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Hp HP Photosmart C5180

Photosmart C5180 Refill Ink problems..

Refilling my own cartridges. I called HP to find out how to turn off the ink level gage on the HP Photosmart All-in-One C5180, they won’t tell me. I get the” we do not recommend you refill your own cartridges, you need to buy a new genuine hp cartridge.” Well I reset the ink levels by pulling the CMOS battery to erase the cartridge serial numbers on the Printer memory. But is there an easier way or code to put in the front panel to disable this, HP won’t help me, I tried several times to get that answer with no success.
Will...It sounds like we both have the same problem only mine is with a canon printer. I received the same answer "we dont recommend refilling cartridges, buy a new 30.00 one". Now, I have learned that by holding the printer reset button in for 5 seconds, it will deactivate the ink level indication. If you have a reset button, you might try that.
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I'm having the same problem. Would you describe how to pull the CMOS battery? Did you also need to uninstall the HP software on your computer?
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I haven't tried removing the battery nor uninstalling the software. I have tried the 5 second reset button several times but with no luck. Canon said that it might take several tries. Now my canon MX-300 prints just fine, but everytime I print something, I get a low ink warning. All I have to do is "click" it off & do my printing. Just a pain and I would like to be able to monitor my ink consumption. Canon wants to sell us new cartridges and it looks like they have done their homework, but there must be a simple way around it.
Does your printer work ok otherwise ?
Roger - rogert

I'm having the same problem. Would you describe how to pull the CMOS battery? Did you also need to uninstall the HP software on your computer?
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To pull the CMOS battery “No guarantee this will work for you, and if you damage your printer don’t blame it on me”, after many prints the low ink warning came back, but it continues to print in color now so I just ignore the warning. I did not have to remove the print software. You must remove the side panel where the memory card slots are, there are 2 screws on this, and you must take the screws out with the lid open. Once the screws are removed you have to pop the panel off, be careful because the circuit board is below this. Once the panel is removed and you see the circuit board, set the printer on its side when you do this. You must remove all the top screws on the board. Then gently slide the board back ½ inch toward the ribbon cables to release it from the memory card slot holes, then lift the board up leaving all the ribbon cables attached. You will notice a circular CR-2032 lithium 3 volt battery; you must gently push the battery out from the back side as the top tab will flex a small amount. “BE! CARFUL! Don’t break it like I have seen a few people do on this site by trying to pull tab up, “it will flex up just enough when you put the proper pressure on the back of the battery and “SLIDE IT OUT!”. Leave the battery out for a few minutes, so no residual voltage is left in the capacitors. Then just gently slide it back in the opposite way you took it out. Once I did this it seemed to clear the serial numbers on ink cartridges and everything went back to default levels. The only reason HP does not want you to refill your cartridges is because they don’t make money on your buying the expensive $10.00 per refill, VS refilling your own for pennies on the dolor. The other reason is, if you get air in the print system when a cartridge runs out you can damage the print heads, so don’t ever let a cartridge run empty, or use the wrong type of ink and you should be ok “No Guarantees!”, NOTE: This might void your warrantee if HP can prove you did this, if you need any service work done. But it worked for me. I might even modify the circuit board and rig a disconnect switch for the battery on the outside of the printer case, much easier then taking the printer apart.
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CMOS Battery Removal!!: (Do at your own RISK!) make sure you unplug your printer power for safety before you take it apart, if you leave it plugged in, there is a chance of electrical shock. Also if you leave it plugged in, pulling the CMOS battery won't clear the printer memory because the circuit board still has power from the outlet. - Will707
But don't get me wrong, HP produces great printers; they just need to be more supportive to the guy who wants to save a little money. If I pay $169.00 dolors for a printer, I have the right to fill my own INK! Or buying a 3rd party continues refill system. SO if any HP engineers are reading this “Make a firmware patch that will add this to the C5180 menu, the option to disable the print cartridge refill warnings and serial number tracking feature, you can always add your legal jargon of this will void your warrantee. “I WOULD BE HAPPY WITH THAT!”
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HP doesn't need to be anything, other than held accountable with their competing thugs in this extortion racket which they have been running! They rape the environment with their waste to bring in billions of dollars for nothing! They can sell ink, if they can validate their claims that theirs is best, but their current shenanigans are anti-recycling, therefore counter-cultural to the modern world, and every government should burn them for the damage which they have caused. There's simply no valid excuse for forcing consumers to throw away perfectly good plastic cartridges just because they can't rule Wall Street by selling ink alone! Throw the thugs in jail, and see how long they last before somebody whacks them! - unknown
Also in pulling the CMOS battery, make sure you pay attention to how the battery is positioned in the slot, from what I remember the positive side should be facing up. “But verify this yourself” Hope this helps.
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i followed all the steps and the printer is still showing that error ><

