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Hp HP LaserJet 3310

hp photosmart 3310 no black print!!!

I m a miserable owner of HP psm 3310- all (problems) in one printer- I ve done everything but the printer can not print black at all of its modes (print, scan ,copy etc)
i ve tried to
put new cartridges,reset and calibrate printer,cleaned the cartidge placeholder contacts.nothing happened, what can i do!?!?
This web page may be helpful.
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I had the same problem today & got it fixed with a little --- ok a lot of patience!!! I have seen the "no black print" problem on 4 printers now & this has fixed 3 of them. Power off the printer. Hold down the CANCEL & OK buttons & keep them held while powering on the printer. Keep them held till the printer shuts itself back off --- it will shut off without you hitting the on/off button. Then power it back up normally by hitting the on/off button. It will warm up normally except it will display a message "OOB NVRAM RESET" & it will then do about 3 minutes of priming & pumping up the ink in the tubes that run from the cartridges to the print head. You then can run a test print in the tools section. YOU MAY HAVE TO DO THIS PROCEEDURE AS MANY AS 6 TIMES AS I HAD TO & IT WILL EVENTUALLY GET ALL AIR BUBBLES OUT OF THE BLACK TUBE.
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See my successful results below. This printer resets differently. See my edited results below.

Wizdad - Wizdad
I suggest all the people with defective HP3310 contact me to organise a court case against HP as it is clear the product is defective.

I bought an out of warranty replacement and it has lasted barely six months before the same thing has happened. I dare say the replacement was a reconditioned one with the same problem.

HP will by now know the product was made with a defective part and are refusing to acknowledge it, even that there is a problem at all considering how many people have had this problem there should be something on there website about it but as yet nothing.

Contact me and when there are enough people I will begin proceedings against HP to reclaim our losses or be supplied with the printer we all expected - one that'll last for years all singing and dancing! Printers are not a yearly expenditure!!
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Same problem as you and Nelson Yee = no black ink except when printing Extended Self Test (on headings). I responded to the Anonymous thread thinking I was replying to Nelson Yee. It's so close to working except for black....and that's the frustrating thing. I learned more from this site than from HP and was really upset when they tried to sell me a replacement for a printer I've used (tried to use) for two days. I was so happy when we got the wireless working and the printer was hooked up -- and now I'm depressed. HP needs to do what's right for the customers who purchased their (high end) printers in good faith.
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EUREKA! Just Got off the internet chat with HP Rep. He suggested that i do a "semi-full reset" which will reset the All-in-One to the factory default settings by using these instructions:

1. Unplug the power cable from printer while the printer is powered on.

2. Press and hold Plus (#) and 6 while plugging in the power cord. This will perform a maintenance cycle. I did this twice but no joy. BUT THE THIRD TIME WORKED!!!

Print a self test by pressing "Setup" and then 1, then 1 again.

Good luck!

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It's not even close to surprising to me, that this situation exists. I worked there (HP) and the company was a worthless piece of cown dung as an employer too. I worked at DEC (digital equipment corporation) which was the most amazing place I've worked. Then Compaq because CPQ bought DEC. Then HP because HP bought CPQ.

It was fine until HP got a hold of things.

Here's why you're all scrizewd... Unlike TOYOTA, where when they screw up PEOPLE DIE, in this situation you're just out money. Nobody is dead. So their lawyers figure it's much cheaper to screw you and fight litigation than to fix it.

There are only TWO ways to win in this case.

1) EXTREME VERY VERY PUBLIC BAD PRESS. If enough people see HP in the image you see them, they WILL do something to fix that. First, they will satisfy you (quiet you) and then damage control "We weren't aware of this problem at all until the class action suit. We've worked feverishly and spent millions to correct the situation and apologize to our overly appreciate customers" This basically requires someone or a lot of someones getting a hold of a large news broadcast. National. HARD TO DO.

