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Canon Canon Bubblejet (BJ) 5

Canon i9900 flashing orange light 5 times

Canon i9900 wide-format printer flashing orange light 5 times then green once. Won't print. Status monitor says Operator Error and advises me to press the RESUME button. Since that didn't work it advises me to cancel printing, shut the thing off and turn it back on. There's nothing to cancel, and rebooting gets the same flashing sequence.
I tried shut it off, unplug it, wait around a while, plug it back in, turn it back on, and that didn't work either.
I tried shut it off, reboot the computer, turn it on. Same result.
I tried shut it off, reboot the computer, turn the printer on before the computer wakes up. Same result.

So, I've done all the easy stuff. What's left?
Mem FH,... This error condition is telling you that the printhead is "NOT INSTALLED". There are 2 possible problems. First the contacts on the back of the head or inside the carriage are dirty or not making good contact,..or 2nd... the logic ciruit on the underside of the head has gone bad, since when the computer powers on and does the basic diagnostics, it is not getting the necessary signals back from the printhead, so it thinks the head is not installed. Clean the contacts and see what happens.

You other option is to call Canon Parts department and order a new printhead. Their number is 1-866-481-2569. Ask for the parts department and be prepaired to place a Credit Card order since you do not have an account with them .
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Thanks for the input, but I was hoping for something easy!
I'm gonna make this one easier (for me) by asking our secretary to do the cleaning.

I SO don't want to call Canon. I only have 4 hours 'til our office closes ...

MEM FH,... Sorry for the delay,... As I said, if the cleaning doesn't work then you probably need a new head. The cleaning only works less than 5\% of the time anyway.
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Well, the good news is that it's clean! The bad news is that we apparently fell into the 95\% of the time that cleaning doesn't work.

The aforementioned secretary is now going to Canon's website to find out how much a printhead would cost, compared to just getting a new printer.

Thanks for your assistance. I'll be visiting this site repeatedly, now that I know you exist!

MEM FH,.... The head costs about $65 from Canon. Tell her the number is 1-866-481-2569. You will have to make a Credit Card order.
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Ok 5 flashes means the Print head is not installed, many possiblilties but probably it has gone bad and needs to be replaced. be very careful with the i9900. The logic board is very, very, very, did I type that enough times, how about one more, very, suseptible to static shock and it will take out the logic board in the back of the unit. Make sure you are properly grounded and wearing rubber soled shoes. I cannot emphasise that enough. The board is no longer replaceable and the unit will be toast good for being a paper weight. You can also find most or all parts for Canon printers, and ImageCLASS products at

Canon Tech
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Oddly enough, a second cleaning fixed it! Perhaps it just wasn't fully seated after the first attempt, but the second shot worked. Now it prints just like it's s'posed to.

Ain't technology fun?

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MEN FH,...What happens sometime is that once you clean it with very warm or even hot water, it rinses out all the easy ink and you think you're done since you don't see any more ink. So you blow it dry on the outside but that warm water is still deep inside the head. Once it sits overnight it begins to break up the really dried out ink. Plus just re-installing it in the printer will force the printer to do a cleaning cycle on all inks and this puts in more WET ink. Again, it sit over night and now when you do a cleaning cycle things really begin to break up.

You are lucky as you just saved yourself $65. Now you can take your Secretary out to dinner!
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I didnt see at first glance how to remove the print head? I removed all the ink cartridges...

I assume that is the print head? Didnt see easy release of it..

Thanks.. I just had this printer repaired a year ago .. have alot of INK sitting around..

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vwsnaps,... I assume you have a Canon i9900. At least you got the ink carts out. To remove the printhead first you must unlock the dark gray lever on the side of the carriage that is holding the printhead. You do this by raising the lever up. To remove the printhead you first must press it down just a little and pull it forward at the same time and then you can lift it out.

If you click on my USER ID and send me an email I will send you a detailed document on how to clean that printhead. I may even send you a picture of yours.
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Same issue. Where can I find reliable cleaning instructions?
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