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HP2200 DTN. Bad EIO Card?

I'm having some issues with my HP2200DTN printer.

I think I have worked out the problem and was wondering if someone could help confirm the fault.

The machine is an HP2200dtn which has printed about 35,000 pages.

The problem is a networking one and not a print quality or feeding one. I think I have an EIO card that has gone bad.

The machine is on a network of mostly macs and the odd PC and has been working flawlessly since new. The other day it was working at about 9am and not at 10am. I tried some troubleshooting such as:

-powering it on and off
-changing cables and hub (the other machines network flawlessly and print to my other Xerox laser printer)
-soft resetting
-printing a self test configuration page.

The self test page shows the EIO slot as empty. I powered off, pulled the EIO card and re-seated it, powered on again and printed another self test page - still EIO empty.

The EIO card lights up both the '10' and '100' green lights when a network cable is inserted and so does the respective hub port. Up until now I had this printer on a fixed IP address using a router with DHCP, so I tried to ping its TCP/IP address and got no response. I then tried the printer on a known good hub, with known good cables and just one of the mac desktops (without fixing its IP) and still got nothing.

I then hooked up the 2200 to an ibook using USB only and the printer came straight up in the print centre and printed several pages correctly.

I looked at the archives section of this site and found an archived post from 10/07/2003 subject: HP 2200 DTN which seems to address the issue.

It seems from reading that post that I have either a bad formatter or EIO card. I don't have another 2200 that I can easily swap the EIO card out into and was wondering is there another way to pinpoint the fault?

Is there anything I can do to make sure it is not the formatter?

I looked at the PC board of the EIO card and the numbers are: 19 APR 00 J4169-80001.

Can anyone help me isolate the faulty component or let me know anything else I can do before I buy a new 615N EIO?

Any comments appreciated.


If the configuration page shows the eio slot as empty when a card is ion it that would usually indicate a bad eio card.

I would try a cold reset before replacing the card. This will reset thePrinter and JetDirect card to factory defaults.

Cold reset
Note This feature will set all system parameters to the factory defaults.
To perform a cold reset:
� Turn the printer power off.
� Press and hold GO.
� Turn the printer power back on and continue to hold GO until the Attention light turns on.
� Release GO.
� The device lights will begin cycling from front to rear. The cold-reset process will run until
completion and the device will go to the ready state.

You can buy those cards on exchange and save a few dollars.
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If you contact moe at this site, he has a couple of those 615 cards in stock.
by jon on Aug 1, 2004 at 9:18am Add comment
Thanks for the replies guys.

I've done a cold reset, still no dice.

I've also emailed Moe so I guess I'll hear from him in due course.

Thanks for your time though.


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Sam just so you know the 615 EIO card is very pricey. You can use the 600 EIO card with no problem or if you want order a inexpensive print server off of ebay and connect it to the printer via parallel port. Just a little advice because the 615 card is very expensive even in used condition. Just be carefull if buying one over the internet since some of the EIO cards are for token ring systems and sell very cheaply. You need the card which will do TCP/IP.
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Sam,You won't hear from me because I didn't get your email. Click on my name to send me an email.
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Thanks for the suggestions guys.

I have done some research on the EIO cards and the following appear to be the options:

600N card
610N card
615N card

The 600N EIO card (J3113A)is a 10/100 card with a 0.5MB/Sec throughput.
The 610N EIO card (J4169A) is a 10/100 card with a 2MB/Sec throughput.
The 615N EIO card (J6057A) is a 10/100 card with a 4.5MB/sec throughput.

There is also a wireless EIO card which is well outside my price range.

The 600N will obviously be a step backward so I am looking at the 610N or 615N. The 615Ns are indeed pricey so I might just opt for a replacement 610N at this stage. The printer has been way fast enough for me to date, so I'm not too concerend with any extra speed.

I have the option to print serve off my wireless router, but would prefer to have the printer back full time on the network, as the router and printer are not currently co-located.

I've emailed Moe and await the Guru's advice!

Thanks again for all your help.

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I have exactly the same problem. Check out this page: http://forums1.itrc.hp.com
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Why would anyone need to leave this forum for the solution when it's been covered before? http://www.fixyourownprinter.com/forums/laser/47177#5
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