This is the MOST effective way to stick it to them. YOU control your wallet and spending habits. The next printer you buy BETTER SAY CANON!!!! Very very EASY to do... and free. Word of mouth is great as well. Tell everyone you meet and know.. Don't wait until there's a printer situation or conversation. Your mom calls tomorrow. "Oh hi mom, by the way if you are ever thinking printer DO NOT THINK OR BUY HP... wanna hear why?" and so on.
I worked at a restaurant as a server and above the door in the kitchen as you leave for the dining room it read "A satisfied guest will tell a friend about your service. A dissatisfied guest will tell 15." Live up to that philosophy.

Now I am going to offer a solution for people that's basically the plug-6# solution but with a tweak. I saw a few folks in here complaining about color consumption and losing ink carts while trying to fix the printer.

It's easy to avoid.

you COULD send an all black print job but then you'd have to setup the network settings every reboot. That's a pain in the butt.

So here's my solution overall....

1. Unplug the power cable from printer while the printer is powered on.

2. Press and hold Plus (#) and 6 while plugging in the power cord. This will perform a maintenance cycle. It will take many (more than 3) times to get any results. If more that 15, trash the printer. It's over.

3. Download this file and copy it to an SD card.

If that link does NOT work, google "checkered print pattern"
and use the first image that shows up in "images" tab.

4. put the SD card in the printer.

5. Presuming you've already done step 2, select the checkered image on the SD card using the printer's menu for "print" and print it out 5 or 6 times. If you see nothing repeat this entire process SKIPPING 3.&4. since you've already done those.

Hope this may help some people. - kevinflynn
I've just followed the above advice after trying everything else to get the black ink to print and it's slowly working!!!

I've now done a reset using # and 6 four times and the ink comes back a bit more each time! I've also done a few print head cleans from the tools menu in setup (not sure if this has helped or whether it's just the reset)

Don't give up .... I very nearly had - was looking at new (non hp) printers this morning online.

Here's the hp link on what to do:

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Hi Lambchop-

I'm glad the fix worked. How did I get into the
predicament in the first place? I removed the black
ink cartridge and replaced it back into the printer.
I know it shouldn't matter, but this must be a design

This thread shows that the problem exists for several
people. It should be addressed by HP. At the least,
these instructions should be included in the
troubleshooting section of the user's manual and on
the HP website.

The "Semi-Full Reset" description on the website doesn't
cite it as a solution to the no print problem.

Wizdad - Wizdad
I will never buy another hp product. I have a 6180.... this printer is HORRIBLE and has been since I bought it 2 years ago. It has been more an office decoration than a printer. I've prob used it to copy/print, at best, a total of 60 documents. It is either out of ink or not working! After it failed me during exam week, I decided to stop using it to avoid the anger and frustration it continually caused... Now I am once again trying to not let the "most expensive/nicest printer Apple offered at the time", go to waste.

After holding for 20 minutes and spending another 15 giving a rep all of my info (email, phone #, etc.), HP customer support said that although it is obvious that I bought a faulty printer, and it can easily be proven that I have only printed a few documents over it's lifetime, I am out of warranty. It will cost $35 an hour for HP to troubleshoot the current issue (NO BLACK COPY)! I am amazed that Apple sold this product.
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Yes, it'll cost you to speak to an offshore rep on the phone. The trick is to use the chat option via internet. It is real time, and doesn't cost anything, whether your printer is in or out of warranty. It takes some patience to wait for a response, but there's no time limit either.

At some point, if the problem isn't resolved, you'll be offered the option to purchase an upgraded replacement (refurbished) at a reduced price. Before you agree, ask for the offer to be emailed to you and research the prices on the internet. Also, you just might do better locally.

Good luck. - unknown
You guys could possibly be the best people in the world!!
After about 12 attempts of the # and 6 reset ~ it WORKS!!
Thanks so much,
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Just wanting to share with you people
This is what just worked for me after a very stressful day - why do printer brake down when you need them most

i removed the blank ink cartridge and got the guys in the work shop to very carefully blow air from the air compressor into the little tube where the ink goes plugged printer back in and got the priner to clean heads a few times and after 3 black ink starter to show - thank goodness hope this helps someone.
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Ok guys I fixed it in one go, by using FULL RESET.

