipped the wires into the little slot at the end of the casing. Stops them moving about.

This may not work if you have a weak sensor, but it's currently working for me. Now I just have to sort out the 'Invalid imaging unit' error.
by Anonymous on Sep 9, 2007 at 9:15pm Add comment
Just wanted to thank you guys for saving me!
Had an urgent doc to print out and courier and got this error!
I used the messy switch out and tank half on to get my printing done and when I came back I washed the tank making special care to clean out the "bump" with paper towel and a bent paper click to guide it!
So now it works properly!
by hbmd on Nov 22, 2007 at 6:22pm Add comment
Spam? :-( PCRMike
by pcrmike on Nov 28, 2007 at 7:35am Add comment
I have the Samsung CLP 510 printer. I am getting the waste toner error. I cleaned the tank out with soap and water and this worked for a few months. Now no amount of cleaning, poking or prodding will get this machine to print a page. I am not confident about unscrewing parts of the machine. What is a solution for a non-techie?

I am also now getting a message that I need a new imaging unit. Should I just run out and buy a new machine?
by gadgetjill on Jan 25, 2008 at 6:07pm Add comment
Had the same problem. My light would go green when my toner was out. Figured that the sensor was good. Tried cleaning but to no help. Finally, I tried one of the solutions from earlier. Just cut the hump that the sensor was reading with a fine hack saw and taped over it with duct tape. Works fine, just have to watch that it doesn't get to full,

Steve - steve1166
I know all about the waste toner messages - I've been dealing with the cleanings for quite a while. Now I have a new problem. When I clean out and replace the waste toner container, the message won't go away! It seems that the springs that it pushes against are not signalling. Any ideas?
by Teach17 on Jan 31, 2008 at 11:50am Add comment
CLP 550: Twice this filled up on me and both times I made sure that the container was good and clean. I blew it out with a standard air compressor. On the waste container there is a projected part of the cantainer that rides next to the black lever on the printer. Made sure the plastic there is CLEAN. It will work every time.

Bob B
by Anonymous on Feb 13, 2008 at 2:17pm Add comment
I have tried a number of the remedies that you all have suggested, and called the company, and the 2 best remedies i can think of for this piece of garbage printer is to either A) put it on ebay and sell it for 1 penny and tell everyone else not to buy a samsung product ever again, or B) put it in the trash on the curb with a sign on it that says please take if you want a headache!!!!!!!!!!!!! please give me your votes!!!!!!
by unknown on Feb 14, 2008 at 11:28am Add comment

Previous post by ScottAln (thanks!) that uses the rear panel access to the motherboard needed a couple of corrections. I actually bought the replacement part, but didn't want to pull the printer apart. The revised instructions are below ... works like a charm.

(1) Unclip and remove the small plastic access panel on the back of the printer (near the power and network connectors).
(2) Remove the metal cover (two Phillips screws) now revealed - this gives you access to the motherboard.
(3) At the TOP of the motherboard is a row of white connectors. The leftmost of these terminates the wires coming from the waste toner detector assembly (and others). It has 7 wires (4 red and 3 blue) coming out of it, and is marked (above, so hard to see) 'waste toner and exit' (or something close to that).
by unknown on Feb 20, 2008 at 8:34am Add comment

(4) Disconnect this connector. Be sure to note which way goes up before disconnecting. Access is a bit tight, but thin fingers and/or needle-nose plies can do the job.
(5) To disable the sensor, simply short together the 4th and 5th wires from the left (which go to the sensor). From left to right (looking from the back of the printer
at the correctly installed connector), the wires are R-R-B-[R-B]-R-B (R=Red, B=Blue, []=jumpered wires). I did this by pushing a short jumper (e.g. a "U" with about
1/8" legs, made from a paperclip). If the jumper is too long or is pushed in too far, it will deform the plastic of the connector, making it difficult and/or
impossible to reconnect.
(6) Reconnect the connector, replace metal panel, replace plastic panel. Done.

