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Canon Canon Pixma MX7600

Canon MX7600 Grinding Noise

I have an MX7600 that I've been pretty happy with, however recently it's been making a grinding noise (particularly right after it shakes the ink tanks). It sounds like gear teeth slipping, though I can't tell exactly where it's coming from. The print carriage seems to move fine, and the printer is not throwing any errors. The grinding noise is getting progressively worse though, and I'm expecting it to break any day now. I'm generally pretty handy with taking things apart, but I can not figure out how to take this thing apart. A google search on the subject did not yield anything useful either. Anyone have a clue what could be going wrong? Let me know if you need any more information.



Update: the grinding noise is now happening every time the printer turns on, and it is displaying "ERROR 5C20" on the LCD screen, which is not in any manual that I was able to find. What gives? Why doesn't Canon provide a place to look up error codes? I'm a little frustrated with Cannon that there's no place to look that up. Anyway, if anyone could provide some insight that would be great. We do have a small portable printer set up for the moment but we'll need to repair or replace the MX7600 ASAP. Thanks,

I have a similar noise problem. A "ratcheting" sound from the back right of the unit.

I couldn't figure how to even get the covers off, but did find I could buy online the service manual from (A .pdf file)

That has the error codes.

"Pump roller sensor error [5C20] The pump roller position cannot be
(Possible Parts to Replace:)
- Purge unit
- Logic board "

I'm not yet getting the error code. Just the noise.
I now have the side covers off, and am debating going further; the risk of me breaking something in the process vs. what will I be able to fix?

From the parts schematic, there look to be some timing disks which could get dirty ...

Also from the schematic, I figure the noise is from the carriage unit.

Ahh ... "Purge Unit" is a part on that side of the carriage assembly (which I assume has to do with purging ink )

So maybe you are looking at having to replace that ... (deep inside)

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Yeah I ended up calling Canon and they sent me to a service center near me. The service center concluded it was in fact the purge pump. The pump is apparently only $40, but the labor was like almost $200. We ended up getting another of the same unit (because we really love the machine), but got a three-year warranty on it from B&H Photo. My guess is if you feel up to it (taking the machine apart) you might have a decent shot it fixing.
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I too have this issue and it is throwing a 5C30 error. I'm likely to junk the machine if I cannot fix it. I've got the case open and now the fun begins. Anyone have a Cannon Service manual to allow me to explore further and tear this beast down? I can see the unit needs cleaning and getting at the purge tank is the next step.
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