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Epson Stylus Photo R230 - flashing red lights fix

Anybody have trouble with red flashing lights on the Epson Stylus R230 Printer - it can be fixed.

We got onto a site that gave us instructions on how to overcome the problem with the two flashing red lights, which saved us from getting a service done and it didn't cost a cent.

http://www.ssclg.com/epsone.shtml - this is the site to get the instructions (copy and paste)

Some of the sites suggested having to buy a CD, so you could reset the ink count etc., but this did it all on the computer without a disc. It was a free download. But the next step below has to be done, before you can reset the counters, otherwise the ink will overflow if the tray is full.

This is the link for the You Tube demonstration we could look at to see how to overcome the inkflow problem, without replacing the ink pad and having to clean out the excess in the tray. This would have been major job and best left to the technicians, costing $$$$$!!

http://www.youtube.com - then put in, epson waste ink in the search box and it should be the first item that comes up, posted by DebenDave

After you have done what he has demonstrated, you can now reset the protection counter and then clear counter overflow. After this has been done, hold the three buttons (on top of the printer) down at the same time, for 12 seconds then release. The printer should turn of automatically and so when you turn it back on everything should work. PS. Well it did for us!!!!!
my printers is not ready problem the red lite on of
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red lite problem
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Redirecting the waste ink will not stop the protection counter.

For printer not ready issues. It can be a empty ink cartridge or dirty encoder strip or a more involved problem.
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