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Brother Brother MFC 5840

Brother MFC 5840 CN print heads

I see there are no posts on Brother's 5440/5840CN series. My magenta will not print after multiple cleaning cycles. It sounds like I must physically clean the head or replace them. Has anyone done this or have a repair manual I can look at? Thanks in advance.

You cant clean a permanent print head outside by soaking it into some fluid (alc or whatsoever)!

The brother ph are cleaned by the power purge procedure (maintenance mode -> 7 - 6 - 3).

If you have done so and your magenta or other color wont work the color channel is defective or the nozzels are rotten or the membran is rotten.

You need a new ph!
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You are correct. Your printhead or ink loader assy needs replacement. Contact a Brother ealer about a printhead replacement....unless under warranty, you'll find its just not worth it in most cases.

Have you been using Brother Brand Ink? I've seen most generics inkis fail and foul this printer.

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I had to literally break it apart without the service manual instruction procedure rendering it impossible to reassemble.

They definitely designed it intentionally so that it stopped working
You would simply have to bin it ! Waste 75\% of the machine £75

Even when new this stupid printer ! has only ever printed two A4 sheets of photograph before the complementary ink run out

The Brother Brand ink replacement cost almost a price of half a new machine it's a swindle considering that I got a continuous ink system for the Brother using generics ink dye

The inkjet mechanism was totally blocked up because of repetitive cleaning the ink overflow compartment was completely saturated.

So it's very tricky trying to repair for 3 reasons because

1.The print head mechanism and drive comes all in one piece
2.The electronic circuit board component has impossible wiring
3.The ink compartments and inkjet mechanism impossible to separate from the print drive mechanism with out breaking it.

Want to see the photograph of the completely washed parts to physically examine email me ? - pierre6000
Does anyone have a schematic that shows how to remove the heads? If the machine is no good now, it is worth a try to flush the old heads with alcohol and see if it clears up. No?
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O.K. Thanks. How does one remove the head so they can flush out the system? Are there any schematics out there? Easy explanations?
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Go into the maintenance mode (menu,*,2,8,6,4) and do the power purge procedure outlined above.
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Hi Anon,

I have the same problem and am following your advice (thanks!). Don't know if I'm doing it right though. After pressing 7-6-3 the fax, scan, copy and photo capture buttons are all flashing - and have been for some time. Not sure what to do next. Is this right? How do I know when it's finished? Can you help? Thanks. - Anonymous
Thanks, but I have done that twice now, to no avail.
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so, if you have done the power purge twice and dont have luck at all the ph needs replacing!
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Anyone know what a print head costs? Labor will be free[er] if I do it, what about parts? Ball park is all I am looking for. Thanks.
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hi there, my magenta not working now,this is the second time ,first was under warranty,now gone again about over a year,
repair man came to house to fix it,think i took it all in what he did,replaced printer head after testing,had to strip it down
took top off pull wires off to get to head, i will give mine a go befor i buy another one,dont think heads are cheap,
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Thank you. Keep me informed. Does ANYONE have a repair manual or exploded diagram of this machine?
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see here how to open mfc (same procedure):

Get a defective dcp 115c (scanner glass broken) and use this ph ;-)
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Please translate- dcp115c? The photos were great, but english would have been nice to get the details. Thanks. S.
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Did you ever figure out how to work maintenance mode?
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The first method suggested (menu,*,2,8,6,4) did not work for me. This is what did:



Good luck!

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How much is a print head. My black is not working.
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I got into maint mode, but could not get out, or power flush the cartridges. Any suggestions?
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The trick to get into maintenance mode is to press Menu-2-8-6-4 quickly like
dialing a phone number, in less than 2 seconds.
Dial 9-9 to get out of maintenance mode when finished.

Some operations in maintenance mode:
7-6-3 (power purge mode), then press "black start" to begin purge

01 (erase all eeprom data including user programming - total reset operation)
91 (erase most eeprom data excluding user programming - partial reset)

You can also clean the print head well using the Ink - test print quality - menu choices in normal mode. You can repeat testing and cleaning by following the menu prompts. It might take 5 or more operations to clean the print heads. For some reason it seemed for me that cleaning all the heads- black and color - worked better than just cleaning the black head.

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Do not give up on using the power purge to clean the head. It took me forever to get ink to flow. Just keep going through the purge cycle.Somewhat of a waste of ink but it did work for me.
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I agree with wpollok, don't give up ,it took me at least 40-50 purge cycles(and test prints in between) and finally ta ta!


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Before the printer used to say that it could not clean I followed the suggestions and it worked. I tried to disassemble the printer and clean the ink tray but was unable too. So I just reset the number. Now even though there is a brand new black ink cartridge it does not print in black. but the other colors do.? Any suggestions?
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I am trying to change the ink and now it says that there is not a ink cartridge in there and it is. HELP!
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