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Brother Brother MFC 210C


I have the same problem w/ the MFC210C the blue will not print. I think it is b/c the ink has dried in the print head. I purged a cart. (b/c brothers are easy to fill and they are ink reseviors not carts, they just hold ink) and then I put a cleaning chemical(came w/ refill kit) in the place of the blue ink. Then I inserted the "cleaning cart" in the blues spot, and ran multiple cleanings and print jobs, w/ no luck at all.
The red was starting to do the same thing and I ran three cleaning jobs, which cleared it up.
This happened again and the cleaning jobs failed to work, so I injected alcohol into a low cart. ran that for a while coping an all read piece of paper and ran cleaning jobs and it did clear up. Yet I can not get my blue to work. I have taken it apart yet could not get to the heads w/o breaking the machine, so now I just use it for b&w, scans, fax, and copies. I have an Epson to do the color printing, yet the Epsons have the smart chips, and I am currently trying find a way around the chip on the R300 epson.
As to refilling your new printer, I do not know what the cart looks like, I would say look on the top of the cart. for an indentation and make that your fill hole. FIRST COVER THE OUTPUT POINT W/ TAPE. oh and wear gloves...lol, luck and take it light...
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Oh one more thing, if you ever run into a situation that you are out of ink and need to print, yet have none to refill it with, I have used a mixture of 80 proof vodka and water to fill the cart back up, and it prints fine, color is okay and printer runs fine. Just a FYI if your in an emergency...take it light...
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Am wondering if all Brother printers are designed so that you can't get to the printer heads to purge/clean them? This essentially makes them throw-away printers. I had the same sort of problem with my Brother MFC-3240c. Ended up that it would not print at all because with one cartridge not working, it would not operate at all.
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Hi Cathy.
This isn`t really a solution to your problem, but more of a " heads-up ".
Years ago, I started out with a Brother 210,purchased at FUTURE SHOP. It came with a 1 yr. Warranty, and I purchased the extended ( extra cost $ 39.95 2 -yr. warranty).
I am now on my 3rd Replacement-under-Warranty
printer ( the new 490CW - prints terrific pictures);
that is to say, my * 4th * printer - all related back to the original $99.99 purchase. Brother doesn`t really repair {ie- labour cost} anything - at THEIR COST price , it`s cheaper to give you a new one.
Each time received a Replacement, I purchased a 2 yr. Extended Warranty (now reduced to to $29.95) in addition to the printer`s standard manufacturer`s
1 yr. warranty . This is because I`ve learned these printers (EVERY one !) FAIL sometime between 24-30 months.
If you`re in need of a new printer, this Warranty
system works well. If you`ve already bought, a lot of places allow a retro warranty purchase ( within a set period). As well, BROTHER makes ink cartridges that are EASY to refill on your own, so you save BIG there,too.
Hope this helps, and $aves you $$$.
Happy holidays. - Anonymous
u can take the printhead out, remove the scaner couple covers and wires, removethe display couple screws, remove the cover then move printhead to left and whala printhead falls out. also the purging is available in maintinace mode also self clean is avail under ink managment. ;)
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i can c why your having print head problems its the crap your putting through your print head. use genuine ink you wont have problem.. thers 2 sorts of print head and one ink doesn't do all types. ink is specialy designed to work with that model of machine and printhead types. 3rd party inks will work for the most part of the machine but arnt designed for that model. ther moto is one ink fits all
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I don't agree with this statement. My MFC490CW is barely 2-months old, just ran through the original "low volume" starter cartridges so I replaced them with all OEM ink. I cannot get the black to print no matter how many cleanings I put the machine through. I purchased this machine on sale 1/2 price...it's a throw away and I won't by a Brother printer again and I'm a Professional Buyer by profession. - Anonymous
You could also take a Q-TIP and rubbing alcool and have fun cleaning the slot for the inks inside the printer. It because, as said earlier, the ink dryer. The alcool helps a lot believe me. They say that apparently you must always use your ink frequently so your printer would work properly, but everyone knows we don't always need the printer on a daily basis. Anyway, rubbing alcool could help you a lot for the MFC-210C as well as the others.
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You think that'll work? How do you go about doing that? - Anonymous

