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HP Officejet K60 Alignment Failed /no yellow color

I am having a problem with my HP Officejet K60 - the Press enter to align print cartridge message is on and when I align, the Alignment Failed error message comes on. I have cleaned and replaced cartridges with 2 brand new ones so I don't think its a cartridge problem. It also won't print in yellow. I have Power Cycled and Semi-full reset as listed on the HP website to no avail.
Any help you have would be appreciated.
Thanks, Julie
The printer must be able print yellow in order to execute the alignment. Part of the alignment process involves scanning printed yellow bars. See the web page below for a sample of the printout. I suggest that you clean the carriage and cartridge electrical contacts with a cotton swab moistened with water. If you still fail to get yellow, test the cartridge in another printer. Any Deskjet 900 series will accept the cartridge.
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Well, I just wanted to say that I resolved the problem. I contacted a local printer repair place and they suggested (don't laugh) to take a shop vac and gently vacuum out the ink cartridge. He said that many times the ink dries up in these cartridges, even though I had 2 brand new HP cartridges. It worked! I had to keep the suction on the cartridge until the yellow ink appeared. I cleaned it off and put it back in the printer and the error message went away after the alignment. And the yellow now prints. thanks for all the suggestions. I wasn't going to buy a new printer (this one was $400.00)
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I was having the same problem with my Office Jet K80. I replaced the black and the color cartridges twice. I thought it was the printer. I tried what your suggested and it worked. Awesome tip... thanks you saved me from buying another printer. - Anonymous
Awesome result. I tried this method of vacuuming my printer cartridge with alot of reservation but am extremely happy. I now have a printer that is fully functional again. Thanx - Anonymous
Julie Ellis, you are my hero! The shop-vac trick just worked on my new Carrot Ink cartridge for my HP OfficeJet G55xi.

I know I am six years late in singing your praises, but God bless you for sharing this, wherever you may be.

Colonel Fitz - unknown
So...do I understand that your vacuumed the new cartridges?

If the new cartridges were at fault, they should have been returned. In fact, I'd still do it.

Could you explain a bit more just how you did this vacuuming?

I've been in printer support for many.a.year and this is a new one on me. I am fascinated.

Obviously, the ink had not dried in the cartridge itself. I think they meant that it had dried in the nozzles.

You may have put a new tool in my bag.o.tricks.


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I read this thread and had a similar problem with a K80 officejet. It wouldn't align and kept wanting me to push enter to realign. After reading the vacume trick, i decided this might be the miracle i've been waiting for......so i took out the cartridge and 'vacumed' it.

Guess what? I works wonderful again. Lots of colours and perfect auto aligning.

Thanks Julie Ellis, you've made my day.
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I have just put in a new color cartridge and my printer says to align and press enter. I have done this now 20 times and it still gives me the same message. Any suggestions?
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Go to this web page and scroll down to "Supplemental information, Examples of alignment pages." If the printer will not print black and yellow, the alignment will probably fail. The printer prints the alignment pattern and then scans it. The web page also gives info on how to bypass the alignment.

Failure to properly print the alignment page can nearly always be traced back to defective cartridges. Even new cartridges come out of the box bad. Check some of the previous posts for ways to 'revive' cartridges.

If the printer is capable of printing all colors and fails to align, the spot sensor lens is probably broken. Repost for more info on this issue if you need it.
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Man, this vacuum trick worked awesome for me.. I have had the same problem for weeks and have tried several cartridges. After reading about the vacuum trick in this post, I used the hose of my vacuum cleaner directly on the cartridge (careful not to damage the electronics). After sucking some ink out for 2-3 times, the yellow (which was the problem in my case as well) came through just as clear as red and blue.

Put it back into my printer, re-aligned, problem solved.

Great solution, I would have NEVER though of something like this.

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I tried this trick as well and it worked perfectly. I've been having problems with my cartridge not printing yellow and this vacumm trick worked. THANK YOU!!!
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Didn't work for me :-( - although it seems to be the same problem. I think I've sucked all the ink out of my cartridge by now - that is, the magenta and cyan - still no yellow.

