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Hp HP DesignJet 1050C


HP DESIGNJET 1050C, PROBLEMS BLACK INJECTOR. It does not print black injector, one changes, printed a moment. He appears " error of sistema" in display of ploter. 0c0032 00000004.
Anticipated thanks to the commentaries.
I have no idea what you are talking about but the error indicates the drop detector isnt working properly which is a very common problem with this machine. Its on the left side of the service station and theres just a blue screw holding it inplace. You need to remove the right side cover and unplug it from the back and it comes right out. Just clean it up really good and remove the excess ink from it. Reinstall and run the service station calibration and you should be done. Ive only had to replace two, all the others Ive been able to clean out.
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Ok, I am going to watch what you say to me. Thanks for its indication. I will inform to him. And perhaps so that it is not understood well to me, it is that I am Spanish and I translate what I write here. Pardon by my English.
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I have been going to see ploter, I comment to you.

- When realising the calibration of injectors, appears the error in display 0c0032 00000004. The impression for the calibration of injectors, the black color prints defectively, almost does not print.

- As I can see in the menu of ploter the section of the calibration of " SERVICE STATION" , because in the menu it is not that section.

- The piece " DROP DETECTOR" , I realise a cleaning to him or the change.

Thanks and a greeting.
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All the printheads need to be functioning to do the calibration if the black or any of the colors is failing you need to replace. Go into utilities menu under printer setup. Press the up arrow and enter button together and your in service mode. now select calibration and perform service station calibration but you should clean out the sensor first and verify all the printheads are working correctly. This is my last post becuase I cant understand what your saying at all you need to maybe try a different media translator if you want real help or find someone who knows English becuase this is impossible.
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I have changed printhead. That it can be this failure? Pardon by my English, attempt realizae the translation as well as possible.
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I have changed printhead several times, installing printheads new, the correct impression being able to print about 20 planes correctly, soon begins to fail printhead black. That it can be this failure? Pardon by my English, attempt realizae the translation as well as possible.
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There is a tube assembly that carries the ink from the ink tanks to the printheads. Check out the black tube at both ends and along the path and make sure there are no air pickets in the tube. If you see air pockets in the tube assembly you need to get a set of setup printheads and prime the tubes to remove that air pocket so the black ink flows without interuption.
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and this gives rise to the error in display 0c0032 00000004?
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Well Ive never seen that happen in the tube assemblies but it could cause the issue if ink is not being pumped in to the printhead. Ive seen them leak on either end and Im guessing it is becuase it is clogged or a faulty seal. So priming it might not have the desired affect maybe just more of a clean up job becuase ink would leak out at one end or the other. DMZ does have more experience with these than what I probably do but I would be cautious of priming them becuase it spits out alot of ink to blead the lines and fill the setup printheads. Also a fair warning it will not do the tube assembly prime if you have low cartridge levels. My opinion would be to replace the tube assembly or check your cartridge and make sure its properly putting the ink out. Once again the error means it does not detect the proper amount of ink being put out by the printhead so either drop detect sensor, printhead, tube assembly, ink cartridge, pump, or board error.
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When the calibration becomes of printheads, the black color does not print, the other colors ok. It appears the error in display.
- Fails drop detector?
- That problem can be?
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The has been replaced several times the printhead black, when it is replaced, ploter prints more or less 20 planes correctly.
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Are you using HP ink? The problem could be that you have junk in the printhead from poor quality ink which is clogging the printhead. I am not saying buy HP ink but they do sell high quality stuff. There are a lot of other companies that also sell good ink. Get the good stuff with the lumps filtered out. Printheads have such a small path in which the ink flows that one must pay very close attention to the quality of the ink. The big chunks (that you will need a microscope to see) will not go through the printhead easy if at all. There are particles in ink (especially pigmented ones) and like dust in a vacumme hose, eventually it gets clogged.

As for the clogged printhead try soaking the business end of it in a shallow puddle of 100\% rubbing alcohol for several hours to desolve the clog. It speeds it up to heat the alcohol but be carefull, alcohol will ignite. Do not submurge the printhead or cover the electrical contacts. Clean the contacts if needed. I use the cap of a off a stick deoderant to soak in because it holds the printhead upwright. Use less than 1/4 inch alcohol or it will drain back into the print head. Fill the prinhead up with alcohol and you will not be happy when it stops printing completly. The idea is simple. Dried ink ink in the elivated printhead desolves and washes out the chunks into the alcohol. It is like dipping that vacumme hose in water to desolve the dust. Don't put the entire vacumme in the bathtub! If you have a coathanger in the vacumme hose you are not going to soak it out. Likewise, your pringhead may be permanently clogged.

