asked Jan 5, 2011 at 11:12am
Canon Canon C 120

Canon Pixma IP5200 starting problem

Recently, this printer stopped functioning / turning on coincidentally right when I went and restocked a bunch of ink from Costco =(.

Basically it won't turn on at all. I used my electrical tester and have about 120 coming through the cord and I wiggled the cord around while the prongs were inside. No change in voltage so it isn't a cord induced short and isn't the cord.

The printer button basically only works 1x. You plug it in and hit the little on button and a green light comes on (like when you start the printer) but then it turns off after about 1 second. Successive attempts to use said button to turn on the unit again will NOT result in a green light. You actually have to unplug the unit and plug it back in to get the green light again (but only if it's been unplugged for a while).

I am handy with electrical and have built a couple computers, worked on a laptop etc, so I might be able to go further with some direction.

Any thoughts?

Bump ... anyone out there?

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Bump ... anyone out there?

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Since you state you are electrically inclined I do have a service manual if needed.
Email me
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Wish me luck
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Appears to be the print head.

After getting everything apart and testing various wires and what not for continuity, I read some obscure (to me) thing on the internet about pulling out the print head and that if it then started up it would likely be the print head that needs replacing.

Well, there it was all disassembled and I pulled the print head out, plugged it in and voila! the power stayed on and it went through it's little sequence and just sat there purring, waiting for ink. I turned it off, put the old print head back in and NOTHING. Gotta be the print head.

I ordered the print head and will post an update after I get and install it.

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At long last the print head came in. I put it in over the weekend and just had the time to test it.

It works!

So if anyone has a problem like this. Check this!
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power light red & orang
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