Thanks to all the previous posters, and to pcrmike for keeping things on track.

by unknown on Feb 20, 2008 at 8:40am Add comment

(4) Disconnect this connector. Be sure to note which way goes up before disconnecting. Access is a bit tight, but thin fingers and/or needle-nose plies can do the job.
(5) To disable the sensor, simply short together the 4th and 5th wires from the left (which go to the sensor). From left to right (looking from the back of the printer
at the correctly installed connector), the wires are R-R-B-[R-B]-R-B (R=Red, B=Blue, []=jumpered wires). I did this by pushing a short jumper (e.g. a "U" with about
1/8" legs, made from a paperclip)into the back of the plug alongside the wires. If the jumper is too long or is pushed in too far, it will deform the plastic of the
connector, making it difficult and/or impossible to reconnect.
(6) Reconnect the connector, replace metal panel, replace plastic panel. Done.

Sorry for the multiple postings ... had trouble with the interface.

Thanks to all the previous posters, and to pcrmike for keeping things on track.

by unknown on Feb 20, 2008 at 8:45am Add comment
Thanks Tom for your updated instructions, it works and even I can do this and that gives hope for everybody with this stupid problem. The container wasn't even 1/10 full and he already gave this "error" and even with a new container it would not work. I also tried the drilling and taping but it lasted only for a little while.
I hope your method solves it definitly.
Thanks again and also to everybody else for all the input on this problem.

ps: sorry for my English

Belgium - Anonymous
you can clean toner tank with dish washing soap and hot water .
And replace again will be work.. be careful when cleaning toner
waste tank..
by unknown on Feb 28, 2008 at 12:20pm Add comment
Tried cleaning, didnt work at all. I decided to just take that black switch off and fixed it up for the most part. Still need to make sure the hump is clean enough so it passes through all right.

Thanks for all the help.
by Anonymous on Mar 19, 2008 at 1:39pm Add comment
If you want to purchase a new sensor, you can buy it online from samsung parts using the link below. Or you can do a Part number search for JC96-03234A from the main site.
by BThompsonTX on Mar 31, 2008 at 11:55pm Add comment
Might be a "lego" problem, After getting the waste toner error out of the blue I removed the container to look it over. This printer is about 6 months old. On the back of the tank were two pieces of my grandson's Star Wars lego pieces jammed near the opening with two more pieces laying in the bottom of the well where the tank sits. Removed the Lego infestation and the waste error went away!
Solution...warned grandson not to play with the printer with threat of losing Legos for a while.
by unknown on Apr 1, 2008 at 7:02am Add comment
Hurrah! Problem solved!

I had the same error message about the waste toner cartridge, even after using a brand new waste toner cartridge.

Thanks to people who mentioned the black lever, I suspected that some stray toner dust was clouding the line-of-sight between the LED bulb and the sensor. I looked more closely and could see two slots on either side of that black plastic recess where the "bump" on the cartridge sits.

A simple cotton-bud stick is just small enough to push through the slots, and wipe the LED bulb and the sensor, and clear any toner dust on them. Now the error message has gone away.

In this case, no need for any surgery on the cartridge or short-circuiting the LED/sensor.
by Boreades on Apr 21, 2008 at 2:27pm Add comment
how can I manage it to do his work properly ?
m van gelder
by Anonymous on Jun 18, 2008 at 1:26am Add comment
Our techies decided that the best way to fix this problem is to saw off the projection on the waste toner tank and cover the hole with tape. We are using masking right now. This solution has worked for about four months - just set yourself a reminder to empty the wast toner tank at regular intervals and you'll be ok.
by Anonymous on Jun 18, 2008 at 5:55am Add comment
Modifying the toner waste tank did not work for me,
removing the sensor cover did not work for me,
cleaning the sensor did not work for me.

To fix this problem for ones and for all!!!!! i try to discribe it as simple as possible.

you need to access the sensor receiver unscrew and take it out, it is not easy but use little force.

at the back off the sensor receiver you will find a small board with black led device on it (receiver) and a small board with a clear led on it (the transmitter)

we will focus us on the black led!!!! turn your printer off and take the plug out off the net. then cut the wire and connect the two ends with each other. little tape around it to protect it and close everything as you openend it. plug the plug in net and see it works.

you have to watch the wask tank and remove it to replace it with new one. don't wash the tank because we have to protect our inverment for our kids. a new tank cost 12 dollarand 15 incl shipping.

this did it for me. good luck!!!!!! ;-)
by jeroenchen on Jun 24, 2008 at 5:53am Add comment
Great advice! Saved me!
by Anonymous on Jul 14, 2008 at 4:45pm Add comment
I don't understand why you don't just spend the 14.00 to buy the part to repair it correctly. No worries with the waste tank over filling...
by BThompsonTX on Jul 14, 2008 at 9:43pm Add comment
Thanks Dave

Your webpage was brilliant, simple, easy to read and understand. Am up and running after several months of not wishing to buy another part, I know tight git, but why the hell should we spend a fortune on consumables and waste toner bins when we can save money, and of course the enviroment, and top it all by saying Ya Ho Snubs to samsung.

