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Help Epson RX650 Waste Ink Reset

Hi all, newbie here.
Have an Epson RX650 with full waste ink pads which I have purchase replacements. Have read all the posts about holding buttons down to reset the counter but I don't have paper feed and ink buttons on my RX650! Once my hubby has changed the pads how do we unlock the printer as it will no longer print as it is requesting maintanence or serviceman! Can't afford the prices they are charging. Also have the sccserve.exe ver 4.3 but will not communicate with the printer as it appears the printer is in lockdown. Also anyone tried the pipe feed to an external pot method for draining the ink from the waste pads on this printer and how did you do it? All helpful advice is greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance ALLY
If the printer has a Colour button and a Stop button, locate them.
Press and hold both the above buttons and then press the On button. Printer should turn on and display a service message. Release all butons and turn the printer Off and On again.
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Thanks for the help but the only buttons this model has are:-

Memory Card
Speciality Print
Print Settings
4 Way Scroll

Any other suggestions? Please?!?
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Try Stop/Clear and Start while turning the device on.
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I've tried everything I think, ssc doesn't work, there was another programme which didn't work. Is there no manual reset for this model? Please help chaps!
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Hoorah! I downloaded the Epson Adjustment programme for the printer but it requires you to change the date on your pc BEFORE you download it. I did change the date when I first tried to use it but only AFTER I had downloaded the programme. This worked & now my customer is smiling again.
Merry Christmas!
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Hey Dazz, good to see you back. Have you been hanging out at the Pub all this time?
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