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Hp HP DesignJet 4000

LaserJet 4000N & 4100N Service Manuals

I'm trying to find the Service Manuals for the 4000N & 4100N HP LaserJet printers, and having absolutely no luck. Would any one know where I could go to download one or both manuals? HP only has the User Manuals for download, and these are of no help. I'm specifically looking for help on how to change the 4 "Cassette Pickup D Rollers" (for the 4000 series, the part number is RB1-8957-00CN). Any and all help will be appreciated.
Hi, I need help with my HPLaserjet 4000N. When I print to it, it goes to Tray 1 & you need to feed the paper in. It used to print to tray 2. I need it to default to Tray 2 & don't know how to get it to do this again. Thanks!!
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My HP4100 says "output bin full" and remove paper from output bin. What do I do next as it doesn't print anymore, and the service guys are not coming....
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Where the paper comes out on the right side is a black plastic sort of square piece attached which I am sure is in the up position. Just gently press it down and the message should go away. If it will not go down, then the sensor arm flag has popped out of it socket and the top cover will have to be removed to reseat it. If it happens right away again you may want to tape a penny or nickel to it.
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Thanks a million, it worked, I fixed it.
Really helped a lot. Thank you. - Anonymous
You just pull the tray out and the rollers just pull off the shaft and snap back on. Be careful you don't knock the spring off. It can be difficult to get back on.
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There are 2 clips that release and allow the roller to drop down and out.

You will have a hard time keeping that spring on as mentioned.

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I've never, ever had to change the D rollers on the 100's of 4000/4100's that have gone through my hands. But...... there's always a first time.
Check your E-Mail, I'll send them to you.
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hey trev can u send me the hp laserjet 4100 manuals to me plz thx l8trz - Anonymous
Oh I forgot, you will need Acrobat Reader to view them. Watch out for an E-Mail from Yousendit.
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Trev is 100\% correct. Those D rollers never need to be replaced. If you are having pickup problems and have changed the pickup roller and separation roller in the tray, I would lean towards a tight clutch in the paprt tray. Easy to check. Just observe the paper movement from the rear of the printer. When a job first starts, the paper will move almost half way forward and stop for a moment and then continue when the print job is ready. If the paper moves forward and the moves back again, it is the clutch.
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Thanks, Trev, this is just what I needed. I'm maintaining several printers with anything from 300,000 to 600,000 pages printed and some of the printers are jamming every week and that's after changing the pickup and separation rollers. I will check the paper movement from the rear of the printer as suggested.
Again, thanks to all for the quick response and the Service Manual.
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A tip for the clutch, put the pointed end down on a hard surface and slide off the outer cover. Remove about a third of the iron filings (they are magnetic so it's fun), then replace the outer cover. The clutch should be easier to run.
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Trev....I was wondering if you would send me the manuals as well for the 4000n. also the 4050N if you have. It would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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Trev, Can you send me de guides also ? It would be fine ! Thx
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I can send you service manuals for most of HP printers via E-mail.
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Hey guys... Don't forget the most common problem with these 4000 series printers... It is entirely possible to overload the paper trays; if the paper is tight in the backstop, it WILL NOT feed...regardless of ALL new rollers. Otherwise, all the above suggestions will help.

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I badly need a service manual for the hp 4100 printer
please send to my email address. [email protected] - Anonymous
I need to replace a snapped coupler from the paper pickup drive assembly. Does anybody know the best way of doing this without a service manual. I wouldnt like to use brute force and ignorance
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Hi, this link does not seem to work. tried to go ther page can not be displayed. any other links would be apreciated..

thanks jay - Anonymous
Jason, it does come up, you just have to pay $2.50 to get it.
Which manual exactly are you after & why? Maybe I can help?
Dazz UK
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Am I missing something here? It's my site and I wasn't aware we were providing the manuals for $2.50. I guess I have to start attending those meetings. - moe
I need this manual too!
Where do I pay my $2.50? - Anonymous
Thank you very much to whomever sent me the link to download that file. I greatly appreciate it. If anyone else needs it let me know and i will gladly attach the file to an email. You can reach me at [email protected] Thanks.

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It was a site posted by "mspengle" but when I checked it out it said they are now charging $2.50 for each download. I did offer it to him (Jason) for free but seems like somebody got there first!
Not to mention some bloke in another post sending folk to his ebay site to buy drum reset procedures. Calls it a "kit" but from what I can tell, it's a fuse and the instructions! I did remind him that advice is supposed to be free on this site.
Dazz UK
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This can be a number of issues. First thing I would do is turn the power off and remove the network card. Now I would turn on the printer while holding the green button down until cold reset appears in the display and then release the button. When the printer comes to ready, you now want to try to print a config page from the information menu. If it asks you to load letter paper in tray 1 at this point, then the printer is not seeing the correct paper size in the tray, either because the tray switches are not sitting right or the paper size detect switches in the tray cavity towards the rear on the right side are not working right. Remove the paper tray and paper and move the sizing back piece all the way to the rear and then move it back to the letter marking. Now load with paper and put back in the printer. Now run the config sheet again and if it prints you should be ok. If it asks for paper in tray 1 put paper in tray 1 and have the report come out. Look at the config report and it should tell you what size paper it thinks is in tray 2. If it say exec which I have seen many times it means the detect pca board behind the metal pieces on the right side of the tray cavity has gone bad and needs to be replaced.
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For the manuals try a Google with free schematic.
This will lead you to a site with loads of service manuals. I downloaded the 4000/4050 service manual for free from that site. - Anonymous
I have a similar problem - I did get it to print the config sheet and it says tray 2 is set to legal. It looks like the plastic blue piece is braken as well as the size mecanism on the right hand side is messed up - is there any fixing this? - Anonymous
I bought an extra tray for my 4100 and I cannot get the printer to recognize the tray. I have tried the new tray on other 4100s, it worked. I have tried old trays on the same 4100 with no luck. I can't find anything about fixing this issue. Can someone shine some light my way?
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If it works on other units, then the problem is the connector on the bottom of the printer which interlocks with the tray, the cable which runs from the interlock to the ecu board or the ecu board itself. Check to make sure there is not some obstruction on the interconnet on the printer bottom.
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Can anyone send the HP 4100 service manual to me or post a link where I can download it? I need to find out where the toner overflow bottle is located on this printer.

[email protected]
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Start here http://www.eserviceinfo.com/download.php?fileid=16256

There is 5 file parts to this manual.

It is saved in a RAR file format and must be decompressed before using. - Anonymous
The toner overflow bottle is in the toner cartridge. It's actually called a waste hopper.
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I checked out the http://www.eserviceinfo.com/ website for the HP 4100 printer and found out that all 5 files are the same item.
You only need to down one to get the complete service manual.
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You DO need to download all 5 parts to get the manual from eserviceinfo. A file cut into 5 parts shows the same file name in each of the RAR pieces.

Please refrain from giving advice when you don't know what you are talking about.

The file was very helpful, as will that web site be in the future. Thanks to the original poster of the link.
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