People please get it. These brother Printers are a money making device, the print head is no good, has a very very short life span as you all know by now. A new print head costs over $190. more than the cost of two printers, so this is a trap. just cut your losses and go HP. I did, for less than the price of the print head I bought an HP 6500 wireless and all my problems ended. My MFC490 CW worked for four months before the print head went, just stopped printing black. I will never purchase another Brother product. I have gone through many reviews and everyone has the same problem. It is a shame because the features in the product is so great, but the mechanism to work these great features (the print head) is no good. Maybe it is time to report Brother to the Better Business Bureau.
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I agree 100\%!!! I barely got through the original ink provided with the MFC490CW, purchaseed OEM replacement ink, 2-full sets, swapped out the black twice, went through um-teen cleanings - the black is still not printing. I'm a Buyer by profession, I'll never buy another Brother product again! - Anonymous
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These darn MFCs printers are always having issues. ESPECIALLY the BLACK INK WONT PRINT issue. Im a technician. Always getting ppl asking for me to fix the "Black ink issue". Seems its always a head issue that need to be shipped to Brother International etc. These printers are no good. Im sick of looking at them. Pretty design. Crappy product.
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The fax feature will not fax to a 800 phone number but local 7-digit nos. are not a problem. I have a new VOIP phone service, called Phone Power, which might be part of the problem but they say they don't support faxing and won't help. I couldn't even get the courtesy of a test fax, real A-Holes. Somehow I think my Linksys WRT300N router might be the problem. This because Phone Power changed a lot of parameters in my router in order to get their Grandstream Adapter to work properly. I'm at a loss as to how to troubleshoot this problem.
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Does anybody have an idea how to self refill the cartridge of an MFC-290C??? I'm a **** biologist and I can find out how to open it? It's kind of driving me crazy right know so if someone have a tinyu idea please write it down!
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if your printer takes the LC-61 series cartridges then you can fill it with negative pressure over the little white stem that is sticking out on the cart. - Anonymous
I bought a mfc-490cw last year and it never gave me problems. my question is at the moment i don't have any color ink in the printer because it costs too much. but i did buy the black ink how can i get my printer to work with only the black ink????
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You have to set the printer settings to grayscale. If you set this up from the printer properties, it will only print in black & white. You can do that by going to ''Printers'', selct yours and click on "Properties". Then click on ''printing preferences'',then to ''advance settings'' and click on ''grayscale''. You can also do it from ''Print''. When the ''Print'' window comes up, go to ''preferences" and follow the above instructions, but you will have to do this every time you want to print something. - Anonymous
Had similar problem... removed ink cartridge and made sure that plastic was not covering the little hole that gets pierced once you initially install it.

love my brother... had it over 3 years now with no problem!
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Add me to the list of Brother "Victims". I'm going to start a list over at www.avestedinterest.org

Its a site designed to hold companies, and their insiders (in the case of shareholder issues) accountable.

The site charges something like $5 to join a list. It's for people who are royally upset about being ripped off and simply have decided not to take it any longer.

