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Hp HP OfficeJet 6310

Repair of HP Office Jet 6310 All in One

On my HP all in one 6310, the left hinge on the cover that you open to replace the ink cartridges is broken. Where can I get schematic instructions on how to remove the cover and replace the hinge?

The problem is that the top and bottom parts of the hinge are separated but do not seem to be cracked or broken off. The HP user manual does not cover repairs of this part or show how to disassemble the printer to make repairs.

Any ideas?

I just removed the hinge. Closes just fine now. Just be extra careful when you replace the cartridge. ;-)
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With HP inkjets, they want tyou to just throw it out and buy a new one. Parts are not available for 90\% of the printers from HP
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i had the same problem today. lid would not close completely and I discovered the left hinge was broken. I was able to remove the top portion of the hinge and attempted to crazy glue the broken arms (vertical portions) back to the lower half of the hinge without any luck. seemed kind of solid but it immediately broke when i tried to re-assemble the hinge. as with Mr. Mike...I just left the hinge off and it works fine. I assume this part was designed to break...looks like a really poor way to hinge something.
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I too had the broken hinge problem. It was going to cost me $35 to talk with HP Tech Support and I did not believe the problem could be fixed over the phone. Ship it in and be down for who knows how long, or buy another used, refurb or new (all bad options to me). I just knew there was a way. I could not find a repair manuel on line, when I stumbled upon you guys. Thanks. I fixed it with your help.
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Dear Folks..


I just experienced the same situation: bought paper and ink
(at Microcenter) for my partner's printer that I use a LOT...
and, being in too much of a hurry I yanked the lid up too hard.
Ooops! CRACK! (OH S**T!!).

Of course my SO was royally ticked, she gets new stuff very
infrequently (sigh). So I looked under the hood and, yep, looks
broken.. The hinges are attached with philips screws that are
REALLY difficult to get to. Hmm. (meanwhile g/f does a loud,
slooow burn. I'm in the doghouse, fer shur!).

A careful perusal reveals that although it LOOKS broken, it
might not be. Seems to me that the 'hinges' are just pressure-
hinges and there's another plastic part that holds the back part
of the cover down and restricts how far it can be raised, so
it's an issue of popping the sonuvagun back into place..
I think....

Imp-possible to do without a how-to. So..what to do?
Remove the hinge, possibly causing more damage? Get a new
printer? (!). Run away? (hehe). Not, not and not.

Far as I can tell, it's a NON-ISSUE: the only thing that
having the cover all the way down does is depress the safety
switch at the front left.. keeps the printer from trying to
print while ink cartridges get swapped out. And.. thats ALL.
(the scanner is not affected, it's a totally separate device;
THAT part is good design, thankyouverymuch HP).

Hmm. Sooooo... the REALLY quick fix is to put a piece of
removable tape there to hold the \%^&$\%^ switch down, allowing
the printer to function normally. OK, it LQQKS broke and funky,
but it works JUST FINE. Wanna put new ink in or clear a jam?
Remove the tape first, do your thing, put a new piece of tape
on. VIOLA!! She's-a fixed!!! Good to go for another 5 years.

So put your tools away, folks, it's a no-brainer. Just
don't use the old stand-by DUCT-TAPE, it's messy to remove.

Happy Printing, and, you're very welcome :)

Yours truly,

(has NOTHING to do with paper jams...)
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Thanks Mike. Removing the hinge is the best solution. You wont even know that the thing is broken. It works great. the hinges are badly designed.
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Exactly the same thing happened to me. Both hinges broke.

I agree this must be designed to increase their sales as there are two extremly strong springs inside each hieng and the plastic that holds it together is cartboard thin.

I will try first to fix it by removing the springs and glueing the plastic. If this wont hold I will just remove them and be extra careful when changing cartridges.

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Just remove the half of the hinge that is attached to the upper portion of the copier. It is a star screw driver and not a phillips head screw driver. Worked great once I removed them.
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Thanks guys!!! I thought I needed to buy a new printer, but just removed that left hinge from the top cover and worked like a charm! Muchas gracias.
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The fax has the wrong date.
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Here is the user manual showing how to set it.
http://h10025.www1.hp.com - moe
Hi guys,

also had the broken hinge issue. Left snapped off, but (stupidly) before searching the net, I decided to remove the hinge essembly to replicate it on the 3D printer at work. I managed to do so, but in order to get the hinge essembly out I dismantled most of the printer.
Seemed straight forward enough, even the wire ribbon connections just pulled out, but now that I have put it all back together the scanner doesn't work. Prints fine, but when I try to scan (through network computer, solution centre, web printer-page or copying off the control panel) it will say it starts, takes up a sheet of paper and then the progress bar just sits there flashing on 1 bar... Won't allow me to do anything, so have to pull the plug out.

Anyone else stupid enough to have this issue :P ?

I wonder if the position of the scanner head when I reassembled is causing this. Will give this a go when I have a few hours to muck around with it...
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there is a blink of yellow light at the USB side and printer is showing anything on my desktop
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I had a printer donated to my school (I am the Tech) with one broken hinge (HP Officejet J6480 All in One). I did quite a bit of research and found a You Tube video that showed me how to remove the hinge. I removed BOTH hinges (figured the other one would break soon) and used epoxy to glue on two metal hinges. The printer works great! I just have to make sure I open the printer against a support when I change ink cartridges. I think it cost me $2.35. My Librarian just showed me her HP printer and it too has a broken hinge. Will do the same replacement on that one as well.
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