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Canon Pixma MP600 Error Code 5010

I've had this printer for three years and it was problem free until recently. When the original Canon cartridges ran out, I replaced them with non-OEM cartridges that I bought on Amazon. I returned to the same seller next time, and again had no problem with the cartridges. However, last time I got cartridges from him, the problems began. I needed to replace the large black first, but when I put in the new cartridge, although the printer seemed to recognize it, it just wouldn't print black.

I left the printer idle for a few weeks, then went back to it yesterday to see if I could figure it out. I tried another couple of the new black cartridges and removed the print head and flushed it out with warm water. I left it to dry for 12 hours. After I replaced the print head and ink, I got the error message "U052 The type of print head is incorrect. Install the correct print head."

Removed print head, reseated it, inserted ink carts, powered on printer and now briefly get the error message B200 followed by Error 5010, which I fear is the kiss of death. I've tried holding down the Power button with the Reset button when starting up but get the same result. Should I give up now?
I have had this problem on my MX850 for years, Canon is no help - "Buy a new printer".

The problem is a scanner error. Either the scanner cannot find the "home" position when the printer starts or it thinks it can't.

I have mine attached to a power strip that I shut off each time I use the printer. It's the same as unplugging it only easier. As long as you hear the printer cycle when you start it, it will print error free from a computer every time. If you want to use it as a stand alone copier you'll get the error.

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