somebody can helpme?
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100\% functioning
The easiest way is to buy new cartridges and let the printer register them then remove them and install the refilled ones.
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Tried the reset, but I still get the error message - despite the fact my settings are for Black Ink only!

HP needs to go to hell!
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Does anyone know any good source for bulk HP photosmart C5180 ink refills?

Does anyyone know whether the photosmart inks are interchangeable for HP printers?
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http:/www.inkjetcartdidge.com - Anonymous

On my HP Photosmart C5180, the Magenta ink (original HP ink cartridge) ran out before the others and the printer wouldn't let me print at all, even in black and white.

I drilled a small hole in the top of the Magenta tank and refilled the ink with a syringe and turned on the printer, but it still said that the Magenta needed to be replaced.

So I tried Will707's tip to remove and replace the CMOS battery to reset the ink levels. Turned on the printer and some warnings poped-up but I can print like normal now and that is the main thing.

Need I say, that when the other ink tanks run out, I will be refilling the ink myself rather than paying HP half the price of the printer for their ink.
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The 02 cartridges have a small chip on the face of the cartridges which need to be replaced after each refill. The chip monitors the amount of ink and lets the printer know when empty. Be careful about drilling holes in the cartridge as this will allow air into the cartridge which will allow air into the supply tubing and will result in an unclearable error condition making your printer unusable. The cartridge must be airtight.
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Thanks Sue

I forgot to mention that I sealed the hole with a glue gun after refilling. So far so good.
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I will not buy this printer or any other from this company. No wonder toyota is having problems.
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I have a HP Photosmart C5180 with a problem. Actually it's not a problem but more of a oversight on HP's behalf. I have a brand new Black cartridge , that my printer says need replacing. In other words it's expired according to HP. Stores have old inventory of HP cartridges which have expired. No one knows this until they insert it in the printer. There should be a major lawsuit put on HP for having such practices as this.No one knows the cartridge they have just purchased has expired. When I found out that HP does I was surprised. After this I encourage anyone with a HP printer to find ways around this. Just to show HP we can play the same game.
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I was facing the same problem with my new black refillable cartridge, but after powering off the C5180 for about 1 hour I then tried to scan a couple of papers with the appropriate HP application (HP control center) and noticed that the black ink level was now all the way up to the top! I didn't change anything (I was going to ask someone with a half-full black original cartridge to let me use it just once to see if I can get the printer to 'reset' the ink level) it just worked it out on its own!

Now as for hunter's comment, I couldn't agree more! If HP have the least amount of self-respect they should PRINT on their ink packages the EXPIRING DATE and include a note that the ink will not work after that date passes.

