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Epson Epson Stylus C82

Epson CX5000: head cleaning solution

The instructions on this website only offer instructions for the following models: C82, CX5200, C64/C88, CX3500-CX4600, RX500, RX600, CX6400. Therefore, I do not know how to use this kit for my CX5000. The instructions are very confusing and photos not clear, and don't even represent the printer I own. Can anyone help? thank you.
Also, it is completely unclear to me what things are that are referred to in the instructions, like "cartridge assembly," "service station," "purge tube."
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The instructions that came on paper with the kit and the instructions on the website seem to be very different.
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Sorry, but your printer is nothing special and you clean it the same way as any other printer. Remove ink cartridges. Inject cleaning solution into print head. Reinstall Ink cartridges. Run a cleaning cycle or two. Print a test page. Nothing too difficult about that is there?

The cap assembly or (service station) is the black part under where the carriage (cartridge assembly) parks. Parks as in where it rests not recreates or plays games.

The purge tube connects to the underside of the cap assembly. It runs through a pump and ends at the absorber or waste ink pads.

Cleaning a print is simple however not everyone has the skills to do it. And it can be confusing it you let it. But it's just like eating your lunch. You do it one bite at a time.
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Thank you for your response! I do not know what is the print head where you say I should inject the cleaning solution. Also, I do not know how how to get at the underside of the cap assembly, as you suggest.

The paper instructions say: "initiate a cleaning cycle, and when the cartridge assembly moves off the service station, pull the AC plug." I have tried to do that several times, but the cartridge still returns to the service station, even after the plug has been pulled. - Anonymous
Okay, I got the carriage assembly off the service station, I slid the service station to the right as instructed, but I do not know how to tell if the purge tube is connected or not but I will try this kit anyway. It is a problem if I cannot fit a paper towel under the cartridge assembly? I do not see how to fit any paper towel underneath. there is no room. thank you.
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