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I haven't taken my MFC490CW apart yet but my MFC210 worked great after the purge container filled. I reset the purge counter by a process I found through searching (sorry I lost the location). I then removed the four screws under the scanner lid to pull off the top of printer. Here you can see the print head. Take some Windex (the best ink remover I've found - but doesn't work on hands) and put it on on some paper towel. Get the p.towel on the track where the print head move. Manually slide the print head back and forth over the windexed paper towel. This cleans the print head but may not unclog if within. At this time check and empty (rinse under the tap - long job) the ink purge unit. If none of this helps take the Vodka from a previous post and use it internally, a few more may be needed before you recycle your printer. These printers are not very expensive on sale and therefore any repairshop trip is not cost effective outside of warranty.
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i have a brother mfc490-cw thats pissing me off. i buy geniune brother cartridges and after doing little or no printing i get error message saying "not enough ink to maintain print quality" i pull out, replace the cartridge then get a message saying "cannot detect cartridge, remove and install slowly" these are new genuine brother cartridges. i am about ready to throw this piece of shit in the dumpster. anyone have any tips for me before i do? thanks
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I have a brother Mfc-210c i use at home. bought it almost 7years ago,frankly apart from changing the ink cartridges it's just sat there and NEVER given me any problem!

I came to the site because am thinking of using third part ink refills which i saw on TV was possible. I guess am lucky....darn lucky I'll say>
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Bulk ink worked OK for me. Drill a small hole on the top of the MFC 210c cartridge handle. Use sringe to fill cartridge with ink 3/4 full. Too full might cause leaking from the vent. A tiny screw in the hole you drilled should seal until next fill. I have seen it recommended to only reuse cartidge 2 - 3 times. Might be good advice to save printer from recycle bin. Good luck. After fixing cleaning my 210c printer in a previous post I now use it at a 2 nd home where its only used every couple of months. Its not plugged in to allow cleaning ongoing and works great when I go there, turn on power to use it a few times. I would have thought the ink would have dried in the print head. - wernerrapp
I bought the MFC-490CW in January 2010. It has NEVER printed a page, yet all the ink cartridges are ALMOST empty. In fact, the yellow IS empty !!! Where did all that ink go???

Luckily, the purpose of this machine is to email all incoming faxes to reception. We will never need to print a page. But I've got to say, something fishy is going on if all that ink has been used to so-called "clean the print heads"!!!
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The ink is going into the reservoir inside near to top back. It has spongy material in it to obsorb the ink from the cleaning process. In a couple of years or less you will get an error message that its full. You can clean it out and reset the error code and continue. The code is on this site somewhere and to get to the tank is the same as getting to the print head as its just behind the print head.
Hope this is a little help.
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The manual says that the carts should print 450 sheets. I am lucky to get almost 100 sheets before the carts are empty. It prints fine but the ink is insanely expensive and I cannot afford it. Any suggestions?
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Go to eBay for refillable cartriges plus the 100 cc bottles of ink That makes it very cheap. Most of the after market ink is OK
One co. has 2 black and one ea of the colors in 100 cc.
Total cost $26 Equiv to 25 cartriges total - XBP
123inkcartridges.ca or atlanticinkjet.com are just a few that sell generic ink or cartridges. They have combo packs for less and watch for amount needed for free shipping. I am sure there are other suppliers so search the cartridge regularly for the best value.
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409 is the best ink dispersant inject into ink cartridges run head cleaning at least 3 times isopropl alcohol also breaks down ink do this at your own risk just befor throwing into dumpsted the q tip idea is good if you have mechanical abilities remove purge unit rince with 409 and water solotion remove absorbing pads rince with water dry on newspaper this also works on hp printers flush hoses if posible
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what the heck is error 36 on mfc 490. feeds paper under the paper tray ????
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Don't know about error code but the most logical problem would be the rear gate is not closed properly or the tray is not sitting back properly far enough. Sorry for the obvious .
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The LC61 series is just like their other printers in that they use a beam of light to check for ink level . If you notice when you take these cartridges out that they have a sliding mechanism with a little hole . Push the front of the cartridge towards the rear and then you'll see there is a little window . when you turn this part towards the floor you'll see ink fill it up . Put a piece of electrical tape over this and it'll fool the printer and you can print black !
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does anyone know how to clean the heads of this device. I cannot get the black ink to work.. I even took a blue ink cartridge and tried.. Its clogged or blocked. I need to know exactly how to UNCLOG it..
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I have the same issue any help would be appreciated. . . - unknown
i purchased a brother 490cw after about 4 months of little use the black ran out, So i replaced it and guess wot ? i got the message no black i tried all the tips you all gave it still will not work, So i am in the brother is crap camp and brother if you read this forum i will never buy and more important will tell all i know to give brother a wide birth . The much cheaper lexmark is much more reliable
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try this and it should help with clogged print heads
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eBay has lots of refillable cartridges Get those first
lots of cleaning cycles may work
try brothersolutions.com
someone had success with a mixture of strong vodka and water in the cartrige
If nothg else works, keep it for black only, or for parts