All the best

by Anonymous on Aug 19, 2008 at 6:55am Add comment
I have the same problem with my CLP510 which is otherwise a great (but heavy) printer.

I took out the toner waste tray thingie and dumped it out into a plastic bag. Then I wiped it down with a paper towel and put it back in. It works for now, but I'm sure it will act up again.

I will try to wash it out with water and let it dry completely if that doesn't work, and escalate it from there (ie: breaking the sensor, rewiring the board, etc etc lol)

To be honest, I don't know where the sensor is, either.
by unknown on Nov 10, 2008 at 7:41am Add comment
I just fixed my CLP 510. I called samsung and they just told me to buy new waste toner container. I went to staples and office depot but they don't have one. I used hanger hook and put paper towel inside of toner tank. and clean up the bump area. I also used the tape to hold the sensor cover always open. Now it works great same as usual.

by unknown on Nov 24, 2008 at 8:36am Add comment
Damn, this deserves a class action suit. Isn't there a lawyer around here that wants to make some money. This has been a nightmare and I have two of these. Will try shorting the sensors.
by unknown on Jan 13, 2009 at 7:25pm Add comment
I have this problem with my Samsung CLX-2160N, does anyone else have it.

I have to take the tank out, shake in, put it back in, then it works

Problem is that the printer is less than a month old and hasnt really printed much

Any ideas on my model?

by unknown on Jan 16, 2009 at 3:16pm Add comment
I fixed my printer using the techniques above. Thank you all for the help. Also thanks for the reference to the xerox (samsung) pdf file which helped me take it apart.
by unknown on Jan 16, 2009 at 4:41pm Add comment
After cleaning the tank almost every day I just yank the sensor out, guess what it works great I have to be careful not to fill the tank up but you know what is worth it.
by Anonymous on Feb 1, 2009 at 6:42pm Add comment
I was having the same problem with my waste tank. I had emptied my tank several times and washed it out to clear the old toner, and it worked until recently. I took a can of compressed air and blew off the sensors and viola! Cleared the waste tank full error right up!
by Hub268 on Feb 9, 2009 at 7:08am Add comment
Believe me or not. Removed the waste toner tray and pointed a regular flashlight at the sensor reciever. It worked.
by unknown on Feb 9, 2009 at 10:14am Add comment
i had the same problem after i changed the waste tank. how i fixed it was to clean the sensor with a qtip and the unit started working fine.

by eodboyscout on Apr 15, 2009 at 3:00pm Add comment
Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting the information on this page. I had a full waste toner container (first time in over 3 years of using the machine) and I emptied it, but still had the error message. I used the suggestion to wipe the small section with a damp paper towel and finally the message is gone and I can use my printer again.

Of course, now the printer says I need cyan, magenta and yellow toner, but I can deal with that later.

You all are wonderful!
by Anonymous on May 14, 2009 at 1:46pm Add comment
I used Michail's method above, with the exception that I didn't short the wires, but taped the diodes end-to-end inside the front cover so they are continously linked.

Samsung's response when I asked them to fix a known defective part was to "Change the waste toner tank." Even after changing it and it didn't print I resorted to my own ingenuity to fix the problem.

Thank you all for the suggestions and ideas.
by unknown on Jul 15, 2009 at 2:55pm Add comment
Why are you people beating the shit out of your printers? You don’t have to cut wires, disable the LED or break off the switch. All you have to do is clean the waste toner container properly. When you dump it or like I do vacuum it there is still residue on the inside of the container and if the laser light can’t see through it still thinks the container is full.

