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asked Sep 6, 2007 at 7:19pm
Canon Canon Pixma MP780

Canon PIXMA MP780 Waste Ink Full

Well, not full yet but I get the nausance error that its almost full and I have to press the OK to pring anything. Appears Canon is out to screw us on service as well as their price for ink. Found the waste ink pads and removed much of the ink. Not even 1/2 full. Canon tells you to take it in for service and that if you clean it yourself, they still won't tell you how to reset the counter/timer.

Anyone know how to reset the counter/timer for waste ink?
JonT,.. If you need information on how to Disassembly and Repair you MP780, just click on my name and send me an email. I will send you a short document that provides more info about all of this.
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hello trigger1937 cn you email me the information on how to Disassembly and Repair you MP780. The problem my MP 780 does not even power on. I have changed the power cord. the LCD display does not light up , however, it shows some vertical bars at the bottom of the lcd screen as soon I plug the power on. When pressing, on button, it does not seem to be doing anything as if the printer is dead. - joneswoods1
Dear Trigger1937,
I would appreciate if you could email me your 'Short document' so that I can disassemble and repair my MP780 and gain access to the ink pad which is full with ink!
Thank you for your kind help in advance.
Prasong - unknown
Wondering if there is a part i can order to replace the waste ink tank. Ive been looking but have had no luck. I hate to send it in for service. if you have any info let me knowI just started getting this error message.thanks
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Has anyone ever found the instructions for resetting the waste tank counter on a canon pixma mp780?
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I suspect the reset procedure for all Canon printers is pretty much the same.

From the Canon Pixma iP4200 manual, downloaded from\%2520Servicemanual_ip4200.pdf

pages 28-29:

1) With the printer power turned off, while pressing the Resume/Cancel button, press and hold the Power button. (DO NOT release the buttons. The Power LED lights in green to indicate that a function is selectable.)
2) While holding the Power button, release the Resume/Cancel button. (DO NOT release the Power button.)
3) While holding the Power button, press the Resume/Cancel button 2 times, and then release both the Power and Resume/Cancel buttons. (Each time the Resume/Cancel button is pressed, the Alarm and Power LEDs light
alternately, Alarm in orange and Power in green, starting with Alarm LED.)
4) When the Power LED lights in green, press the Resume/Cancel button the specified number of time(s) according to the function listed in the table below. (Each time the Resume/Cancel button is pressed, the Alarm and
Power LEDs light alternately, Alarm in orange and Power in green, starting with Alarm LED.) [hth: I believe the power button has to be pressed once more after cycling the alarm button to complete the action. The power/resume-cancel button LEDs toggle to help you count.]

Time(s) LED indication Function Remarks
0 times Green (Power) Power off When the print head is not installed, the
carriage returns and locks in the home position capped.
1 time Orange (Alarm) Service test print See 3-4. Verification Items, (1) Service test print.
2 times Green (Power) EEPROM information print
See 3-4. Verification Items, (2) EEPROM information print.
3 times Orange (Alarm) EEPROM initialization [hth: does not re-initialize Waste ink counter]
>>>> 4 times Green (Power) Waste ink counter resetting
5 times Orange (Alarm) Destination settings [hth: not applicable]
6 times Green (Power) Print head deep cleaning (Cleaning of both black and color)
[hth: 7-10 not applicable]
11 to 13 times Orange, Green, Orange (Alarm, Power, Alarm) Return to the menu selection
14 not used in servicing
15 Orange (alarm) return to the menu selection,.

Note: If the Resume/Cancel button is pressed 16 or more times, the Alarm or Power LED lights steadily without
any changes.

[hth: if the alarm light is flashing 15 times at turn-on [cartridge not recognized error], none of these procedures seem to work. If anyone knows how to defeat this error, I would like to know.]

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Can anyone tell me how to reset the waste ink full counter on a canon ip2000 printer?
I sent this request earlier I think but as I'm new to this I don't know if it worked.
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Please somebody help. I need reset codes for pixma mp780 and service manuals. Thanksin advance
by obayoxfay on Aug 10, 2008 at 3:39am Add comment
service required 5B00 , and error that the absorber ink is full...
pls answer if you know...
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piccola,.. The reset for the MP180, and just about all other Canon printers is the same as indicated above. However if you don't follow it exactly, or understand the sequence of each step and follow it carefully, it won't work. The only way you will know it works is if the error is gone and you can print.
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For resetting Canon MP750 and MP780


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I've had the same problems with a Pixma MP750. Thanks to the instructions on here, I've fixed the 'waste ink full' message.