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shop vac worked great, but use rubber gloves or plastic wrap on your hands. that ink does not come off your hands afterwards.
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Ahhhh yes, the vacuum trick! It worked for me as well. Thanks Julie.
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Ink exploded everywhere. Thanks Buddy
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This vac trick worked like a charm..After futzing around with this dilemma, I decided to check web for answers..BAM..Here it was..THis post is old, but the trick worked for me in 8.06!! THanks for posting!!!
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Just tried to connect my officejet k60 to a new computer running xp home and it will not fully load! I can't use the director though it will work as an independent printer/fax. Has anyone else has this problem and what did you do to resolve it? Can it be resolved? HP says it is out of warranty and they offer only to buy a new printer or very expensive help ($59.00 for 45 minutes). Help!
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Just tried to connect my officejet k60 to a new computer running xp home and it will not fully load! I can't use the director though it will work as an independent printer/fax. Has anyone else has this problem and what did you do to resolve it? Can it be resolved? HP says it is out of warranty and they offer only to buy a new printer or very expensive help ($59.00 for 45 minutes). Help!
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Place a paper towel over the cartridge so the vacuum is pulling the ink into the paper towel. This protects the cartridge and avoids the 'ink everywhere' issue.
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Wow!!! Shop worked BIGTIME!! Thanks, thanks. Use a papertower over the ink release area though and house out vacuum nossel when down. Use the thinnest tool on the end of the hose.
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Vacuum worked for me too
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I did the vacuum trick on my HP 712C color cartridge and it worked great!! Thanks.
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It works, do the vacuum trick and save some money. They are right to say the ink stains your hands. It's not like old ink that builds up in the printer, the fresh ink from the vacuum trick does not wash off.
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I was surprised to hear the "vacuum it" approach, but since the postives far outweighed the negatives I gave it a shot.
It worked, first time and you could see the difference in the holes on the cartridges. Thanks to everyone for saving me some $$!!
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The vacuum did the trick for me no SHIT! I swapped out my black starter cartridge with a refill and had the alignment problems. Used some alcohol to clean off the dried up ink with a paper towell then put the vacuum to the color cartridge till I seen all three colors. Cleaned again then re-installed. Alignment sucessful!

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How do you load a black ink cardrige in the printer im using hp 60 is that right please help me.
thanks Octavius F.
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Please don't write in text messagese (or whatever you are using). Use less economy of words so that I don't have to guess what the problem is.
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I had a K80 that sat around for a few months without use and upon putting it back into service, I got the alignment failed error. After reading this post, I did the vacuum trick, cleaned the cartridge after and am back in business.

Thanks for the post. Who would of thought a vacuum could fix this issue?
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Worked like a charm. Too bad I didn't see this post earlier; I could have saved myself a few ink cartridges.
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Still getting alignment failure. Using a hp officejet Pro l7680
All-in one.
So far I have tried:

-Deleting drivers and reloading new drivers.

-New B/y print head, and black and yellow cartridges. It was the b/y printhead giving me trouble. They work now. - still alignment failure.

-All new ink cartridges, black, cyan, mag, yellow, no help.

-Tried the vacuun trick on all the colors. could not get ink out of any cartridge except the old magenta. Used paper towel, gloves, and small vac line. Did not work! still alignment failure.

-Replaced all cartridges with new ones.

-Now Magenta not printing.

-Used the warm water on paper towel on magenta/cyan print head.

-Magenta still won't print. Perhaps I need still another printhead. At $72 each on a printer 1 1/2 years old and hardly used, it doesn't seem worth it!

-Lets see... $140.00 for two printheads
plus all new (4)cartridges,(old ones still half full but replaced to solve alignment problem. I will be approaching the cost of the printer at $300.

-I have spent half the day screwing with this printer. This is the second all-in-one HP printer in a row I have had problems with.

I have two other older HP printers that still work very well.
It seems the newer one are prone to many problems. I still rely on my old deskjet 1220c and my designjet 500ps. Now those were workhorses. Apparently HP forgot how to make a quality product that doesn't cost a fortune for ink and maintenance. Oh well,
at least it will print text in black and I can use it as a copy machine only. So much for photo prints

I need printing done,not constant headaches.
This will be my last HP printer!!!
Good luck to the rest of you!

- Anonymous
This is amazing. The vaccum trick worked. Thanks for the paper towel idea !!
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Yay, it worked for me too on two new HP cartridges that were 3 years past their "use by" date... and only spewed red ink beforehand. Now all three colors are available. Thanks!
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My hp office jet 5610 can't align paper. It prints out the alignment page,but the a aligning it self goes on and on to infinity. No report of failing to align or finishing to align! The light goes on blinking...! What is the problem? Please help.
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I spent over an hour with hot water and alcohol, and squeezing and whipping till I finally got blue with my red, but still no yellow,,,then the shop vac,,,the yellow worked the first time!!!! thanks, John HP PSC 500
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Wow!! Almost seven years after the first post- and three years after the last time we used this printer- the shop vac trick did the job! My printer/fax machine has come back to life. I also am using 'expired' ink- and it is printing beautifully!
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20 Q-tips and six pages of failed alignments had me quite unhappy to say the least!
I found this tip and whipped put the shop vac, used the paper towel trick in the garage and voila my new color cartridge works. Now all I have to do is clean up my mess!
The internet can be a wonderful thing. Other times not so much. :)
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Mine would print the alignment page, no yellow, then when it was time to scan and align cartridges, was stuck on "Aligning cartridges please wait" and wouldn't do anything else. Tried vacuuming the color cartridge, put it back in, it aligned on it's own and now works perfectly!! I'm so glad I found this tip, THANK YOU!! This saved my having to buy a new printer :)
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.....and it worked for me too BIG BIG THANKS!!!!!! (it wasn't printing red for me)

by unknown on May 16, 2013 at 10:38am Add comment

Wow! Thanks so much for this shop vac trick - although any vac should work. Used a narrow attachment on end of vac hose to concentrate air flow, along with a paper towel scrap over color slits. I also dabbed some 90% ethyl alcohol over color slits before vac. My hp office jet is back in action! Thanks again!!

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