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Brother Brother MFC 3360C

Brother MFC-3360C error displayed close cover

I contacted Brother and followed their instructions below :
If the message "Cover is Open. Please close the scanner cover and ink
cartridge cover" is appearing on the display of your Brother machine,
follow the steps listed below:

1. Verify the ink cartridge cover located in the front of the machine,
on the right side, is closed securely.

2. Unplug the Brother machine from the AC power outlet.

3.Remove the paper tray from the front of the unit.

a. Remove the paper from the tray. Press and slide the purple paper
sideguide, located on the right side of the tray to fit the width of
paper you are using.

b. Fan the stack of paper well and then tap the leading edge of the
stack of paper on a flat surface to align the sheets. Gently insert the
paper into the paper tray, print side down and leading edge (top of the
paper) in first. The paper must be uniformly stacked (same size, type
and weight). Do not use paper that is damaged, curled, wrinkled,
irregularly shaped, extremely shiny, highly textured or paper that was
previously printed by a printer. Also, be sure to follow the paper
specifications and paper tray capacity information listed below:

Plain Copy Paper = Up to 100 sheets of letter size or 50 sheets of
legalsize (17lb to 32lb) paper.

Ink Jet Paper = Up to 20 sheets (17lb to 53lb) paper.

Glossy Paper = Up to 20 sheets (up to 58lb) paper.

NOTE: Make sure the purple paper side guides touch the sides of the

c. Close the output paper tray cover and put the paper tray firmly back
in the machine.

4.Check the machine for any foreign objects:

a. Open the control panel cover.

b. Look inside the Brother machine and remove any foreign objects,
pieces of paper, etc.

c. Close the control panel cover.

5. Open the Upper Jam Clear Cover, located in the back of the machine
(there are 3 sets of diagrams located on the top of the cover). To
openthe cover, place you finger in the small cutout, located on the
lower right of the cover and then lift it up.

6. Look inside the Brother machine and remove any foreign objects.
(Paper clips, staples etc#).

7. Close the Upper Jam Clear Cover.

8. Plug the machine back into the power outlet.

9. Print the Help List to test, by pressing Menu, 4 (Print Reports),2
(Help List) and Black Start. The Help List should begin printing.

I am not able to perform step #9 due to the error on the screen.
I am still having the problem. I never used the printer, I brought the printer last year, and I just unpacked it last week.
Hi, I have the same problem...Brother is absolute CRAP!!!!!!Will never buy a BROTHER again.....
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have you thought of taking it to a brother service agent with your proof of purchace ?, and brother have alot less problems than most other manufacturers for there age, the evidence is in this forum. most of the problems people have with brothers are stupidity or the fact they stuff the printhead with non genuine inks. the real early models did have some printhead issues but they kindly extended it to a 3 year warranty for the printhead wich is pretty good..(this was ther first inkjet models) now they are on of the best on market for price and reliabilty. and i have only seen brother printers in the workshop with non genuine inks.
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Hi All,

It worked for me. I opened the backside cover to check but forgot to shut it properly.

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Happened to me too.
I resolved it by lifting the scanner (not just the document lid. The whole scanner part) and finding the USB cable was out of the little tunnel it should be in. This was preventing the scanner from clicking into its proper place.
Returned the cable into the tunnel, and no more messages.

Naturally, This could happen with network cable as well.
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Hi, I've got Brother MFC-3360C. Error MSG: "Unble Clean 46". Does anyone knows how to fix? Thank you very much.
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An old post, but same issue with open covers. Turned out to be the ink door switch. Took a rubber eraser and taped it into the opening, forcing the switch.

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