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Laserjet 5 faded print

Hello all,

I am troubleshooting a laserjet 5 that has faded print. I replaced the toner with a known working toner from my laserjet 4plus sitting here and although ever so slightly darker, it's still really faded with some slight banding as well. There is more fading down the left side than the right if that helps any...

The only other feedback I can provide is, this printer was filthy, used in a very dirty environment... lots of dust/dirt inside. I will have to go through and really PM this thing, but I don't think the dirt alone is causing this fading.

Thanks for any help.

PS - The front door that you can depress and lower for manual feed was also taped on. Can I buy a replacement here? anyone know the correct p/n?
As to the faded print the most likely cause is dirty optics in the laser/scanner assembly. Remove the top cover and the big black box in the center is the laser scanner. You will also have to remove the fuser and the exit assembly which is held by two plastic clips you just press. Removing the fuser makes it easier to remove and replace the eixt assembly. Clean the lens of the laser/scanner with a dry q-tip. You will also want to check menu settings to make sure economode is set to off.
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I will write the p/n for that door on monday if somebody doesnt have it for you already.

Economode has been the cause of faded print a few times for me.
Scan a print if you can and post it.. is it vertical white lines down the print?
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Here are those part numbers.

The MP door is: RB1-7886-000CN
The MP tray extender is: RB1-7885-000CN

The door is the outer.. well door.... the tray entender is the part that attaches to the door that allows you to set page width for evalopes for example. You can contact Moe to see if he can get these parts for you

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Thanks everyone, where is the best place to buy those parts?

Also, the print is definitely worse than just an economode setting, it's worse down the left side than the right. I am going to try a complete cleaning of the printer (it's the grossest dirty printer I have seen in a long time) and see how it goes.

IF that does not work, what would be the best next test? Pop the cover during a print and see if the image is solid on the toner drum? or is that old-school troubleshooting (I was LJ certified WAY back on the LJ II's and IID's, been a while for me).

thanks everyone!
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Cleaning the printer would be a good idea if you can. take off the top cover.. the side covers and remove the fuser.. if you have access to an air compressor thats going to be good for you ;) make sure you blow it outdoors or in a vented room as toner dust is not good for you!
Check to make sure transfer roller grounding points are clean.. and clean the scanner/laser asm if needed (i've never done that in my general maintenance.. but I am still learning) :)
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OK, I cleaned the entire printer today. I was able to remove the top, side, and rear covers-- removed the fusing assy too and really cleaned it out well.

One thing, I wanted to take the advice of cleaning the laser assy, I found the black-box laser scanner when I took the top off-- but it looks like in order to access the front of the laser you need to remove the rear registration assy. which I could not figure out how to do. It seemed like it wasn't super tight (almost as if if I squeezed the right way it might come off). I was unsuccessful.

Anyway, even after my cleaning (although not able to use the qtip on the laser as suggested) the print still looks the same, banded slightly on the horizontal, and fading-- mostly down the left side of the page (about a 1.5" veritcal white-spot very faded with the rest of the print on the page extremely light).

If anyone can help me understand how to access the laser to clean it, and if that does not work-- what would be the next thing to try (HV Pwr Sply?) I'd like to buy it here if I knew what to buy.

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With the fuser removed there are two plastic clips on the back near the bottom of the assby which you just press with a flat screwdriver and lift up and the unit will loosen up. You will have fiddle with it as it will not just come off, but wiggle up and down and left to right and it will.
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Not to confuse you, the removal of the fuser is only to make it easy to remove the exit assembly. The clips are visible with the fuser still in the printer. They are maybe 1 inch in on each side and a half inch up. Just press against each clip and you will see it move off the bar that holds it.
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