If you take a garden hose or rinse it under the sink until the plastic container is clear again the laser can see through and it thinks it is a new container. Let the water drops dry before putting it back in your printer. THIS WORKS!!
by unknown on Sep 10, 2009 at 8:06pm Add comment
It works, the first couple times... Then sorry no cigar. I think other people have said that. Everything "works" the first time. If it worked. Why would Samsung do a recall for the printers under waranty - these poor folks purchase a new toner bag and it still didn't work. The LED sensor is defective. - unknown
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by nakshatraryp on Oct 10, 2009 at 5:16am Add comment
There is a problem with the waste toner sensor on many of these printers. They CAN get toner on them (which causes the same effect as the waste toner box being full/dirty), and they CAN and DO fail completely.

Ultimate test of the sensor is

Open 'front' door.
Remove waste toner box.

Look for the plastic 'flag' that is moved out of the path of the sensor when the waste toner bos is fitted.

Using a siutable NON CONDUCTIVE item, push this flag (gently) out of the sensor path. The sensor should now assume that the waste toner box is installed, and if it is working properly, should be able to 'see' that it is clear.

If the eror message "Waste Toner Full or not installed" remains on the display after a few seconds, the sensor is either dirty or faulty. Clean it with an artists paint brush being careful not to disturb its alignment. Repeat the test, if the error message remains, either the sensor is faulty, or if you are unlucky you have a fault on the main circuit board.

by printadocta on Oct 24, 2009 at 5:15pm Add comment
I wish i never bought this worthless samsung clp-500n .... Having a problem with waste toner bin full error - would like to know how ... There are hacks on the internet who sell them, but I have heard some mixed reviews. .... I had the same problem with my CLP510 and spent hours worrying over it


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by unknown on Dec 9, 2009 at 8:45pm Add comment
The fixes on the site work alright. I'd suggest just cutting the wires. There is a manual linked up somewhere in the fixyourownprinter comment list. That's what I did. Tried all the other tape and cleaning fixes - they all kinda work but after a while the eye is just dead. ALSO - fill your own toner. It's a good duplexing printer - aside from the toner thing.

Merry Christmas! - unknown
Samsung CLP 510 Waste Toner Error by tdub457 (2/20/08 8:40 AM)

For the CLP 550 short the last R B or 5 and 6 connect as described from tdub457 post.

I got it running thanks to all posters.
by Anonymous on Jan 19, 2010 at 7:10pm Add comment
I just wanted to note that now, in 2010, the same stuff that was posted back in 2006 still applies. You can still buy a new toner sensor part and install it, which I did. My CLP-550n took part JC96-02796A. And as others have previously posted, it's *hard* to do. After reading how others did it in 2 hours, I figured I could do it in 1, but nope. Took me 2 and a half hours. I must have blown 30 minutes trying to yank out the old wiring and snake in the new wiring before I realized that the channel the wires go through could be opened. By the time all was said and done, I believe I had about 40 screws carefully laid in piles all across my kitchen floor, with both side panels off, the metal enclosure on one side off, the top back plastic off, the top roller pulled out to the side, and the cover of the channel unscrewed.

The *only* good news about the fix (aside from that it worked!) was that I did *not* need to remove the green drum. Never ever touch that thing, as light ruins it. I'm very grateful that it was not part of the process.

Anyway, by replacing the part with a better sensor, I'm able to print again, and it will *accurately* tell me when the toner container is full. Works like new!

(But if I had to do it again, I'd just short the wires. The full fix was too much work.)
by unknown on Feb 18, 2010 at 2:06am Add comment

You the man! Go to the obvious - clean properly! Did what you suggested and the problem resolved like a charm. I remember this sort of approach when I used to fix my own cars many moons ago. Most problems fixed by doing a thorough cleaning.
by unknown on Mar 6, 2010 at 4:03pm Add comment

Really frustrated, just bought new toner tank and still getting the darn warning. When it prints it is great. On a Mac.

Anytips, I maintained a tank for years by cleaning it out, finally just bought one.

Thanks for all and any help
by agh on Mar 8, 2010 at 5:43pm Add comment
After more than 2 years as a dead printer, today I came across this posts.
Just shortcircuited the receiver (RX) with a thin wire and works again.
Thanks to all of you
by unknown on Apr 19, 2010 at 8:15am Add comment
After being frustrated with the toner error problem for years, decided to take the time to find what the problem actually was. I

acquired the service manual, not much help except for how to take the printer apart. No actual schematics, but it did show the

component layout of the main board and which connectors did what.

The problem is, when light passes through the waste tank (when not full), either not enough light reaches the sensor or the sensor is

not sensitive enough. It would not be right to increase the IRLED current as it is already on the high end. The other option is to

"help" the sensor a little, which is what I chose to do.

