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Brother Brother MFC 9870

Brother mfc 9870 Error code?

Hi chaps, im working on a brother mfc 9870 and its giving me "machine error 76" whats all that aabout then?
Best wishes .
Heater harnass disconnected or broken (it's a fuser error).

Try to reset your machine in maintenance mode:
menu * 2 8 6 4 (within 2 seconds)
91 and then 99 to exit service mode.

If it doesn't clear the problem than you have a problem with the fixing unit. Most likely the thermistor or a blown lamp.
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Cheers bud, back in work Monday, ill let you know how I get on.
Again many thanks.
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I tried the solution above and it still would start printing then the paper would get stuck..and then the error message shows.

What should I do?

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Thanx Chaps! (Again!)
Had to go out to a customer with a Brother MFC-9750, error 76.
Thought I would read up here before going out. Found out it was a fuser error. Checked their fuser out, everything tested out okay but still got error 76 & 78 after doing reset. Guessed Thermistor. Returned with new thermistor (same as the 1200 series by the way) Part No. BROUL8902001. Fitted then reset using, "Power on while holding menu/set. key in 91, then key in 99 to exit" I think I had to power off but it was fine after that. Good as new!
Hope my 2 pence helps as well . . .
Dazz UK
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Hi dazz,
Can you help me? We have a brother 9870 reading error code 76. I've read your diagnosis on line and have taken a look at our printer but can't locate the thermistor. I'm a TV/audio engineer, definitely not a printer expert but have been asked to 'take a look' by my manager. Could you tell me where the device is located and also, really showing my ignorance now, what is a fuser?

Best regards
Dave Maycock

- Davemay
Hi Dave,
The fuser is the heater section which fuses the toner onto the paper using heat & pressure. It is not easy to get to on these units but as you are technically minded you should manage.
Try doing the reset first, if this doesn't cure the problem, get the screwdriver out! You basically need to take all the covers off. The fuser is situated at the rear of the machine. To take the scanner section off, disconnect all of the cables/connectors at the back, then there are 2 screws at the front, remove them and the top section pushes back or forwards (I can't remember) and lifts off. The rest you should be able to work out. To remove the fuser (when you get there) Large screw with spring on left side of fuser (looking from the rear of the machine), small screw on right (hidden), you will need to loosen the fan filter, remove large white gear, remove gear with metal support attatched to fuser. You will see what I mean if you need to do all of this.
Good Luck! But try the reset first!
Dazz UK
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Hi, I have a BRO MFC 9750, keeps coming up with Error Code 76. I have tried to enter the reset code as given (Menu 2 8 6 4), but it just gives multiple beeps when I get to 8! I am an auto engineer so this is really bugging me! I don't know if I am entering the code in a incorrect way?!? I simply pressed MENU, then 2,8,6,4 (but only got to 8!)


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It's menu * 2 8 6 4 . Or else plug out the power cord, hold down the menu key, plug in the power cord and wait till you get into service mode.
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I have brother mfc-9840cdw, unable to print error 32, please help, thanks
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Density sensor shutter performance malfunction

Check the harness connection between the
density sensor holder ASSY and registration relay
PCB, and the one between the registration relay
PCB and engine PCB. Then, reconnect them.

Check the harness connection between the engine
PCB and registration relay PCB and reconnect

Replace the density sensor holder ASSY.

Replace the transfer HVPS PCB unit.

Replace the engine PCB ASSY.
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I have the same problem (code 76 and 78 with brother mfc 9870) and the trick with 91 and 99 code does not work, so I wonder is it really as easy to fix yourself and if so how much does the required spare part cost? And if it is an acceptable amount where can I get / order this part (in the neigbouhood of amsterdam and / or should I order it online). And final question is the required part (for error message code 76 and then 78 indeed:
the thermistor - Part No. BROUL8902001 (apparently same as the 1200 series)


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ich habe das selbe problem (code 76 und 78 mit dem brother mfc 9850)und bin mir schohn sicher das der thermistor - also der temperaturfühler defeckt ist , meine frage wer wie erkenne ich den temperaturfühler , wie komme ich an ihn drann ich weis es nicht kann mir jemand mir es sagen (danke) ich weis das der temperaturfühler in (E-Bay)um die (8,-)bis (20,-)euro kostet
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I have tried almost everything and still get this message. Called Brother Tech support and no help.

Tried resetting the machine. Looked on the inside. Replaced the slightly leaking (OEM) black toner cartridge. Even got a new belt unit. The machine is out of warranty, but only has 5,000 copies on it.

What is wrong with Brother printers these days? I just have problems with them. Even the OEM cartridges seem to have defects. Seems like poor quality control.

The machine is very heavy to bring to a service center (I do not have a car and am in New York.) Am I better off with another brand of printer? Obviously would still like to fix this one.
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My Bro MFC-9840CDW started returning "Print Unable 32" error message. Consulted manual & turned off & back on, which worked the first time, but now I get the message frequently and have to OFF/ON five or six times to clear it. It also loses the doc in memory each time, very frustrating. I'm not too technically proficient, but can follow instructions if I know what part the words relate to. Anyone able to help?

BTW I recently had to clean up my machine due to leaky cartridges - could that be related to this?
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I wrote an illustrated technical note on "Print Unable 32":
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I registered for the sole purpose of thanking epalmer for his guide.
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