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Hp HP OfficeJet G85

HP OfficeJet G85 error code

I keep getting an error code on my HP OfficeJet G85. C00F0401 . I looked on the HP website and it says to take off the back, and gently roll up the rollers with your hands until you free a paper jam and then restart the printer. I have done that MANY, MANY times. Then it said to clean the printer if the problem still persists. I have done that several times and it still isn't taking the code off. Can anyone help me?

Thank you so much in advance!

Do This First
Press and hold buttons 6 and # while plugging in the power. Hold them in until you see feedback from the status display.

If The Above Fails Do This
This is how I cleared an "unresetable" C00F0401 Error on a machine I repaired. I can't guarantee that this will work under all circumstances but it worked on at least one G85. Unplug the ADF (document feeder); the exposed cable in the rear, and the LIU (the widget that the phone line plugs into). Remove the Torx (T20) screw securing the LIU cover and it unplugs easily.

Press and hold buttons 6 and # while plugging in the power. Hold them in until you see feedback from the status display.
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Bert - Thank you! - Anonymous
I've tried your instruction but it didn't work. What's the status display supposed to say? I get the message flickering 'Error code c00f0401 turn power off and turn on'. HP Officejet G85 All in one.

Please anyone help me. - unknown
THANK YOU THAT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAVE A NICE WEEKEND! - Anonymous
I have got to tell you it worked! I am so excited, you have saved me so much time and frustration. I probably would have had to buy another printer. You have great insight into the problems that I was having and I can't thank you enough!

Have a good weekend! Kris
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How about if the "if all else fails" fails ??
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When a working printer is idle the status display will show the date and time.

The main electronics board has probably failed, HP P/N C6734-60151, approximately $160 online.
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ahhh i absolutely love you!!! thanks :)
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I was working on my son's school project and we got this error code when we tried to print. We fixed it with your help!!! Thanks a bunch!

John (California)
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Holding the 6 and # while plugging in the power worked great! Make sure you take your fingers off immediately when the display first starts. I was holding the buttons too long, but got it on the 3rd time...

Great trick!
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thank you Bert and dZ !!!
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Thank you! Pressing down the keys "6" & "#" worked for me.
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