Background story:
HP tries to ripoff people by telling them that they have to call them and let them hang on the line for over 12 minutes which I had to pay!! Eventually, after writing an article in Bangkokpost (newspaper in Thailand) about HP bad corporate behavior and many readers letters -acknowledging HP bad /near criminal behavior,I was contacted by an Executive of HP (US) told me he wants to settle it. I got my money back AND I got a NEW HP3110!! They not even ask for the original HP3110 in return. Now I have 2x HP3110.

I wonder how far corporate behavior against customers can be dealt with. As andyc1909 above already wrote, I think it is a good idea to kick them in their balls from time to time, just to remind them that their customers are capable humans and not idiots. Its just the same with Microsoft, I think I not need to elaborate further...


PRESS SIMULTANEOUSLY: OK, Cancel, Black, and Color buttons down

at the same time and turn the HP3310 off.
-Keep holding the buttons down until the printer shuts off and the turn it back on.
-You will have to turn the printer off twice and then it will recalibrate.
-Make sure you have new cartiges in the printer so that it can reset.

Good Luck!
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i have had this problem a few times now, and it seems i am using more ink on test pages than on actual printing. On occasions before some solutions MAY have worked, but i DOUBT all the solutions offered here (you can also read from other people: "but on the third occasion it worked", etc.).

I am guessing at some point you have been SHAKING the machine just enough for the ink to MAYBE start flowing again.

the lack of OFFICIAL HP support/solutions on this problem surprises me, especially because so many people seem to have this problem.

it seems they do NOT have a REAL solution and you cant really reach them without paying a large amount of money.

I have decided HP is a brand i will NOT buy again, just too many problems.

Shame on HP that they do NOT support their failing products for FREE.
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I tried both the full reset and the semi-full reset. This printer doesn't work now because I am out of ink from the test pages. Still have black ink of course! The color ink started leaking as well. I also get calibration error, alignment failed and ink system failure. The dilemma now is whether to buy more ink cartridges to see if these tricks worked or buy a Non-HP printer.
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I have a similar problem but with the magenta cartridges. I am going to try several semi-full and full resets. I already spoke to HP and after 45 MINUTES of holding and another 40 MINUTES of getting my info they just tried to make me buy a new printer. Once I told them I had no intention of dropping another 200+ bucks on a faulty printer they told me to buy another cartridge. pfffff


I will never ever ever ever ever EVER buy HP again.

PS: I also have a 3 year old notebook with a broken display.
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My 3310 exhibited the same symptoms as all of you and I did Wizdad's #6 trick about 12 times. Slowly the black print quality improved. I then printed a 15 page notepad file which was not really usable. I left it overnight and found, the next day, that print quality was nearly perfect.

I repeated the #6 cycle again nd lo, it is working perfectly once more.

A good reference is Wizdad's second suggestion to print a Self Test Report by presing Setup the n 1 and then 1 again. Whils this is wastful of colored ink, if you see a solid black pronted square then you now tou have fixed the problem.

Many thanks to Wizdad and all of you.

The HP 3310 is a real piece of junk. I have had other issues with HP over the last year and I shall not be buying another one of HP's products ever again.

The clue to this printer having serious problems seems to me to stem from the fact that HP have never released a firmware update for this device. Several times this printer has crashed displaying a blue screen with a hex number on it. A firmware update might have resolved this. I suspect however that HP knew they had a problem in the hardware and so simply abandoned the device, and their customers - fatal - so as to avoid the recall and replacement costs. Just my 2 cents.

I am a retired Telecoms and IT manager and I once had great respect for HP's telecommunications instruments and their excellent printers.

No more. HP has lost one customer forever.