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replaced black cartr, on 6 months old 490 and wont print nomore.
Brother printers are crap.
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I have had my brother mfc 210c for a number of years now and it has never given me any problems, until now. I use brother ink and print 10-100 copies a week. I needed to replace my black ink that was completely empty and as soon as I replaced it I got a message that said "unable to clean". I disconnected the cord but the message won't go away and I can't use it till the message goes away. I need to find the code I saw mentioned here on this site, and I need to find out if I need to clean the printer myself. If so, how do I do it?
by bsjstmarys on Oct 1, 2011 at 4:56pm Add comment
I have a MFC 490cw and it started a ticking sound and nothing works. Any one have a clue how to fix it. Some one says its a stuck print head. Please help
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What is error 50 unable to print??? What do I need to do to fix this?
by unknown on Dec 13, 2011 at 7:12am Add comment
I have a MFC 490CW and can not get it to fax it dials but there is no phone tone and i know it is hooked up to the phone
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Our Brother Customer Service Representatives will be happy to assist you with resolving your problem. Please contact Brother Customer Service at: 1-877-276-8437 between 9:00 AM and 8:00 PM (EST)
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My MFC-490CW worked flawlessly for over 2 years and always used Brother branded ink. Then, the first time I tried a black replacement cartrige it would not print black. In fact I tried another new black knock-off cartridge and still got nothing from the black. Now even the branded Brother LC61CBK cartridge won't print. I may try cleaning the heads, but it looks to me like I may have to just through the printer out and get a new one. That one will not be a Brother, believe me. Brother, put that in your pipe and smoke it, and don't give me any B.S. about using aftermarket inks. In my mind Brother may just put in some killer software that buggers up your printer the minute it detects a cartridge that is not their own.
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We bought this printer three years ago for business, black stopped working this last year, called Brother, they sent a new machine, same problem, no black. What's the deal? I won't ever buy another Brother product.
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A couple of weeks later I tried running it again with a genuine Brother black cartridge, and it started to clear up. It took several passes of printing, but the machine is back to printing flawlessly. However, I wasted more than 40 bucks on the knock-off cartridges. One way or another Brother seems to have us locked in. Same here: I will never again by a Brother anything.
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Ok I have a MFC 490CW and I wish everyone would try different methods to try to fix the issues. I purchased my printer from Office Depot last year and 2 weeks ago I started having printer printing issues with the black.

I gladly took the advice of someone here who pasted a link to youtube video. Just because you may not have that type of printer doesn't mean that you can not try it on the printer model you do have.

We used the flush out method!!! We made our own flushing cleaner, with about a 1/4 cup of clear Alcohol and equal part of water not warm or hot but cold water, we mixed it, took a syringe and an air tube which we had extra from the aquarium and hooked it to the end of the end of the syringe and only pulled enough through 1/3 of the way up, and hooked it to the jet with the black and slowly push the fluid through but you need to follow the video.

After about 5 cleanings to bring the ink back through the printer heads awww man ITS BEAUTIFUL AND ALL IS FINE NOW, just Perfect!!!!