But now the computer won't recognise the printer is on, so I can't print out any m/s docs ('computer says NO'!, or rather 'printer offline') nor scan anything. Why is that?

Anyone out there who can help a technophobe?

by Bee-mused on Feb 12, 2009 at 3:31am Add comment
My guess is that you've managed to reset something else in the EEPROM as well...

I'd review the various processes and check you haven't managed to bork something... It may be that you just need a reset to defaults or similar if there's something like that available in the service manual.
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Thanks for this, websnail.

But as I'm a technophobe, I haven't much of a clue what EEPROM is, nor how to 'reset to defaults' or which - the computer? the printer?.

And the service manual tells me nothing other than simple stuff, which doesn't apply.

Can you - or anyone - talk me through it? In non-tech-speak? (I need a 'press this key; open that option .. etc list of instructions.)

Thanks in hope,

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Given your status and needs, I'd recommend taking yourself over to the nifty-stuff forum and repeat your request there are there are considerably more Canon experts on the MP780 who can do the hand holding and help you through the process.

It does require a bit of patience, deep breaths and the like but it is do-able and they would be much better at it than me.

Hope that helps.
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Ok, sounds like a good idea - but how do I find the 'nifty-stuff forum'?

(Sorry to be so dense! Blame it on not having grown up in a technological era!)

Thanks for your patience.

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Ah, google is your friend in this regard but I'll be nice :)

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Thanks websnail, you nice person!

Thanks for taking pity on a numbskull.

by Bee-mused on Feb 16, 2009 at 8:19am Add comment
LOL... Worry not... Numbskulls need friends too...

Hope it helps..
:) - websnail
Mark A,
How did you remove the waste ink pads from the Pixma MP780 so I can clean mine. My printer no longer wants to print shades of gray.

Anything would be helpful.
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bee-mused,...I know the MP750 in detail and resetting the eeprom will not have any effect on the interface to your PC. If the PC thinks the printer is off line, you may have to remove the installation from your PC and re-install it.

If you need someone to walk you through this, as well as other information on the MP750, just click on my name and send me an email. You may also need to just reset and error code in the logic card.
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Hi trigger1937!
I need to get at my MP750 waste ink tank (which is full) to get rid of the waste ink.
I have reset the error code but it may overflow soon.
Your 'short document' might be very helpful.
The service manual just says 'remove appropriate parts' and what good is that?

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Hi Trigger1937,

same trouble with my printer here.
I hope you will/can send me your "short document".
Otherwise I will have to buy a new printer, because I'm running crazy on this one.

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Hi Trigger,

Sorry, but I gave up on mine and was not taking it to the shop just to pay a service fee to reset the counter. I sold the printer on e-bay, and told the buyer what my problem was.
Real shame because it was a good printer.

Bought several since then and I use them extensively but they all seem to have one problem or another.
Overall I think that 780 was one of the most reliable.
The PIXMA 500 are also good. Just not quite as powerful or fast.
The 830 was a disapointment from the start.
Also bought an HP Officejet Pro L7780. It was the top of the line for HP inkjets last year and I sure would not recommend it to anyone. HP has really gone down hill and of course now you get to talk to India for Tech Support and they read their solutions from canned programs. Never buy another HP.
My most recent purchase was a Canon PIXMA 980. Ratings all look good but I still have yet to check it out.
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Thanks for the help Tracy Hull Jr! Thanks to your instructions the waste ink full error is gone.

I did not relpace the waste ink cartridge and I'm curious what will happen...I followed your instructions so I could get through my day and I intend to look for a deal on a new printer this week. I'm just curious what will happen if I wait too long? Will I have ink all over my desk or just on the stuff I'm trying to print. Thanks again!

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The waste ink tank is in reality a huge sponge that occupies the whole bottom of the printer. It would take a heck of a lot of ink to overflow it. The message doesn't come on because something in the printer detects a potential overflow. The message is triggered by number of prints. Don't lose any sleep over it.
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What MOE has posted is correct. In all the printers that I have worked on and repaired I've never seen ONE that was close to any major ink problem. This does not mean you can let this go forever, as it does cause other problems. I would state that there is NO WAY the ink pads could ever get filled up. The problem is that with continued use the OLD dried up ink in the Purge unit begins to clog that unit, and this leads to all kinds of other problems such as jams when the wiper blades STICK while they are extended and the head jams into the purge unit once it tries to park.

