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Hp HP LaserJet 4200

hp 4200 service menu password

how do i get into the service menu??????


Pin Code for 4200 is 11420002. You use the up and down arrows to diplay each number and the check to select it.
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thanks - Anonymous
Anybody know the Service Menu password for HP 4250N?

Thank You - Anonymous

Service Code for HP4250n
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thanks for this, worked fine.
the other problem i had was getting in to the Configure Device setting - "Access Denied" message. Had to perform a Cold Reset to get in to these settings. Anyone know of another way?
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Not according to the service manual.
Print a config sheet and remove jet direct before performing cold reset.

From the manual
"If you cannot gain access to a menu or item, it is either not an option for the printer, or you have
not enabled the associated higher-level option. See the network administrator if a function has
been locked. (ACCESS DENIED MENUS LOCKED appears on the printer control-panel display.)"
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4200 howto perform cold reset:
Hold select button on startup. When all lights are on. (after 15sec or so) relesae select button. Language menu pops up. Press the up button once to go the reset option.

This will remove all the locks on the menu's and put everything in factory default.

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anyone know the pass code for the 4240 to clear the maintenace error.
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You do not need a code. Turn on the printer and when the memory starts to count press and hold the green checkmark button and wait unitl all 3 lights come on solid and stay on. Release the button and sroll down to new maintenance kit and hit the check mark button. If the 3 lights do not come on solid try holding the green button down when you turn on the power and wait for the 3 lights.
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i wrongly configured the menu on restart another menu displayed somewhat downloading boot i again restarted and then no power in control panel no LCD no LED power up i think the boot goes off.
How to reset panel? and printer does engine test page but not
- M.junaid
Anyone have the service password to the 4240n?
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xx4240xx First 2x are month of release, last 2x are year of release. You can google that and plug it in.
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Hi, In our office there in n/w printer 4200dtn. but people give print and they don't bother to take it. I come to know that there is some option of password. I mean to say that if i gave print then i have to go at printer and i have to enter my password to printer, then only print out will come. Pls help me out with setting.
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There is a utility that is included on the CD Rom that came with the printer. That allows you to customize the printer, name it, set password, etc. I don't know if they are still available, but I have a copy of it somewhere. I just ran across it last week. I could be persuaded to look for it and put it up on our server for download. Of course there would be a small fee required for me to put out the effort. Click on my name to email me if you're interested.
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Yeah this is alittle easier than asking each individual service Pin#.
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The service pin only allows you to change page count, maintenance count, s/n and clear codes. It does not allow you to insert or change a password. That can only be done by the utility. I researched it thoroughly before I responded.
- moe
Sorry Moe I almost made a point. That I just added that for future reference to this thread with peoples questions on PIN's and it had nothing to do with what you are talking about with priya. Sorry for the confusion.
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What I hold in the green button I don't the option to reset the maintenance counter, Any ideas ?
by lot100 on Sep 16, 2010 at 5:29am Add comment
Service menu. Look at the top of this thread.
by moe on Sep 16, 2010 at 9:35am Add comment
Probably not doing it right. You turn off the printer. Press and hold the check mark button while turning on and continue to hold until all 3 lights come on solid. Release and then scroll down in the menu to new maintenance kit and select.
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Hi, I've an Hp color laserjet cp 3525x and I want the password for service menu. Someone help me please.
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Where can I find the service menu password for the HP Color Laserjet CP3525dn?
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09352508. - moe
me wan open my phone me forgot password..hurm
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PIN Codes for HP LaserJet Service Menu

maintenance interval, etc.

HP Printer ModelService Menu PIN CodeLaserJet 230011230002LaserJet 241010241004LaserJet 242010242004LaserJet 243010243004Color LaserJet 300011300005Color LaserJet 350010350003Color LaserJet 355010350003Color LaserJet 360011360005Color LaserJet 370010370003Color LaserJet 380011380005LaserJet 4100 MFP04410002LaserJet 4101 MFP04410002LaserJet 420011420002LaserJet 424004424005LaserJet 425009425004LaserJet 430011430002LaserJet 4345 MFP11434504LaserJet 435009435004Color LaserJet 460004460002Color LaserJet 461005465004Color LaserJet 465005465004Color LaserJet 470009470005Color LaserJet 4730 MFP09473005LaserJet 520005520006Color LaserJet 550004550002Color LaserJet 555009555004LaserJet 9000 / 9000 mfp00900001LaserJet 904004904005LaserJet 905009905004LaserJet 9040 mfp11904004LaserJet 9050 / 9050 mfp11905004LaserJet 9500 / 9500 mfp04950003LaserJet CM353011353008LaserJet CM434911434506LaserJet CM454011454010LaserJet CM473005473007LaserJet CM603004603008LaserJet CM604004604008LaserJet CM8050704938LaserJet CM8060704938LaserJet CP350506350507LaserJet CP352509352508LaserJet CP400510400506LaserJet CP402511402509LaserJet CP452511452509LaserJet CP552511552010LaserJet CP601503601508LaserJet M52505052512LaserJet M55109055111LaserJet M57505057512LaserJet M60110060311LaserJet M60210060311LaserJet M60310060311LaserJet M65104065114LaserJet M68004068014LaserJet M72505072513LaserJet M77511077512LaserJet M80610080613, 10086013LaserJet M83010083013LaserJet M302711303506LaserJet M303511303506LaserJet M434511434506LaserJet M455504455511LaserJet M502511503506LaserJet M503511503506LaserJet M904004904008LaserJet M905004905008LaserJet M905904905008LaserJet P300510300506LaserJet P301507301509LaserJet P401405401408LaserJet P401505401508LaserJet P451505451508
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