Thanks again guys.
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rederikus, if you continue to get the blue screen with the hex number, try turning off UPnP. Point your web browser to the printer itself (mine is today). You can find this by browsing your router's connected devices list. Once you see the printer's home page, click on the Networking tab, then click on UPnP on the left side. Select Disable UPnP. I was getting blue screens every other day (and missing faxes). I have had one blue screen since I did this two years ago. Now if I can only get the guts cleaned out and the ink delivery system fixed...

Good luck.
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Thank you so much guys Ive tried everything I was about to throw my printer away. I had bought 3310 5 years ago when it was top of the range never used it much and now red ink wasnt working, i tried evrything and no info on hp website, repair man said no parts available they dont even want to look at it. After doing reset as you guys advised it wirked straight away, youve saved me so much trouble and money buying a new printer. I also had heaps of spare cartridges which are more expensive than a new printer. If you have this problem please try this fix as first option. Thank you and god bless you all.

Love and peace
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that unplug 6 # crap worked. thx
by unknown on Oct 9, 2010 at 5:08pm Add comment
Just tried the 6 # reset on power up. Worked the 3rd go-round. Thanks.
by unknown on Nov 13, 2010 at 1:11pm Add comment
The 6 and # solution worked for me.
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I just got back from staples bought new black ink! It didn't solve my problem! the I tried to figure it out! I couldn't see which way to take this printer (hp 3310) apart! then I come across this thread!
Yes! it really works! 6 and # press and hold while unplug power cable as well do the same when U plug in ur power cable! I just did one time and problem solved!....really? man! I got HP laptop and printer for over 5 yrs now! every time when something went wrong with this items! I got U guys fixing it! This is amasing! I replaced my laptop screen without so called HP Technical Support! I solved the problem by help of good instructions like this one! it cost me almost nothing compares with HP trying to sell me another Laptop! I couldn't let this laptop (zd 8000) go! I had paid fortune even if was a little while a go! and now 2 yrs since I replaced the screen! still works like brand new! I can't denied this items had done me so much favor! In one way, I got my money back long time a go!
Now! here we go again! we did it without HP poor technical support!
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Tried everything including many of the suggestions in this blog but with no success. Called HP and because my printer was out of warranty I was offered to purchase a new one. I began shopping printers on the internet when I gave one last thing a try.

I took straight pin used for sewing and pushed it into the small ported holes that receive the black ink cartridge and draw the ink into the printer. Once replaced, I completed one "power on" while holding down the # and 6 button and continued to hold them down until the printer powered off. I then powered the printer on using only the "on" button.

.......Worked Perfect!!!.....

I'm damn happy right now.
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Been watching my HP 3310 slowly expire over the last few months. Tried the 6+# trick 20+ times, then stuck a sewing needle into the black ink holes. Nothing worked, and now the black ink is leaking from the bottom.

Going for a Samsung mono laser printer. Cheaper, quicker, better
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It's a software problem! I changed cartridges, cleaned, aligned, etc. and nothing happened. Then unplugged printer from my desk top and plugged it into my lap top. Black printed just fine. I uninstalled all HP printer software from my desk top computer, and downloaded new. Installed new software, plugged printer back into desk top computer, and it works fine.
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I accidently inserted my black cartridge into the colour cartridge side now my hp 5510 don't want to print, scan or copy it faxes but don't receive faxes. Anybody out there please help with what I can do to fix the problem.

Kind regards
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Does anyone know if the semi full reset that wizdad suggests also works if your printer is not printing any colors at all?
No matter what i try to do with my printer, the pages come out completely blank. this happens for printing and copying(i havent tried receiving a fax). and it doesnt matter what i try to print or copy, or where i try to print from. I tried to print a test page directly from the printer and got the same result. so I am pretty sure the problem is with my printer and not something wrong with my computer or printer installation.
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Wow now look at that. 5 years ago I wrote a solution up there and today, now, HERE the probllem still get worked on instead that HP would have takenover that thread and FIX IT!

Amazing HP! You still SUCK! Don't buy HP!

never bought anything with the name HP or Compaq after that (Buy DELL, its one of the best hardware supplier in THE HOLE WORLD!)