The infared led (IRLED) gets it's current from the printer 3.3 volt power supply through R136, a 39 ohm resistor. The LED current is

about 53 ma, which is in the ballpark and shouldn't be increased. The sensor, probably a phototransistor, is used in an "open

collector" mode. On my printer, the threshold is 3.029 volts. With the sensor blocked, the sensor voltage is 3.311 volts, without a

waste tank, holding the little black shutter up, the sensor voltage drops to 2.936 volts. The problem is with a new tank installed,

the voltage is marginal.

By attaching a 470K resistor (1/10 - 1/4 watt) in parallel with the sensor, the blocked voltage is 3.195 volts and with no

obstruction, the voltage drops to 2.845 volts. Using a 220K resistor, the voltages are 3.088 and 2.750 volts respectively.

With a somewhat clean, used tank installed, with a 470K resistor, the blocked and voltages with the tank are 3.198 and 3.009 volts.

Using a 220K resistor, the voltages are 3.089 and 2.907 volts.

Any value between 470 K and 220 K should work. I chose to remove the front panel, remove the screw attaching the sensor body to the

bulkhead, and pull the right device out which happens to be the sensor. I soldered a few inches of wire to each terminal (the blue

and red wires), brought it out so I could experiment with different resistor values. I literally taped the resistor to the front of the waste

toner tank. If my fix had not been experimental I would have soldered the resistor directly to the sensor.

My next task is after refilling the toner cartridges, have to determine if there are fuses that are replaced and blow when the new

cartridge is installed or does a memory chip have to be reset or replaced, another day.

Bottom line, a 220K - 470K resistor in parallel with the sensor fixes the problem.

by empirical technology on Jul 12, 2011 at 2:33pm Add comment
i've had this issue from time to time and cleaning the waste tank didn't help. i used a can of compressed air and sprayed both sensors and it fixed the problem. there are 2 sensors, one on each side within the little notch. good luck
by unknown on Jul 25, 2011 at 12:30pm Add comment
Please check other responses, there is indeed a problem with the circuit design, they have not set a proper threshold for their optical sensor. I found the simplest solution without actually making changes on the circuit board was to put a resistor in parallel with the sensor.

I've also cleaned the waste tank, even cleaned it with water. Cleaning the emitter and sensor isn't the problem either. By the way, there is an infared emitter and an infared sensor, not two sensors.

I realize it fixed your problem, but there is a design issue, check other posts -

Jim - empirical technology
Please check other responses, there is indeed a problem with the circuit design, they have not set a proper threshold for their optical sensor. I found the simplest solution without actually making changes on the circuit board was to put a resistor in parallel with the sensor. I don't recall the range of values, I recall it was about 200K to about 470K.

I've also cleaned the waste tank, even cleaned it with water. Cleaning the emitter and sensor isn't the problem either. By the way, there is an infared emitter and an infared sensor, not two sensors.

I realize it fixed your problem, but there is a design issue, check other posts -

Jim - empirical technology
easy for you to fix the printer using service manual. i find cool website here its help your head ache....cheers
by ryanaveroza on Mar 15, 2012 at 8:22pm Add comment
easy for you to fix the printer using service manual. i find cool website here its help your head ache....cheers
by ryanaveroza on Mar 15, 2012 at 8:23pm Add comment
What I did was insert a rag inside the tank and clear out as much left over toner as you can. It worked for me. I guess the residue inside the tank blocked some kind of sensors.
by unknown on May 16, 2012 at 6:45pm Add comment
I don't know why no-one has figured this out yet. The simplest method of fixing this problem is cleaning the window. Steps to doing this easily are...

1) Dump the tank (toner) 2) Fill tank with ALCOHOL 3) Dump out Alcohol 4) Repeat as needed until clear 5) Allow to dry, Alcohol will evaporate quickly 6) Print
by unknown on Aug 28, 2013 at 3:38pm Add comment
Thanks for all the great comments. Gave mine a thorough rinsing with hot water then drained for a few ideas, working perfectly now.
by unknown on Mar 22, 2015 at 1:21pm Add comment

I pulled the waste toner container out, dumped out the powdered toner, rinsed it out and let it dry. Good to go!

by puffx on Nov 4, 2015 at 2:20pm Add comment