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Konica Minolta PagePro 1350W

I have a new PagePro 1350W and I want to refill the toner cartridges. I have a source for the correct toner, but I can't find any information on resetting the page count and toner level. The cartridge is full, but still says it is empty. The reminder message comes up with each page printed. Can anyone advise me how to reset the cartridge?
Actually, that's what I thought that forums were for. People to discuss similar issues and collaborate. Sometimes, we don't want to read, we want to intereract with someone that shares our problems and experiences. Loosen up your sphincter. Is this a forum or dictatorship. And, byt the way, I have searched your forum and I've found nothing pertaining to my particular printer. So you'll haveto excuse me if I don't feel like searching anymore

Printer: Konica Magicolor 2400W.
Status: Toners have been refilled, printing resumes
Problem: Statuses on printer have not been reset

by psi on Sep 10, 2005 at 2:02pm Add comment
I ordered a refill kit with chip from eBay, after installing toner & chip, the printer status screen is showing "Can't detect genuine toner cartridge", do you guys see this message on your printer? Is this normal? thanks.
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The chip on the cartridge has to be changed. There are two different ones on ebay 3000 and 6000 page limit. I used the 3000 chip and the printer is working fine. Where did you get the toner from?

virgil brooke
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The chip on the cartridge has to be changed. There are two different ones on ebay 3000 and 6000 page limit. I used the 3000 chip and the printer is working fine. Where did you get the toner from?

virgil brooke
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I've read about the chips, but I'm holding out for one I can reset each refill.
I purchased toner from, a site I have purchased ink from for several years and have had very good results. It runs about $15 for each refill of toner, if you buy 4 at a time and it appears to be a FULL refill as I had a little toner left over, so I'm guessing it should be good for 6,000 pages.
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What type of toner did you purchase from It seems to be much more than the $15.00 per refill, even when you buy 4. Also, how is the print quality now that you have done the refill? - Anonymous
How did you take care of the chip resetting problem. - Anonymous
I called them to insure I received the correct toner. The bottles are labled Epson, black 15-003 200G. The quality is great and the cost was around $60 for 4 bottles with the shipping, if memory serves. I don't recall the exact amount. If you email them, they will tell you exactly.
I found 6000 copy chips on E-Bay for $10 each by purchasing 4 at a time. The large bottles will provide more than that, but the cartridge will quit working before I run out of toner. If you go to there is a fantastic article on the proper way to renew the PagePro 1350W cartridge. If you follow the instructions, it should work as good as new. Mine has.
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I didn't. I found one that claimed to be resetable from a company in China, but you have to order 100 chips! They were about $3 each plus shipping, but I don't know about customs charges for something like that and certainly wouldn't want to get stuck with that many if they didn't work well, so I found a dealer on E-Bay that accepted my $10 each bid for 4 that are good for 6000 copies each. The whole scheme kind of stinks. Talk about planned obsolesence...
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Does anyone realize this is a self-help site? What do you think fixyourownprinter means? Does it mean postontheforumandsomeonwillholdyourhand? NO! There are links in the reference section of the site to all kinds of industry publications dealing with toner suppliers, chip suppliers, refill methods, etc. Does anyone even know there is a reference section? Do you people have to have everything done for you? Doesn't anybody know how to research anything anymore? Frankly, running this forum, I'm embarassed for the whole human race! Open your eyes people!
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I'm sorry if I have misused your forum. Please accept my apology. That was never my intention. I was merely asking some questions and answering responses, after having done considerable research. If I missed a relevent site, it was not for lack of trying. I don't quite understand your personal attack, when we were just sharing information. This site has been very helpful to me with 2 different printers I have nursed along. I appreciate the resource this site provides. If there are restrictions, I would expect them to be applied evenly, across the board as elsewhere I have seen far sillier posts than any on this thread. - Broncomaniac
Change your attitude Mo. This place is meant for people who NEED help, and by visiting here they ARE trying to help themselves. Ive used it on several occasions but this is the first time Ive experienced an attitude like yours.
Keep it up good people. Its the best site on the net for this subject. - Anonymous
Hi Anonymous, do you have the full copy of this article? The site just gives you the first few paragraphs, then expects you to pay a full years subscription to see the rest. Thanks! As to the forum admin, what is with you? I run a number of lists and can't understand your attitude. If you want to see a forum die, then you are going about it the right way.
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Hmmmm. Not sure what's up with that. I had to "register" as I recall, but did not have to pay anything to see the article.
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The cartridge has a chip on bottom that must be replaced to reset and validate correctly. Available in 5 packs only at approximately $9.00 each chip. Oasis Imaging - 888-656-9555.
by RMParker on Sep 12, 2005 at 1:00pm Add comment
They have a built in chip that slows the printer down until you a) buy a new toner cartrige, or b) replace the chip.

