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Canon Canon Color Bubblejet (BJC) 6000

Canon Pixma MX870, Error 6000 and Service Manual

Hi there, nice forum!

I 'm in need for a >>free Service Manual<< for

Canon Pixma MX870 (email me)

I am just curious to see if something blocks
the paper feed or something else...

Ah.. the printer shows the 6000 error...

Thank you very much in advance!!!

remove the cable wait for like 5 min and reset the printer settings and setup the printer again . for canon printer setup try out this blog and let me know for any other issue if you have .

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Samatian,...This is a "line Feed Error" signal which can be cause by many things. Most of the time it is the result of a small bit of paper still jammed in the feed rollers,..or someone dropped something in the paper path, a paper clip or staple, or rubber band or a cat toy. Open the cover and when the head comes to the center pull out the power cord. Now you can move the carriage to the far left and examine the paper path. Remove the rear turn around door and use a flashlight to examine every part you can see. Use the light to examine the purge unit area looking for a jam. Move the carriage to the far right and use the light to look at the timing disk inside the cover on the far left. It should still be there and vertical. If you want more information and testing, click on my USER ID and send me an email with some detailed results.
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new user to this forum---you seem to have a great deal of knowledge about this printer--my refuses to print in black despite regular cleaning x 2 and deep cleaning x 2, i understand that i will have to disassemble to fix but i need some direction. can you help? thanks, rick - rick62
kindly tell how to fix my printer...i couldn't find something that block the operation of my printer.This is really burden..
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please help me
by jay baldoza on Apr 4, 2012 at 9:27pm Add comment
Phil,.. Thanks but I have that Service Manual.
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I would like the service manual. I have the same problem.
Mike - unknown
The Canon Service manual does provide pictures and some limited instructions,...i.e. "remove this screw",... to help to take the covers off. It does not provide any instructions on "How to Fix" anything, or how to test anything on the printer. It does list the error codes. The problem is that most of the problems, especially with the purge unit, are in the base of the machine where you need to at the bottom of the purge unit and to do that you need to know how to remove the main chaissis from the base. this is also where the "Waste Ink Absorbers" are located. Finally, Canon has changed the "Service Mode" function that has always been built into the machine,..which provided the ability to "RESET" ALL OF THE ERROR CONDITION THAT COULD COME UP. Now the new machines require a "Canon Service Tool" software in order to reset anything. If you don't have it, won't matter if you have found and fixed the problem, won't be able to reset the error with out that software. If you want more information about my Repair Manuals, just send me an email.
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I would love to see how to get it open. I dropped a small allen wrench in the rear paper opening, and I can't figure out how to get it open to get it out. I pulled the plug as soon as it happened, so I doubt there is any damage, I just can't get it apart to get it out. Any advice or illustrations would be very welcome.

Thanks, Daniel
505-832-4084 - KD7UFS
hello trigger 1937,you got any information,as to how to take the bottom part of printer apart?mx870?looking to change ink absorption pads,perhaps re-routing drip tube into a bottle?thank you. - barbarossa
Where can I download the Canon Service Tool software from a reliable website? I removed and cleaned the ink absorber pad that I could reach (under the ink cartridges) but need to reset the counter. - lpatton
Believe it or not I found my problem - finally! It was a twist-tie that had fallen in my rear paper slot. Didn't see it until I looked in some holes on the left side after opening the top (as in changing ink). It's hard to explain. Thanks for the advise.
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Windsup1,...Great job,... this will help others to look before they leap.
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Rick,... The 6000 error is An error occurred in the Line Feed encoder signal. I am sending you a short email and when you reply I will be able to send you some more information.
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barbarossa,...Yes I do have detailed information. I have created Repair Manuals for virtually all of the Canon ink jet printers except for the very latest models. I am sending you this email and when you send back your email reply I will then be able to send you more information about what they contain and how to get one.
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Hi I would love the repair manual for the canon mx922. I do i email you or contact you - otisthecat
I got the dreaded Error 6000 and it won't clear. I removed the jammed paper but there must be something else in the printer that caused the problem. Does anyone have a manual that shows how to take apart the printer so I can find the problem?
Thanks in advance.
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joelb,....Yes I have all of the manuals and information. If you had a jam and you pulled the paper out, may have left a bit of paper stuck in one of the rollers. The printer tests the timing of all rollers and moving parts each time it powers on and if the timing is not perfect in eac step it will get an error condition. Open the top cover and when the carriage moves to the center pull out the power cord. Now you can move the carriage by hand. use a flashlight to examine the entire carriage path for anything that is there. What ever caused the paper jam may still be there. things drop into the printer path and this can cause all kinds of problems.

