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Error code B200 on a Canon Pixma iP4600

After a couple of years of trouble-free use of my iP4600 colour printer, I've run across error code B200.

The circumstances are:
On sending a document to the printer, I was prompted to change one of the colour cartridges. I did that, and sent the document again. This time, the two indicator lights started flashing (a sequence of 10) and a message popped on on my monitor stating that I had an error, code B200.

I switched the printer off, unplugged the power and USB cables, waited about 30 minutes, then plugged them back in again, but the error persists.

I've seen several different explanations for the error and what to do about it - help, please?

Many thanks.
I too, after two years, was prompted by ink levels utility to replace inks, I did so, and made about 3 prints; looked a little greener than usual. A week later I turned it on and got the flashing 10x orange and error no. B200.

The first time I had installed cheap 3rd party inks. I have fresh Canon inks but don't want to install if printer is heading for the recycler. (Maybe I'll make a piece of artwork out of it and call it, All Our Awesome S$#@: Planned Obsolescence).

I'm waiting for response from Canon email support.
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This error has been discussed here in detail:
Error code B200 on a Canon
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