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Hp HP DesignJet 90

Worth getting extended warranty on HP L7780?

After much hesitation I bought an HP Officejet Pro L7780 all in one, HP's best of the best (the top model of the top series). I hesitated due to the poor build quality of printers made these days after after looking at reviews decided to take the risk.

Now I have 2 weeks to decide if I want the extended warranty, $90 for an additional year of warranty (2 instead of 1).

Do you think it's worth it? I normally never get extended warranties, but on a machin like this that will do intense physical work for years, I think it mikght actually be in my favor, especially since I'll be using the machine to make money.

What do you guys think? Is it worth it? Could I fix most problems myself? Does HP sell the individual parts for the L7780 as they did with older models?

Do should I get the extended warranty or not? $90 for an additional year on an all in one copier I'll be using to make money with.

Thanks for any advice.
Oh, and buy the way, I've had it for 2 days now and so far it's been absolutely great, a great upgrade from my Officejet 9110 even though you can tell the build quality is cheaper (for example, my 9110's scanner lid would hold itself open at a 15 degree angle or so, on the L7780 I have to flip it all the way open for it to hold open under it's own weight rather than a spring mecanisn).

So far I barely did 350 prints as I'm waiting for my continuous ink system to arrive to be able to start doing real print jobs and putting it to the real test.

By the way, would my continuous ink system affect the extended warranty? I know HP isn't allowed to refuse warranty repair due to using non HP ink, I assume this also applies to extended warranties? In any case they'll probably never even know, as I can put the original HP cartridges back if I have to return it for a problem and I doubt they'd test the ink.

One thing about the warranty that concerns me is that they say they give you a new one if they can't fix it for 2 MONTHS, I can't be without a printer for 2 months, but at least I'm keeping my 9110 as backup so I guess that's not so bad.

Thanks again
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Who told you that you only have 2 weeks to decide if you want an extended warranty?
You have 180 days from the date of the original purchase of the printer to get an extended warranty from HP. If you purchased this new you have 180 days to decide if you want the added protection. With all-in ones you will have issues, not if I have an issue but I will have an issue at some point. The added year or 2 that you can purchase is in my view worth it.

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Just to add, are you talking about an HP warranty? Or a Staples or OfficeMax or something like them that is warrantying the printer? I would not buy a warranty from anyone but HP for a HP product. Your comment about giving you a new one if they cant fix it in 2 months leads me to think you are not talking about a genuine HP warranty.
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I'm talking about a BestBuy warranty, what's this about 180 days to decide???

Also, BestBuy wanted me to bring back the printer for a 2 day inspection if I decide to get the warranty within 2 weeks (it's no longer an option at all after 2 weeks), so I instead chose to buy the warranty with the printer, and I have 2 weeks to cancel it, which from your reply sounds like I'll definately do.

So would HP ask me to give my printer to them for a 2 day inspection if I decided to get the warranty like BestBuy wanted?

Also, why do you say "with all in ones you will have issues", why would all in ones be more prone to issues than non-all-in-ones? Won't any printer eventually have issues anyway? I don't see how adding a scanner on top of a printer will make the printer fail faster.

So is the HP warranty the same price? How do I inform myself about these HP warranties and do they cover more than the original warranty?

It definately sounds like I'll be returning my warranty, I'm glad I asked here, no one else gave me that answer.

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No HP will not ask for an inspection of the printer. You bought it from a dealer authorized to sell HP products. If the product is new and not reconditioned you have a full 1 year factory warranty. You may even have that on a refurbished unit, I am not 100\% sure.
HP gives you 180 from the purchase date to obtain an extended warranty. I wouldn't have a Best Buy, Staples, Officemax warranty if they gave it to me free.
I do not know what the price you paid for the warranty was, but I will bet HP will cost a little more. But you are getting much more with it. Go to and research it.
As to issues with all in ones, I have yet to know or have seen anyone who hasn't had an issue with an all in one. I quess being a tech I wouldn't ever see anyone until they did.
Just an addition of a scanner is really an understatement. On a 4 in 1 machine( scanner, printer, copier, fax) you have 4 engines that have to work together. A normal printer only needs to print. When you put it all together there is alot that goes on and with all that goes on issues can arise. They may not even be hardware related. They could be software related and with the HP warranty you get tech support. I do not know if Best Buy offers this(although they have the Geek Squad which the computer guys I know love because they cause work for computer people that know what they are doing)in their warranty.

Good luck.

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I once had an inkjet printer come into the shop that the customer had taken to Best Buy. It was printing blank pages when it came in. It seems the "Geek" who worked on it didn't know that you're supposed to peel the tape off the bottoms of the cartridges before you put them in. The post above is the first time I ever heard a single positive comment about the "Geek Squad". Google "Geek Squad" and there are lots of horror stories that will come up. I'd rename them "Moron Squad".
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Don't get me wrong. The computer guys that I know love having them around because when they do something to a computer, someone else has to fix their fix. The guys I know love em cause the generate lots of work, even in a small community such as ours.

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Did you pay for it with a credit card that doubles manufacturers warranties?

Never buy the store warranty, it's an insurance policy that usually only covers one replacement.
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>"I do not know what the price you paid for the warranty was, but I will bet HP will cost a little more."

Actually, the HP warranty is $30 LESS for the same duration. Even the 3 year plan is cheaper than the 2 year plan from best buy.

However, I'm in Canada and the only thing the canadian HP website gives me is the item number for the warranty plan with no way to order it or any information at all.

Also, will this HP warranty be voided by the fact that I will never, ever buy an HP cartridge for my all in one (it will never see original HP ink other than the few drops that came with it)?

My old HP all in one did 100,000 prints on non-HP ink before having issues that aren't related to the ink whatsoever, I always buy quality refill ink that's garanteed equal or better than HP ink, and it is indeed equal or better, my printheads even last longer than HP claims (maybe the HP inks are made to wear out the printheads faster!).

So my questions now are: Will it be a problem that I do not use HP ink? And how do I buy this extended warranty? All the canadian HP website gives me is the item number.

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If you want an extended warranty buy the HP warranty, don't buy the store warranty. If you need tech support after the 1 year is over with the manufacture warranty and you have a store warranty you cannot call for tech support or you will be charged for support. The Hp warranty covers all tech support and hardware replacement with next business day exchange if something happens to the unit itself. And it's much cheaper than the $90
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