Just wanted you all to know that before you waste more money on another printer and fussing about you are not going to buy another of the same brand try a $2.00 way and it really didn't cost that much to fix mine!!!!!
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Our Brother Customer Service Representatives will be happy to assist you with resolving your problem. Please contact Brother Customer Service at: 1-877-276-8437 between 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM (EST)
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490cw i purchased 1 set or ink whic includes color and black. Black does not print. i ordered mew blank assumed previous one was broken. Guess what. Second black ink also did not work. Brother should recall all these printers to fix. Otherwisw no one will buy brothers anymore. As i went and purchased canon.
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Mine has had the same recurring problem (black and/or colors are sometimes almost non-existent). I have to spend a lot of time having the machine clean itself, and after a few passes, we're back to normal. For a while. I am getting to hate that printer... and Brother.
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anybody has information how to clean head of 490cw?
by unknown on Mar 11, 2012 at 9:57am Add comment
Hit the "Ink" button on the machine, and a menu will come up to chose whether you want to clean the black, colors, or all of them.
by jmccannhtx on Mar 11, 2012 at 12:16pm Add comment
i did it 147834587 times still not working. i was asking print head cleaning
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i have a mx320 canon printer and i have got a new colour ink and a new black ink but it seems to still not work it keeps saying save this work when i have already done it as soon as i press print please help me its been like this for ages :)
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Hello to all those who have had trouble with this printhead,
mine too stopped printing but without the error 41.
Still I had to devise a way to clean this head.
To those who still have their machine and still hope to get it working try this.
Remove the printhead.
Fill a small dish with hot water and just a hint of liquid detergent about 1/4 inch deep.Place the head in the dish for a bout 10 min. Fold two paper towels into quarters so its nice and thick.Dampen the towels.Place the printhead on the towel and fill the cavity where the catridges go with the hot water and hint of detergent.The towels will draw the water to it and pull out ink.Keep the circuit board dry!
Warning!!!! The ink is water soluable and harsh chemicals like acetone will NOT dissolve it.But the printhead is made of injection molded plastic which WILL dissolve in acetone.
Prove it to yourself ,acetone will not dissolve a coffee stain,but water will.
I had good results with this method,but be patient.
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ok, I just spent some time on the phone with Brother support and was finally able to get my blank ink to print!! I have the MFC 430W, so your instructions may be different. What you want to do is get your machine into 'maintenance' mode on your screen.

Following are the instructions for my model:

press the following 3 keys quickly one after the other:
'menu - the black start key - 0' Your screen should then say

press '763'. Your screen will then say POWER_ _P ALL

press the right arrow button one time. Your screen will say

Press the 'color start key' and let the machine run thru the maintenance.

Run a print quality test.
If the black still does not print, repeat the process. I did it twice, and finally the black printed.

Hope this helps some, if not all of you with this issue.
by Sal_C2006 on May 1, 2012 at 11:31am Add comment
That's BLACK ink, not BLANK...sorry :( - Sal_C2006
I'm so glad I kept reading posts til I found yours. My 490CW stopped printing black. All black came out blue. I tried the regular cleaning cycle several times with no luck. I finally tried your method twice & it is printing black once again. I was just about to toss this thing in the dumpster. Thanks! - mingthefreak

I obviously, have been fortunate enough to NOT have any of the problems mentioned above!
I have owned a "Brother MFC-490CW for at least 5 years.
I use the printer often. Yes, I have replaced the ink cartriges. It's still going strong. My issue is that when ever it is low it will give me a pop-up reading such and such as ink is low you may now order from blah blah blah. I wish I could now SEE that message to order new cartridges.. Of course I would appreciate the opportunity to buy cartridges at a discount price. NO, NO, NO I DO NOT WANT TO REFILL THE INK. I'M TOO BUSY AND I SEE RED FLAGS EVERY WHERE FOR THIS SUGGESTED SOULTION. NO GUARENTEES, SEE INK ALL OVER MY FINGERS ETC.









