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LaserJet 4+ , grey streaks

My LaserJet4+ is making light grey vertical streaks. Sometimes there are one or two but other times up to eight. The streaks are a quarter inch to one inch wide. They are not lines as described in the manual as caused by toner drum scratches. I took out the toner cartridge and shook it and things got better for awhile but now it is getting worse. The toner cartridge has worked fine for some time until now. Is this caused by a used up toner cartridge or a bad transfer roller?
If you see the streaks on the drum, then you have a failed wiper blade in the cartridge. That in turn is contaminating the transfer roller. You can't clean it as it is akin to a bad windshield wiper blade in your car.
by moe on Feb 23, 2006 at 9:24am Add comment
It could be the toner cartridge or the transfer roller. Check the transfer roller, if the lines on the roller is the same as on the paper, the transfer roller needs to be replaced.
by Lisette325 on Nov 30, 2005 at 7:31am Add comment
Folks we have to use logic to solve issues, not trial and error. I have posted this many times and if you put "half test" in the search critera you will come up with over 500 posts. You need to do a half test. This will narrow down the issue and tell you more. Lisette325 the transfer roller will not cause lines or vertical streaks if defective. It will cause void areas of print or image. To do a half test, put a sheet of paper on the manual feeder and do a self test. When the back edge of the paper is almost all the way in open the toner door to stop the printing. Remove the toner cartridge and look at the unfused image on the paper. If the defect is there, look at the toner cartridge drum at the remaining image. If the defect is there, the issue is the toner. If the image on the paper is ok, then it is the fuser. Your issue is 99\% the toner cartridge. Toner does not last forever and the fact when you shook it up it got better for a little tells me the toner cartridge is almost out of toner.
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Sorry, I did see the "half test" on the forum. I thought that the test would answer my question. However, I have to disclose my ignorance. I don't know what fused and unfused mean.
- GordonL
When the toner goes through the fuser it gets "fused" or melted into the paper through heat. "unfused" means you can wipe it off the paper.
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Update on the grey streaks. I conducted the half test. It looked as if the streaks were on every bit of the paper that had been printing on it. I concluded that is was the cartridge as suggested. I replaced the cartridge. Everything was fine for about 10 pages. Now I have the same streaks only worse. I condcuted the half test and it still looks as if it is a toner problem. Any further ideas?
by GordonL on Dec 9, 2005 at 11:47am Add comment
Is this by any chance a "remanufactured" cartridge you installed? Since the cartridges are a self contained unit and there is a drum cleaning blade that is supposed to clean residue toner, one can only surmise it was a shoddy rebuild job. They probably just dumped some cheap chinese toner in it and didn't want to spring for the extra few bucks to replace the wiper blade.
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Thanks Moe, I don't have the box for the cartridge. The red lable says XEROX P/N 6R903. It is made in China. I don't have any reason to beleive it was "remanufactured". It was a gift.

On my last print I noticed that there is "ghosting" in the grey streaks. I hope that is the right term for a faint repeats down the page of the printing at the top of the page. Does that validate your poor wiper blade theory? - GordonL
That is actually a new compatible cartridge that probably has been on the shelf for to long. Best thing to do is call Xerox (there should be a telepone number with the paperwork in the box) and tell them you just got the cartrdige and it is defective. They will send you a replacement and you only have to send the other one back with the prepaid ARS sticker in the box.
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I had the same problem with streaks and tested the printer as suggested further back. The test revealed that the problem was with the toner cartridge. It was a genuine HP replacement purchased through Staples about six months ago (I don't print that much either). The roller within the toner cartridge had toner speckled all over, not clean as it should be. Staples needed to be persuaded by the threat of a manufacturer's product defect to replace a 6 month old cartridge, but they did. My question is could a component of the printer be responsible for damaging the new cartridge? Now that I have a new cartridge I would prefer not to have a repeat failure. --Thanks - gg5842
Just noticed you do not have the box. Just call 1-800-TEAM-XRX Monday thru Friday 830AM to 5:00PM EST.
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I have the same problem, but with a real HP toner cartridge. It worked great for at least 2 years (I don't print a lot...) but now the streaks are appearing. I cleaned the transfer roller since it was contaminated with toner, and wiped off the drum as best I could. The same problem continues. What else needs to be looked at/cleaned?
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Found this thread, replaced the cartridge, and it worked.


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Keep in mind that just because the box is new and unopened, they haven't produced any of those cartridges in a couple of years. The wiper blades in that model cartridge are particularly susceptible to premature failure after sitting unused for a long period of time. Your replacement cartridge is likewise at least 2 years old and has the same chances of premature failure. The cartridges that are sold on this site are brand new, but they are all disassembled and have their wiper blades replaced as a precautionary measure. They are also a lot cheaper than what you buy them for in Staples.
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Streaks are usually the cartridge as posted above. Do the "half test" as posted above before wiping the drum. Thanks to all suggestions, but you can take the cartridge apart, clean the drum and wiper, and vacuum empty the overflow. Here are the instuctions. http://www.oddparts.com/ink/hp-4.htm

Part One
Separate the toner hopper from the OPC Drum holder by removing the two spring clip screws on the top with the screwdriver. Lift the spring clips out or pry them up carefully with a small flathead screwdriver. The two halves should easily pull apart. Set aside the toner hopper.
Take the OPC Drum holder. You will need to partially disassemble this section since it contain the waste toner. If the waste toner section is not vacuumed, blobs of excess toner will begin to appear on your printed pages.
Remove the OPC Drum by removing the two screws on which retain the axle. The screws are on the metal plate at the end of the OPC Drum. (Note that these screws are different from the other screws used in the cartridge). After the screws have been removed, remove the axle and then the OPC Drum. Set the OPC Drum aside on a towel and cover to protect from light.
Now, remove the PCR and place on a towel. You may gently wipe the PCR clean with a soft cloth or towel.
Next, remove the wiper blade by removing the two retaining screws. Check the wiper blade for damage and clean very gently with a soft cloth. Always replace the wiper blade when you replace the OPC Drum.
Carefully vacuum out the waste hopper.
Clean the metal contacts which hold the end of the PCR with a cotton swab if coated with toner. Use alcohol if particularly coated.

Reassemble the OPC Drum unit.
Put the wiper blade back in place.
Put the PCR back in place.
Put the OPC Drum back in place.
Cover with a towel to prevent light damage to the OPC Drum

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So, if you have streaking windshield wiper blades, just clean the windshield and wipe the blade and you're good to go. Of course that doesn't work and neither will the procedure outlined above. Only way to fix the streaking is to replace the wiper blade.
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Thanks to all who posted and esp. to moe for your expertise, your ´half-test´ proved informative and I switched the cartridge and things are working great. What a great site.

David - unknown