asked Aug 1, 2007 at 2:39pm
Canon Canon Pixma MP760

Canon Pixma MP760 - Waste ink Absorber Full

Could anyone tell me how to change/clean the Waste Ink Absorber on my MP760 printer. I can see it but its difficult to access and remove. Is it possible to clean the Absorber and replace it?Many Thanks
Hello,you may first try solving your printing problem with the reseting of the ink-waste-counter by entering the service mode. push these buttons in a relativ fast sequence (not all at same time!): menu > scan > copy > scan. choose the "test mode". Search then for the menu that says something like "ink waste reset",press OK and wait a while until the process message changes. Switch your printer off an on again. Thats it. Notice: If you don´t exchange the old absorber pads you may find one day wasted ink coming out under your printer you better put your printer above one old towel to prevent unvoluntary "abstract paintings" on your furnitures :-/
by fritzolino on Nov 18, 2009 at 4:32pm Add comment
Hello, can someone please tell me where the absorber pads are located on canon MP760 - are they easily accessed, how do you remove the pads, where can i buy new pads and how do you replace them - or is this a job for a tech. - chrissonofjohn