asked Feb 1, 2010 at 7:28am
Canon Canon Pixma IP4600

CANON ip4600 6C10 error code

What is it and how do I solve this

Have checked for paper jams etc but could find none...

This code appears everytime i click to print

many thanks Nix
Don't know if you've found an answer to this problem yet, but I had the same issue for about three months. Finally, I found a solution that worked for my MP860 on written by "pineworks". The link is as follows:

For months, I've had to power off, disconnect from computer, and power on again to kick-start the printing. It was driving me crazy. So far, "pineworks" solution has been a permanent one. Been about a week and have had no problems yet.
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When ever i want to print, a service error message appears. A green light and yellow will be alternating./
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Here are some solutions to fix the error code 6C10:

Good luck !
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