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I fixed my 490!!! It was a pain but it can be done. My 490 stopped printing black and like everyone else I tried replacing the ink cartridges which did nothing except cost $45. I removed the ink and used a can of compressed air to clean the print heads. The compressed air can needs one of the little straws to focus the pressure. Line it up and spray both the top and bottom cartridge inserts. It took several tries and about 25 cleaning cycles but it worked.
by ascahn on Sep 6, 2012 at 6:42pm Add comment
I fixed my 490!!! It was a pain but it can be done. My 490 stopped printing black and like everyone else I tried replacing the ink cartridges which did nothing except cost $45. I removed the ink and used a can of compressed air to clean the print heads. The compressed air can needs one of the little straws to focus the pressure. Line it up and spray both the top and bottom cartridge inserts. It took several tries and about 25 cleaning cycles but it worked.
by ascahn on Sep 6, 2012 at 6:44pm Add comment
I think I got my MFC-490CW black ink to work again. This and other discussion threads were a big help. My black clogged suddenly, and the printer's regular cleaning utility did not work. I used a combination of a cryptic "maintenance mode" purge cleaning, dabbed Q-tips of alcohol on the print head, and jiggled the alcohol with a thin sewing needle. After many tries, the black started printing again. Another tip from another thread -- I could not run some of the black ink diagnostics because the Magenta cartridge was empty. But there's a small window on the cartridge. When I covered it with a small piece of black electrical tape, the cartridge looks full. So it works for now, but I'm not sure what I'll do long-term. I also learned that Brother ink jets are in the machine, but HP jets are in the cartridge (i.e., new cartridge = new jet). I like that I can get Brother ink refills for less money, but I wonder if I should keep a spare printer in the house, like a spare propane tank. - Bob ... (JUST FYI, those advertising hyperlinks are inserted after we post our comments. I didn't put them in here.)
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i have a brother mfc 490cw...just recently i started to print pictures due to having my son. it worked fine and printed out a few good pics..then all of a sudeen it stopped working and my pictures started coming out red! so i changed all my inks are cleaned it quite a few times and nothing they are still comming out red!! what can i do to fix this? i just bought all new ink cartridges in hopes to print out pictures of my son and i cant. they just come out red. someone please help!!
by unknown on Jan 16, 2014 at 1:42pm Add comment

The industry says that at least once a month you should print something, even a test print page to avoid the ink drying up in the print heads. Most printers including Brother will turn themselves on occasionally to clean themselves. I do not recommend refilling your ink cartridges yourself. You can buy 'non-OEM compatible refilled' ink cartridges for you printers very cheaply but not all that make/sell these are of the same quality. So if this is of interest to you then you need to shop around until you find a good & reputable compatible non-OEM ink seller.

I have had my Brother MFC490CW now for at least 5 years. Love it! Last year I received a warning code that said my ink reservoirs (when you clean your printer this is where that extra ink goes) were filled! So I took apart my printer, took out those sponges, cleaned them (took hours to get all that old ink out of them), dried them off & put them back & reassembled the printer. Works like a champ.

Have also had problems with the ink heads starting to jam but used ink cleaning solutions right away & freed them up. Part of the trick is to treat those beginning print head clogs right away because the longer you wait the harder it is to clear them. If you are going to use non-OEM compatible ink cartridges I would recommend you switch out non-OEM one time then go to OEM the next time then non-OEM the next time after... By alternating like this you have a better chance of your print heads not clogging up & still saving money on ink.. Don't buy ink non-OEM ink cartridges by price alone. Cheapest doesn't mean the best nor does most expensive!

As far as those having issues with faxing, I retired from TWC Tier III Advance Troubleshooting Support. There at TWC we solved many customers issues they had using other manufactures equipment. TWC even had solutions that the manufacture support didn't know about! What I'm getting at is either your equipment your using technical customer support should be able to help you or your ISP. When anyone tells you something can't be done it doesn't necessarily mean it can't be done. It mostly only means they don't know how to do it! Good luck & hoped this helped.

by pcwizard05 on Aug 25, 2015 at 1:58am Add comment