Just one question: Does anyone know where I can get QUALITY inks for me cartridges from? I just need good quality inks (Vivera style?) not the 'compatible' cartridge.
I found tons of items on ebay but I fear they are all cheap chinese products that will damage my printer (and I have seen most sellers admitting to their product flaws but just pointing out how much money you've saved until your printer dies, which is why they keep selling them).
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I just carried out Will707's instructions. Note I undid five screws:- one at the front, three on the top (all with the lid open) and one at the back.
Left the battery out for five minutes, then replaced and re-assembled. Inserted previous (very old - 4 years+) set of cartridges and so far apart from a message about low level in the cyan (which I think I had before they "timed out"), all is working.
Thanks Will707!
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Once the battery is out, is there any reason to put it back? Can I just leave it out?
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You say to remove the side panel where the memory card slots are...which side, left or right?
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People, I don't have to remind you (A)what the world has come to with every business on the planet creating any possible way to screw the consumer ad infitum for the almighty dollar and (B)how HP is attempting to become the King of Business Sleaze with their complete lack of ethics in their business template and products, which is why we all ended up here right? We are pissed off enough to at least try and find a way to beat these sleazeballs, so kudos to everybody who shows up here in the hunt to fight for what's right. Today I feel like Rocky Balboa, only instead of boxing gloves on my hands, they are covered with Cyan ink as I just got through refilling the HP 02 cartridge of my HP C5180. Like my first sexual experience, it was messy, but now I know how the whole thing works...First off, you don't have to remove your CMOS battery to do this (at least I didn't); after you re-install your just refilled cartridge; your little HP All Knowing All-In-One C5180 will recognize that you have refilled their empty cartridge and remind you that you have violated their precious little warranty, so you agree to your penance by pressing OK and you are on your way and HP will have one less poor slob to bilk from now on! Here's what you do: (1)Remove the empty cartridge and place it on a section of newspaper with the top of the cartridge up (you should see the mini hp logo and a small dimple underneath it) and the bottom with the gold chip on the bottom faceing your newspaper.(2)Find a drill bit a tad bigger than the end of your syringe that you will use to fill your empty cartridge,(I used an 11/64) and slowly drill a hole exactly where the dimple is). You have to allow for the air that is in the empty cartridge to escape as you fill it with ink (this is very important).You also may be able to just push the dimple in with a finger drill or a sharp object like a nail. Next, put on some throwaway latex or vinyl gloves as this can get messy and the ink is a MF to get off. (3)Next, refill the cartridge with 10ML max of ink. Proceed slowly; if the ink is not going in easily, your hole is not big enough to allow the air to escape. There will probably be some spillage so have a roll of paper towels handy. (4) After filling the cartridge, wipe the entire cartridge off to insure there is no ink on it, especially where the hole is.(5 Cut a small piece (1/2 " wide by 1" long) of electrical tape (I used Gorilla tape) and cover the hole with the tape. Put the edge of the tape just below the hp logo to insure maximum adhesion to the cartridge, and make sure you have equal tape length on both sides of the sodes of the cartridge. Press down hard where the tape sticks to the cartridge and where the hole is. (6) Install your new refilled cartridge, close the lid. (I didn't turn the printer off when I did this.)Wait for the little hp devil to tell you that you may violate your warranty by not using the hp product line on the message screen; risk death by pressing OK and start dancing and screaming wildly as you have hopefully beat the system...Hope this works for you and keep fighting the Good Fight...
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Ok, so for some reason when you (will707) said "memory card slots" I was thinking you meant something inside the printer, which is why I asked if they were on the left or right. Duh. It finally dawned on me what you meant. I took the printer apart, found the battery and removed it. No one answered my question about just leaving the battery out, but that's what I'm doing. I put the printer back together without the battery and so far everything seems to be working fine. It now prints when I say OK to printing only in black. Thanks will707 for your detailed instructions on removing the battery.
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Hi, could you please send me the HP C5180 battery removal guide, too?
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Hi, I found a post that describes how to reset the printer without having to take it apart and remove the battery:

1. Hold the "Help" and "OK" buttons down at the same time, keep holding them and unplug the printer.

2. Again hold the "Help" and "OK" buttons down at the same time, keep holding them, plug in the printer, and press the power button to power up. Keep holding the buttons! The printer will power up for a little while, show some messages, then shut itself off.

3. Now you can release the buttons. Press the power button to power up like normal. You'll get an "improper shutdown" message. My printer took a lo-o-ong time cycling through the cartridges and getting them set up, but finally when it was done, I could override any "Ink near expiration" or "empty ink cartridge" messages by just hitting OK to print with the black cartridge.

This got rid of my "expired ink" messages problem that was preventing me entirely from printing.
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Mine worked ok for awhile after removing the battery. Then I started getting error messages again, so I fixed it permanently this time - I got rid of it and bought a new Dell printer.
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I went to Wal-Mart and bought a Canon printer for $35 with new cartridges.
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