This advise has saved me some money operating my Hp 9110 with HP 11 printheads. I know when I am buying low quality ink when I can not run a 500ml bottle of it through the printhead before a new printhead is necessary. Other printheads and inks give different results but these basices go for all inkjet printing. Don't skimp by buying some no-name ink off E-Bay or from the local flea market unless you know it is good stuff. If you have a good free source for printheads I guess it don't matter.

Good luck to ya. - Anonymous
Some person me can offer some suggestion? Thanks
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Lets stop this already. You have been given suggestions and until you do them asking for more help does no good. It is either the tube assembly or carriage assembly both of which cost some money and if you are not willing to spend the money then the plotter will continue not to work. Continuing to ask for suggestions is a waste of time and this boards space. - dmzcompute

Nivek gave you suggestions. Until you perform them no one will help since it appears you are looking for a solution where you do not have to replace anything else. Does not work that way. Tube assembly is the most likely cause.
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I have changed the drop detector, appears equal error 0c0032 00000004.
I have changed the black printhead, appears equal error 0c0032 00000004.
At the moment, since I have indicated in previous days, the black printhead works.
That it can happen?
So that the black color works during a time when a new black printhead is placed?
Anticipated thanks to the aid.
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Did you calibrate the service staion after replacing the sensor? And DMZ and I both pointed out that its probably the tube assembly. Obviously the first step is to replace or clean the drop detect sensor given the error message and the cost. After your description of replacing the printhead several times and still getting the error and it printing poorly I think we can rule that out and since you finally replaced the sensor we can rule that out as long as it was calibrated correctly. One question though. Is black the only cart giving you problems? are the rest of the colors working properly? Also service calibration only works if all the printheads are properly working. Ok I think these sold for around 5,000 and we are sugesting you buy around a 200 dollar part. Whats the problem? This is my last post becuase you have two tech's that have worked on these machines since they've been around and you wont do what we sugest and keep asking the same question over and over again.
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I have had the same problem with a designjet 5500 : no black
replaced head several times
replaced carriage and trailing cable
replaced the ink tubes sytem
replaced printhead again
now plotter is working fine again

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At the moment the situation is:
- I have changed the drop detector.
- I calibrate the service station.
- I have changed print head black.
- The impression of all the colors is correct.
- But, it continues appearing the error 0c0032 00000004.

I ask, or I consult. As and can be carriage trailing cable or the ink tubes sytem, if now printhead black works OK?

Thanks, and you pardon by the annoyances and asking so many times. One assumes that it is understood that I cannot change pieces of the machine if I do not know certainly is the one that fails.
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I don't assume anything. It makes an ASS out of U and ME. Nothing is a forsure fix until's it done and the machine is running properly. We can never be sure what we tell you is going to fix your issue becuase we can't physically see or troubleshoot the machine like we do with our own customers. We can only rely on our past experiences and tell you what most likely would cuase your issue. Even HP doesnt garrenty anything they usually list at least three possible parts and its up to us to isolate these parts to check there functionality. I will only say that if the printheads are functioning fine and it plots correctly you have changed the drop detect sensor and claibrated it then the only thing left is the emode. The drop detect sensor is what gives the error not the tube assembly, carriage, printhead, or anything else. The machine fires ink down the drop detector if it doesnt sense enough ink going through it it tells the mainboard it has an issue. So once again if the ink is firing correctly and the sensor is calibrated correctly the error will only result if the sensor or mainboard is not functioning correctly. Still after this long conversation with you I think it would be in your best intrest if you are going to try and service these machines you get manuals for them. One last thing when you calibrate the service station does it pass the calibration. If the sensor isnt working correctly I wouldnt think it would?
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The problem that I have with everything above is the initial complaint that the black printhead works for maybe 20 plots and then fails, but the colors continue to work. Most times when I see a case like this the first item would be the tube assembly having a small air pocket since the new head comes with ink in it and continues to be fed more ink until the air pocket hits the head and no more ink goes into it. Putting in a new head again with ink prints until it is out of ink. Cheapest item to do is to order a set of setup printheads and reprime the tube assembly. Part number is C6071-60167. Just google it. Heck the heads cost less then 25.00 for all 4 and that is what I would try first. For some reason you seem to be resisting trying anything we suggest thinking someone else will come with a miracle solution. Does not happen that way. My suggestion may not work, but at least it is a cheap suggestion and at least in my opinion has a 75\% chance of success.

Part List
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Setup printhead kit - Used to remove air and prime the ink system (4 used) 22.64 0.00 22.64

Part is in stock.

Part is orderable, please call 1-800-227-8164 for availability.

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