I will send you this email and when you reply mention the MX870 and the 6000 error code. I will then be able to send you more detailed information.
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Hi I would love the repair manual for the canon mx922. I do i email you or contact you - otisthecat
I did as instructed but the ink carriage didn't move to the just flashed the error 6000 message. I manually moved the carriage to the center and inspected for something that might cause the jamb but was unable to find anything that blocked the printer path. I still have the paper that jammed and it is whole (no missing bit of paper).

Perhaps if I could open the printer case I will find something. There must be be a way to open it but I haven't had any sucess. Perhaps I'm being to careful......but I don't want to break something.

Suggestions? - joelb
Many people have sent me email asking,.. Who are you?,…Why do you do this?,…Who pays you for what you do? Does this website pay you for your response? The answer is no one pays me at all. They also ask me “Why do you help others?” Some people just say,..”This must be a trick or there is a gimmick in here somewhere.”

The answer is,…I have been helping others for about 8-9 years and I do it because “I Can”. It started as a hobby and developed into something a lot more. I provide as much information as I can at no cost to anyone,…but when the printer problems become so difficult that something inside the printer is damaged or broken then people need much more detailed help. So I created Repair Manuals for 45 different canon printers to SHOW AND TELL people how they can do it themselves. This started because years ago when I took my own Canon i560 Printer into the Canon Service Center (100 miles away) it was going to cost me more than I paid for the printer just to have them take it apart and diagnose the problem and then there was no guarantee they could fix it.

So,..being an Electronics Engineer I did it myself. It was so successful that I did it again and took pictures of every part and each step. Then I wrote a manual by combining the necessary instructions and the pictures into a very detailed PDF document.

A while later a friend in my neighborhood had a problem with his Canon printer and asked me if I could fix it,…so I took it apart and found the problem and fixed it and of course I took detailed close up pictures for every step. Later that year I also upgraded my office to Canon Multipurpose all in one MP730 printers and did the same to that unit. Before I knew what happened I was buying broken printers and fixing them and selling them on Amazon. After I did 45 printers my wife told me,..”Either the printers go,…or you GO”. Over the years this has developed into 45 Printer Repair Manuals and 35 PDF documents and guides. In the process I’ve learned a lot and many others have also provided me their insight to solving problems. Experience is the best teacher. If you want more information just click on my USER ID and this will open a box where you can create and send me an email.

Thanks for all the good wishes and support.

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Hi I would love the repair manual for the canon mx922. I do i email you or contact you - otisthecat
Hi - otisthecat
How do I send you my e-mail address? - WetCoastDave
Hello Trigger,

I have a Canon MP510 printer that displays 6000 Error Message Line Feed Error and does not work. I have cleaned all ink deposit areas by taking it apart to no avail.

Please advise if there are any other service instructions I should attempt and/or any downloadable commands.

Thank you in advance.
Filomena - fcitarella
joelb,...I sent you and email but instead of sending me back and email our posted another comment on this web site. Send me your email and then I can send you the files you need.
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My problem,error 6000,but carriage wont move at all,canot pul it ,stock on the right..Please help...
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Alenamarian,....The 6000 error code is a problem with the "Line Feed" system and could be caused by many things. The carriage will be lock to the far right in the home position and will not move since there appears to be some type of JAM in the line feed drive. It could be something as simple a a paper clip or staple or even a hair pin dropped into the carriage path and now is jamming the paper feed rollers. You can start by using a flashlight to examine every inch of what you can see in the carriage area. I will send you this note and when you send me your email reply I will be able to send you more information. Let me know what you find in your note.
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Had gotten the "Error 6000" msg and manual didn't really help much. Thanks to you, I was able to get useful info. Like others, I didn't see anything obvious so used canned air, thinking it was a little bit of paper stuck somewhere. Nope. Investigated further and found a piece of foam that must've fallen into the back of the printer and gotten stuck between gears on the left side. Problem solved and back in service! Thanks so much for your help.
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Hey there,

I have the same dreaded Error 6000 which won't go away.