Also, when the waste exit tubes become clogged, the ink tends to SQUIRT in all directions and then ink covers the Photo sensor in the bottom of the purge unit and you can get the dreded 6A00 error.

If anyone reallys wants to take care of their printer and have it work for a long time, you need to consider taking it apart from time to time and clean everything you can. This is just good basic maintenance. Do you think you could run your car for a couple of years without ever opening the hood. It may actually work that long, but won't last much longer.
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What an amazing forum for info about the 780!!! Just wondering if anyone has a definitive answer for what causes the "wrong cartridge" error. I am unable to print or send/receive faxes. I have physically cleaned the printheads several times, but nothing is working. Warm water, alcohol, even blowing warm water through the heads with a silicone tube over the in-ports hooked up to a turkey baster.
Heads are clean. Error will not go away.

Should I chance it and purchase new heads?
by unknown on Mar 31, 2010 at 11:35am Add comment
Pmars,... First thing to do is to try and clean the contacts on the back of the printhead and also inside the carriage unit. If these contacts are dirty with old ink, you can get this error.

No for the bad news,...95\% of the time the problem is a "Burnt out Printhead". This comes about becuase you continued to print something after one or more of the ink carts ran dry. Each Bubble of ink ejected is only 1 to 5 pico liters of ink. There is a high voltage / current pulse that is sent to each tiny nozzle to create a ink bubble and eject it. When there is ink in the nozzle the current pulse rapidly heats the ink to a VERY high temperature, which forces the ink to expand and create the ink bubble. Since the nozzle is constrained in output size, the bubble is "Ejected" once the heat and size gets to the right point. Now imagine what happens when you try and print something like a full page and there is NO ink in one or more nozzles. It continues to heat the same nozzle over and over until it over heats and dries up any small amount of ink that is left. After it dries and the pulses keep coming, they finally get so hot they burn out the "Microinch" of wiring around the nozzle point and burn the wire.

So, remove you printhead and use the best magnification glass you have and examine the bottom of the head. Keep in mind these nozzle are only about 1/10 of the size of a human hair. However, what you are looking for is some edge or corner that is discolored in some way.

Call Canon Parts department and order a new printhead. They have the best price and they give you a 1 year warranty on the part.
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I've had the "Waste Ink Full" message for several months but the printer still worked. Now it stopped working and says "check printer". I've gone through the menu but can't find anything that tells me what to do. It's been a fantastic printer up to now. Suggestions? Thanks. Nancy

- nancyfw

I've had the "Waste Ink Full" message for several months but the printer still worked. Now it stopped working and says "check printer". I've gone through the menu but can't find anything that tells me what to do. It's been a fantastic printer up to now. Suggestions? Thanks. Nancy

- nancyfw
prasong,... I have sent you and email address so that you can reply. Then I can send you more information.

You may have misunderstood some previous post. My Manuals are not short and I don't give them away. The come on CD's and contain about 200MB of information. All of this will be explained in more detail once you respond to my email.
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Hi, This is for Trigger1937. I saw somewhere here that you offer or sell info on repairing/cleaning the purge unit of a pixma mp780. I need this info. My printer stopped printing. I brought a new printhead, still nothing. I tried to reach in to swab clean the sponge pads in purge unit. It then printed a few pages fine, but has since gone back to only printing in faded blue. Does your info have detailed photos? How much is it?
Suzanne [email protected] - Suzanne57
come posso eliminare e correggere il problema assorbitore inchiostro pieno sulla canon pixma 180 mp
by jonckheere on Nov 19, 2010 at 6:22am Add comment
come posso eliminare il messaggio serbatoio inchiostro pieno?
jonckheere - jonckheere
printer saya penyerap tinta nya penuh
sudah saya coba dengan meresetnya tapi tidak berhasil,,
bagaimANA cara memperbaikinya???
mohon bantuanya???
by nielha on Dec 27, 2010 at 4:26am Add comment
messaggio rivolgersi al centro assistenza errore 5800 . come posso eliminare questo errore?
by jonckheere on Dec 29, 2010 at 8:35am Add comment