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Lexmark Prevail Pro705 Printhead Not Supported

My Lexmark Prevail Pro705 has been working great for me since I bought it about a year ago. I have not updated the firmware, as I understand that would nix my ability to use 3rd-party cartridges, and jeopardize my ability to refill.

I have been refilling my Lexmark cartridges, but I'm still worried about not being able to use them if I update.

My problem is that my black stopped printing. No amount of head cleaning would keep it printing for long.

Finally, today I took out the ink tanks and the printhead, and soaked the printhead in hot water.

Now, when I put the printhead back in, the printer tells me that the printhead is not supported by the printer, and then gives me a printhead error (no code, just instructions to look at the manual).

The printhead is original Lexmark. What can I do? Did I put the printhead back into the printer too soon? I made sure the contacts and the rest of the printhead were generally dry. I figure the place where the ink sponges go is going to be damp anyway, so I went ahead and put it in.
Well, after many reseating attempts, updating the firmware (hey, I figured it was trash at this point), and leaving it unplugged overnight hoping to clear its memory, I still get the "printhead not supported" error and the "printhead error".

It's been way too long to take it back to Office Depot (they give you 14 days), so I bit the bullet and called Lexmark, expecting no help.

The guy was in the Philippines, but his accent wasn't too thick for me to understand, thankfully. He was nice, and listened to everything I had done. He asked for some information off of the printhead -- where it was made (Philippines) and whether there was information marked in the plastic next to the nozzle plate (there was).

Based only on this information, he determined that this was the old style printhead, and told me that he would send me a new G-series printhead kit complete with cartridges. They're supposed to arrive in 1-2 business days.

Well, that was better service than I expected. Here's hoping that's all I need.

And here's hoping I haven't sabotaged my refilling efforts by updating the firmware. Maybe I can refill them as long as they're Lexmark. I can handle that, since it's not an expense I'd have to budget for but once a year at most (I'm still on my 100A ink tanks that I bought almost a year ago once the non-refillable 100s that came with the printer ran out).
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Well, I received my new printhead and cartridges. I figured I'd save the cartridges until I needed them, rather than have two open sets of cartridges. So I installed the new printhead, popped in my old cartridges, and it's working perfectly!

I noticed then that the last few instruction pictures showed me packing up the old printhead, old cartridges, and a printing sample, and sending it all back to Lexmark. The guy I had spoken to hadn't said anything about sending my old cartridges back. And I really didn't want to send them back. I paid good money for them, and I had just refilled them. And I really didn't want Lexmark seeing that I was refilling, and deciding that it was my fault that the printhead had gone bad (even though those printheads had a known defect). I know that the courts decided a while back that they couldn't void your warranty if you used third-party inks or cartridges, but I didn't want to test it and end up being charged for the new printhead and cartridges.

So I went to Lexmark's website, and got on a chat with one of their representatives. I told her my issue, except about the refilling, and she said that since my old cartridges were working fine in the new printhead, I could just include a note explaining that I was not including the cartridges, because they were still good.

So I printed off the chat I had with her, and included that along with my note and print sample (which was nearly blank) and printhead. Hopefully, all goes well.
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What was the phone number you called for Lexmark.
Was it still under warranty?
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Printhead not supporting.

- unknown
The number I called was straight from their contact page: 1-800-539-6275 (1-800-Lexmark).

Yes, the printer came with a 5-year warranty. I actually didn't remember this until I had printhead trouble again this past summer. I did some searching around online, and learned that Lexmark had recalled a second set of faulty printheads. I wondered if my first one could have been replaced with one of the second run of faulty ones.

I called Lexmark again, and it turned out it was. This time, the rep's questions ended up revealing that I do refill my cartridges (which, of course, is fine -- and if it wasn't, why make the A cartridges?), but I made sure to point out that I use only Lexmark cartridges.

No problem at all. He told me my printer was still under warranty until sometime in 2015, and sent me a new printhead.

Printer's doing great!

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Hi, I am having a problem with my printer and can't seem to get it to work, a few weeks ago, when I was printing a document, the printer stopped then an error msg appeared on the printer screen: "The Printhead is not supported by All In One". I cleaned the printhead, installed firmware (my brother did that) and tested other ink tanks, nothing helped.
Would greatly appreciate it if you could help!
Ty in advance,
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I got a new print head because of problems and before it has gone through 1 new set of cartridges, it is not working and Lexmark tell me I need to buy a new print head. It just puts out blank pages This printer is too expensive for me to own so it will go to the bin and land fill.
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Great post...thanks for the reminder to blog about the everyday things that people want to read. As a real estate agent, I too struggle with what to blog about. Thanks!

Fix Print Head
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