asked May 27, 2004 at 7:01am
Hp HP LaserJet 4100

HP 4100

the printer gives an 49.4c02 service error.
you can't access the menu system in the printer.
What is the problem ?
49.XX PRINTER ERROR A firmware error occurred 1. Press CANCEL JOB to clear the print job from the printer memory. 2. Turn the printer off, and then turn the printer on. 3. Try printing a job from a different software application. If the job prints, go back to the first application and try printing a different file. (If the message only appears with a certain software application or print job, contact the software vendor for assistance.) 4. If the message persists with different software applications and print jobs, disconnect all cables to the printer that connect it to the network or printer. 5. Turn the printer off. 6. Remove all memory DIMMs or third-party DIMMs from the printer. (Do not remove the firmware DIMM in the lowest DIMM slot.) 7. Remove all EIO devices from the printer. 8. Turn the printer on. 9. If the error no longer exists, install each DIMM and EIO device one at a time, making sure to turn the printer off and back on as you install each device. 10. Replace a DIMM or EIO device if you determine that it causes the error. 11. Remember to reconnect all cables that connect the printer to the network or computer. 12. If the error persists, replace the firmware DIMM. 13. Replace the formatter. This error is usually caused by a bad formatter board.
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I got the error and it turned out to be that a particular print job was getting stuck at one point, so I just cancelled the job, and it's fine now. - unknown
I have this error pop up on my 4100 and nothing is plugged into it except the power cord, taking the memory out isn't making it go away. I have read about replacing the DIMM memory or formatter board. Where is the best place to purchase these items I may need to fix this problem???
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Well, I did go to Ebay and find a formatter with the DIMM memory in it. We'll see what I get, LOL.
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I need to re install my 4100 software but un installer is not working, now what?
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