I just bought two refills and two chips on ebay for $40. Much better than $90 for on new toner cartridge.
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how to change the chip.whether its need to be changed by trained persons or can be changed by my self.chip can be fixed by just inserting or to be solder.plz help.
by prabu001 on Mar 27, 2007 at 1:09pm Add comment
The chip is easily replaced. It is held in place with 2 small screws. has a very good PDF file with instructions on how to "re-manufacture" the entire cartridge. Look around on their site for the link to that file. There is no soldering needed. Be aware, however, that refilling a toner cartridge can be a very messy job. Be sure you are working on a surface that is easily cleaned up. I had a very slight spill on our dining room table and it made a huge mess. Don't learn the hard way as I did. Take your time and plan all your steps before you begin. Read and re-read the instructions at these web sites. It is not a job for the faint of heart! :)
- Anonymous
I have been using my Konica Minolta PagePro 1350W for quite a while with a compatible cartridge with no problems. Recently I also started getting this error message (part of it):

verify that a genuine Konica Minolta toner cartridge is installed in the printer

The printer is printing fine except I have to dismiss the message after each print job. Any way to get this message to go away permanently and still use compatible cartridges?
by erick00 on Jun 10, 2007 at 5:59am Add comment
I forgot to add that I went into the Konica status window and disabled the "Can't detect genuine toner cartridge" message but the message still pops up anyways.
by erick00 on Jun 10, 2007 at 6:04am Add comment
This thread is old, but for future reference to those who come here on a google search...

In order to get rid of the stupid error messages, do the following:

1) Uninstall Printer drivers
2) download drivers from minolta site and unpack it to a certain folder (copy the directory so its easier later on when u have to paste it)
3) Dont install the drivers through the minolta driver installation. Instead, go to control panel, click add a printer
4) choose the option to select the location of the drivers (might be on after clicking next, where they ask u whether to check on windows update)
5)on the option where u can browse to a location (not the check cd or other source option), just paste the location u copied earlier. Or type it in manually, make sure its the right directory.
6) click next, and windows should find the printer drivers in that folder and install it.

This way, all your doing is taking the actual printer driver and having windows do all the print queuing (like it usually does) and by pass the stupid annoying minolta program.

The obvious negative aspect of course is not having to check toner levels, but thats a really annoying program that pops up all the time when windows stars, so i was happy to kill it.

Apologies if some steps are off, I dont use windows anymore. Im sure most of u will figure it out.

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I replaced the toner cartridge because lines and smears were appearing on every copy. I even tried cleaning the roller on the cartridge holder, but still have lines and smears on copies. Does anyone know what I can do to fix this problem?
by unknown on Nov 7, 2007 at 9:27am Add comment
The roller on the cartridge holder is actually the "drum." It has a special coating that allows the transfer of the image to the paper just before the fuser melts it into the paper. If you have cleaned the drum with the wrong cleaner, you may have damaged it. They appear to be VERY fragile. I put a small nick in mine while trying to remove a small fleck of toner that was stuck to it. I now have a little blot on every page. Look back through this thread and check the clean/refill instructions mentioned that are on another web site. They are very thorough and may help you solve your problem. Good luck! - Anonymous
I refilled my 1350W, but when I print, it doesn't print right. It is very light and outline-ish. can anybody help me?
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I got a 1350w for free...error light indicating toner out,AND the stupid Epson monitor telling me the same thing.I have plenty of HP toner carts to get carbon from-but I also had a box of Panasonic
KX-P455 toner refill that was going nowhere.What could I lose?

These refills fit the Model KX-P5400 and KX-P4400 Panasonic Laser printers.I through that 4400 out a LONG time ago.Anyway,I popped the caps off both cans and dumped (slowly) the carbon into the Minolta cart/drum assy.

It took a little while,but the error light went out.Probably 20 pages,by the way all printed perfect.

For you energy saving people-this unit can draw 8 AMPS from the wall,almost a THOUSAND WATTS,like a frikkin TOASTER !Unplug it if you ain't gonna print.

Thanks to the poster about using Windows to manage this printer-who needs a status report on Start-up?

Carbon Ingredients:
Styrene acrylate copolymer (25767-47-9)
Magnetite (1317-61-9)
Polypropylene (25085-53-4)

Google THAT stuff for a brain beating!

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I am trying to replace the toner cartridge on my printer and it doesn't seem to fit properly to close the door. Also the black plastic piece that is in the front has broken off, which may explain the problem or not. What can I do, and do I need to replace that black piece?
by unknown on Feb 9, 2009 at 9:11am Add comment

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I accidentally discovered an easier way of ignoring the chip and thus the stupid errors.
Go into Printers and Faxes. Change the name of the 1350W printer. I added "(OLD)" to the name. The KM software will pop up and tell you the name is invalid. Windows will now print directly to the printer instead of through the KM software.
by unknown on Mar 3, 2010 at 5:08pm Add comment
paper jammed. Does anyone know how this printer comes apart?
by unknown on Jun 7, 2013 at 5:44pm Add comment
Hey Akbka - you're awesome!! I applied this same trick for my pagepro1400w and it also worked.

If any of you are having trouble with the STUPID CHIP... and you don't know how to RESET the chip... and you don't want to purchase a new chip... to avoid end-of-life pop up message from Konica Minolta printers... just RENAME the printer... KM software will have a pop up with a warning... click OK and it works.

Seriously, i have been battling this problem on-and-off again with every new computer i purchase. Drivers, compatability, etc. I purchased new toner cartridge (actual KM factory cartridge) and for some reason the chip didn't reset. Perhaps i forgot to switch it out... but I am pretty sure i wouldn't miss a step like this. So it has been frustrating not to be able to use my completely full cartridge! Problem solved.
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