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Epson Epson DFX 8500

Epson DFX 8500 error

This printer will power up fine and start printing. However, before the PH starts to move fast, regardless if front or rear tractor feed, it gives the error: "Pause" = Solid, "Paper Out" = Blinking, & 5 beeps.

If I unpause the unit, it will continue to print for around 2 - 3 seconds and give the same error again. That will continue until the entire printjob is completed. I had cleaned the sensors and ensured paper media is within specs but the problem persists. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
According to the manual this error occurs when the printer fails to eject a sheet. Are you sure you have dip switches set ok. Another thing you can try is when you load the paper, use the feed button so the printing will start on the second sheet. See if it works then. You may have a problem with the paper thickness motor and sensor.
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I just tried to feed the paper to the second sheet and midway through, the unit gave me the exact same error again. Funny thing is I haven't even printed a self test or communication test.
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Chris: Usually, the DFX-8500 will put up a flashing LED that alternatly flashes an "E" and the "ERROR NUMBER", during a Fatal Error and shuts off the power after about 10 to 12 seconds. You then have to wait at least 5 minutes before turning on the printer again, so that the Fatal Error will be reset. However, there is no "5-Beep Code" listed in the Fatal Error catagory. I'm just checking to be sure that there is not an "E-Number Code" also coming on during your printers problem? Let me know if there is an "E" error and its number, by replying thru this Printer Repair Site and if I can help you further, I will try...If no "E" Error Code is on, I would suggest taking your printer outside and blowing it out with compressed air, but with only around 50 lbs of pressure, if you use an Electrical Air Compressor. Sometimes the paper holes from the Tractor Feed Paper and normal dust and dirt gets into the sensors and causes strange problems. Use a Paint Brush as a dusting brush while blowing out all the foreign matter and then see if that helps or not...Good Luck! Denny Conway
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This is no "E" error displaying on the left side screen. I've noticed that the Tractor Wire was a bit too tight, so I ended up loosening it to where the gold seal is 0.2inches(5mm)apart. Problem persists. I will try again and clean the sensors and see how it works out. It's funny how at first this printer didn't want to feed from the front tractor. Rear feed is fine. I replaced the Front Tractor (currently installed) and I now get this error. Now does this appear to be that the supposingly new "Front-Left Tractor" which is currently installed, could be malfunctioning or defective?

I will try to clean again and possibly replace it with a known good one. Any thoughts? Thanks!
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Goodmorning my epson dfx-8500 after little that it ignites itself flashes E6. What is the problem has?
Thanks Roby
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Roby: An "E6 Service Error" stands for a "Carriage Load Measurement Error", which normally indicates a bad or failing "Paper Width Sensor". It is a FATAL ERROR which will automatically turn the printerts power off, after approximatly 12 seconds. The printer will not turn back on for 5 minutes after a fatal error powers off the printer. If you turn it on prior to the 5 minutes, it will add an additional 5 minutes to the internal clock/counter. At this point, other than actually replacing the paper width sensor, about all you can really try is to take the printer outside and use an air compressor and a clean and dry paint brush to blow out all the dust, dirt and paper pieces that accumulate inside Dot-Matrix Printers. You need to be able to turn the air pressure down around 50-60 lbs, to avoid possible damage from using to high of air pressure. Use the paint brush to loosen the dirt as the air blows it out. Its best to remove the two end covers so you can blow out more areas that get real dirty normally. There is an EPSON Technical Repair Information/Service Repair Manuals, for your DFX-8500, that can be downloaded and viewed in Adobe Acrobat format [from the UK web-site] at " ". Simply click-on "DFX-8500 Service Manual", to open up that particular manual. You can use that manual for in-depth troubleshooting, servicing, disassembly and reference, while working on your printer. For Exploded Diagrams of Epson Dot-Matrix Printers, by Compass Micro Inc, go to " "...Good Luck! Denny Conway
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Hi, I have the same problem that Chris has. I have replaced all 4 tractors and have dusted and cleaned everything and still have the same problem. The rear tractor feeds the paper correctly but with the front tractor I have the paper out problem. Anyone has some more information on this? Thanks in advanced.
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there is a paper sensor on one of the front tractors. either the tractors have been put on the wrong side or the connector has not been re-connected.
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My DFX 8500 will not print from the computer when a job is sent (communication test) but the self test is ok. I tried another DFX 8500 on the same computer to make sure the driver is ok but it prints fine. Could this be that the logic board is bad? if bad is there any process of repairing it instead of changing the logic board completely
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Are there any errors on the printer?
Is the setup the same on both printers?
Power up holding pause to get a status print.
Setup switches near front tractors.

What interface are you using?
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The printer prints a self test but i can't really understand the status of the print out because i don't have a service manual. Am using a parallel cable. Could it be that the Logic board is bad and is there any way it can be repaired.
Thanx - gbolex
On the status print there should be a line that says interface.
What does it say?

It should be either parallel or auto
If it is serial then that is the problem.

Open the front cover there is a flap at the front where all the setup switches are.
Bank 4, switch 3 and 4 should be down for auto or 3 down and 4 up for parallel.

I have emailed you. I have the service manual.
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Error 16
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error 16
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Howdy. Press the LF/L button while powering on. Hold until you hear a beep on the left side. Will print a self test first few lines are slow while it adjusts, then will print quickly.
Are the rubber stops there?
Tractor replacement may have been wrong one.
Always leave all cables unplugged for at least 15 min.
Clean the sensor on the ribbon mask.
Re-seat all cables.
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I have an Epson DFX 8500, whenever i power on, the machine powers on and the fans begin to spin, but after 3- 5 seconds it just powers off.
There are no beeps or flashing lights or anything like that.
I replaced the print head recently.

Can anyone give me some advise on what the problem may be?
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for your case. i will advice that, u check power supply stage if their is any dry joints, and solder them. thanks frank massawe electronics tech. - Anonymous
have an Epson DFX 8500, whenever i power on, the machine powers on and the fans begin to spin, but after 3- 5 seconds it just powers off.
There are no beeps or flashing lights or anything like that.
I replaced the print head recently and it was working fine after.

Can anyone give me some advise on what the problem may be?
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Installed a new ribbon after a couple hours ribbon get very tie,and jams.
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Remove P-head, and wipe with finger. If you feel any pins sticking out it is bad, and it will grab the ribbon/paper.
Ribbon drive may have a dirty sensor wheel.
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I have an Epson DFX 8500 printer that when you go to print the follow error happens.

The ribbon and paper out lights flash and it beeps 5 times.

The printer will then start printing but the print is extremely light. I have tried a new ribbon with the same issue.
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i have an dfx 9000 printer. i turn it on, it makes all tests
but when i print from the computer or its selftest the pages are blank.

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send me the manuals please
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I need one too. Please help!!! - Anonymous
What is error 'E' 4
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Denny gives a good detailed breakdown of the problem. He doesnt say it but make sure the encoder strip is clean also. The interlock switch test he described worked for me several times to verify the problem was with the switch.
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You can get a service manual here:

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