I ran an Avery shipping label sticker piece of paper which was missing a couple stickers through the rear tray, which I realize now was a big mistake. As it printed it got jammed up and part of the sticker on the outside edge appeared twisted. I removed the sticker paper, and the printer flashed error 6000.

After starting again the printer pushed another piece of photo paper through the printer no problem, but still flashed error 6000. Now when I restart the printer it won't pull any paper through and continues to display error 6000.

I pushed the ink tray around and looked inside with a flashlight and couldn't find anything obvious like a bit of the sticker material in there. I also looked down the rear tray and couldn't find anything.

Any help on finding where to look for a bit of the sticker would be greatly appreciated.
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pls help send me the manual,i have the same problem about error 6000...almost a week been paralyze my printing business because of that me out.
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There are more that one thing that can cause the 6000 Line feed error. I am sending you this short email and when you reply to it mention your printer model number and list the error code. I will then be able to send you what instruction I have.
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HI, I sent you a note also requesting the manual please. - zolazola
Same problem but with an MX925. have removed the jammed paper but perhaps small piece left behind. cant see with flashlight but guessing I need to open it up to have a better look. How do I do this?

Thanks, Marcus
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New user - I read through the posts and saw a post dated 1/24/13 related to my issue. My MX870 will not print black. Multiple cleanings and replacement of the print head did not work. What is the solution? I am technically capable, so, instructions on how to repair would be greatly appreciated, otherwise, this printer will go in the recycle bin. Thanks for your assistance.
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My printer error 6000
No use please--help
by unknown on Oct 16, 2014 at 10:06pm Add comment
i'm also getting error 600 with my canon pixma mx922. could i get a service manual? thanks so much!
by sharig on Nov 7, 2014 at 11:02am Add comment
Sharig,...Many time this error is caused by a scrap of paper left over in the paper path so open the rear turn around cover and examine the entire paper path from front to rear. Also here are several other things that can cause the error. If you need more help click on my "User ID" and send me a note.

(1) Opening and closing of the paper output tray;
the tray must be opened properly.
(2) Smearing or scratches on the LF / EJ slit film;
clean the LF / EJ slit film.
(3) Foreign material or paper debris in the LF drive;
remove foreign material.
(4) Cable connection
(5) Part replacement:
- LF / EJ slit film
- LF / EJ timing sensor unit
- Paper feed roller unit
- Logic board
- Paper feed motor
by unknown on Nov 11, 2014 at 9:11am Add comment

I am quite sure there is nothing in the paper paths but the printer (MG5460 model) continues to display the 6000 error message. It is as if it has completed the print job but the software doesn't recognise the completion. There was no problem with last page it printed but the page was good - no tears, nothing to suggest a paper path problem.

Is there some way to reset the printer software (not the computer software - the message there is "error, last used")?

It is possible that the printer was turned off and the last print job not cancelled.

Any help will be very welcome.

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Hi, I have the same problem only my printer is a "canon pixma MG6350"....I had a paper jam and I pulled the paper out the front instead of the back and I now have an "error 6000".. I have checked with a flashlight and I cannot see any bits of paper etc inside and as far as I know the paper was will not let me do anything only look at this error message...this printer is just over a year old and I would hate to think it is unfixable...

Please can u help?
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Hi I have a pretty much brand new Canon MG5650 displaying error 6000 code. It has a paper jam a do have managed to pull the cartridge across and get all of the paper but the error still shows. Any ideas? I also annoyed that I have lost the receipt. It's not even 2 months old :(
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I've just unboxed MX922 and I'm getting code 6000 and sometimes 6001.

I could never reach the head alignment part of the setup because I get this error when I turn on the printer.

The printer got once to the 3 minutes cleaning part, but never further than that.