My printer is now a book holder. The first book holder with brand HP!

Be right back in a few years!

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I'm also amazed that this thread has lasted so long. But, truth to tell, after all these years, i'm still using my HP 3310 with no other problems. In spite of all the trash talk, it's proven to be a workhorse that I use every day.

Here's my method: To avoid air bubble problems (and save a heap of money at the same time) I've replaced the ink cartridges with clear, refillable units that never have to be removed from the printer for refilling. When I SEE that an ink level is down, I simply remove that fill plug and squirt new ink into the cartridge. For me, it's the way to go. Again, since the cartridges never get removed, there's no chance for air to get into the ink channels.

by Wizdad on Mar 10, 2014 at 6:24am Add comment
Had this issue too (for ages!) none of the things worked, and furthermore the next issue was that print jobs just stopped coming out altogether.

1) Press and hold Plus (#) and 6 while plugging in the power cord
2) Press Cancel and OK and power on.

Although I ran through 1 3 times, still no black print, what eventually worked was I did the following:

A) Change default printer to something else
B) Delete a surplus IP PORT that was not in use on the printer but down in one area as a location.
C) Changed spool settings to print directly, and immediately

Not sure which of A, B or C fixed it.

Next problem to fix is print jobs always go on “Paused” but can live with that..
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Here it is Tuesday April 25, 2017 and my HP PHOTOSMART 3310 Printer was still working until some day ago.

I purchased this HP 3310 PHOTOSMART in 2005 Online through HP Site.

After 3 replacements (all 3310's from HP within the first 3 months of purchase), countless Case Numbers, countless times of trying to understand the language accents, countless times of being disconnected, countless times of on HOLD for over 30 minutes and getting disconnected, countless times of ...... (well, you get my point!!) this 3310 did serve me petty much well.

Luckily at the purchase time, I purchased an extended warranty.

Through that time period, the many, many, many, Case Numbers I've been through with HP trying to fix my printer they were unable to fix to many times. So the Tech would tell me to send the printer in etc.... . I ended up fixing it myself many times after tinkering with it.

Some months ago (last year 2016) I was getting some COURTESY HELP over the phone from HP due to all printing was smeared with all colors on printing etc... . This one Tech was trying his best to fix at a FREE Over The Phone call. He seemed (and they always seem to be quick) to be happy of saying I need a new printer and that he can get me a discount at this time due to I was a longtime customer etc... . So I thanked him etc.... and went to Best B.... . Got the printer that the Tech said was comparable to my 3310. The new HP printer was lighter, smaller, thin, looked good, and was costing less than the HP 6 Pack Ink cost for the 3310. WOW. I purchased it with an extended warranty. Got it home, hooked it up, and it worked good.

Meanwhile (less than 30 days), my 3310 is still sitting next to this new HP printer collecting dust and waiting for me to junk it. I instead do an operation on my 3310 because I still thought if I go deeper in I could save and get it to work.

Well, I did get it to work correctly after going in deeper by removing shell, looking at internal part up close and carefully, took parts off and put back on, watching how parts are moving etc.... and saw that the white gear on the ink dispenser was cracked causing it to not properly get opened & closed when it's moving across from left to right. I figured out a fix, went to Home D... and got some $0.59 Lick Washer (the tooth kind) and slid one onto the white cracked part. It was fixed. And within 3 days of the (supposedly junk printer) 3310 still working good I took the new printer back to Best Bu....and got all my money back.

Now. This is my first time to this site. I had to make an account to get on.

My problem is:

I can't find how to fix PAPER JAM.

I can say that there is NO paper what so ever in this printer. I've taken apart all and put back on, cleaned rollers, sled paper through etc... but still PAPER JAM.

Any suggestions??? Or has this 3310 printer really ended its life (April 10, 2017) with this constant Paper Jam???


by Calloway's 3310 printer on Apr 25, 2017 at 2:13pm Add comment