What should I do?
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Hi, My fairly new printer gave out in the middle of a print job after no problems at all ever. Showing Code 6000. I have read forum ,seems to be no blockages anywhere that I can see. Print head parked on left and doesn't move into centre by itself when powered on.However it does make a small move/jiggle then stops where it is. No lights showing on print head cartridges. Tried power off overnight but still flashing the code and no luck.
Any ideas?
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LCB,..The 6000 error code is a line feed error which can occur if there is any hesitation while it is trying to feed or move paper. Open the top cover and as soon as you see a small movement in the head away from the home position,..pull out the power cord. If you're lucky you will have caught the head while it was unlocked. If so you can now move the head away from the home position by hand. Use a flash light and examine everything you can see looking for any object that could cause a jam or hesitation. It could be something like a paper clip, hair pin, stable, or even just a bit of left over torn paper. If none of this helps then you would need to get more aggressive and remove the covers. I am sending you this note by email such that you can send me a reply. Let's hope you get lucky. Also, open and close the paper exit door as it can also cause this error.
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I need help fixing my printer...its a Canon mx452. At first it was a paper jam which I got cleared through the back of printer but then the paper kept pulling to the 1 side! Now in the back there's these 2 black plastic pieces & 1 of them seems 2 b Broken where it connects on the 1 side!
by hrae83 on Nov 24, 2015 at 5:48pm Add comment

Brand new MX922. Printed a couple of pics and now the 6000 error. Can't see any obstruction. Could you provide the manual for dismantling the unit further? Or pointers for getting further into the box than just looking through the little folding inkwell door?

thanks so much!

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I'm having same problem. Manual doesn't help. Did you get a resolution? Thanks. - jojojojojackson

how do I click on your user ID to send you an email? thanks. getting printer error 6000 on my Canon Pixma MX922 (says cancel print job, then restart printer...but there are no jobs to cancel and no other way that I've tried to 'reset' it. I've unplugged multiple times. I have the manual and it says same thing...'cancel print job, then restart. If that doesn't work, printer needs repair') Hoping to resolve this myself ASAP. Thanks for any advice. My email is [email protected]

by jojojojojackson on Dec 13, 2015 at 1:56am Add comment

can i get the service manual for canon mx870

by rel60411 on Jan 16, 2016 at 4:00pm Add comment

Could you please send me a manual for the Canonon Pixma MX922 printer. I, too, am getting the 6000 error.

by entheogens on Feb 19, 2016 at 12:29pm Add comment

I have received my first and last error6000 . Since using canon printers for years I have noticed them becoming more clunky slow and flimsy. Don't get me wrong my MG7560 prints perfectly when its ready to. If sitting waiting for a printer for over 5 minutes to clunk and whine its way to a decision on whether or not it wants to print is bad enough the error 6000 when using printable disc is the icing on the cake. Poor quality I was loyal but tomorrow will be looking at other manufacturers and a replacement. I cannot push my self and lose another minute, Canon concentrate on what the printers are supposed to do and that's print, keep trying.

by clunkyrubbish on Sep 23, 2016 at 5:05am Add comment

I have read through this whole thread and there is no paper or anything blocking my printer. Can you send me your manual for a Pixma MX892? Thank you,

by goalie1268 on Oct 6, 2016 at 11:01am Add comment

error 6000

brandnew pixma mx922

wanted to print the head alignment but the error 6000 just pop out

so i just started and i checked for any things that could have jammed inside but i cant find anything

how can you help me. i live to far away. suriname just bought the printer online and now this??

please help out

[email protected]

by firdausah on Mar 11, 2017 at 12:07pm Add comment


by tammybass0420 on Apr 3, 2017 at 1:03pm Add comment


I have the Canon mg3650. It has been in storage for the last year, I've just plugged it back in and have the same error code 6000.

I have removed all the trays and back cover to see if there is any paper jammed, which there isn't.

What is happening shortly after turning it on is the ink tray starts to move to the left from it's dormant position, but shoots back to the far right into it's dormant position with quite a deal of force - as if something is jammed with the mechanism. I wondered if there is something stuck in the ink tray - but cannot access it to remove and of the cartridges or see if anything else is stuck.

If anyone can help - I'm happy to do some self repair but do not have the service manual and cannot find it online currently.

Many thanks,


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I have this service manual. If interested, email me.

by philly5706 on Apr 5, 2012 at 8:18pm Add comment
My Pixma MX870 will not print black after 2 regular cleanings and 2 deep cleanings. It seems I will have to disassemble to clear. B/F I take it on, I need some guidance--service manual would help a lot. thanks, rick - rick62